Decorating Tips to Turn a House Into an Inviting Home

It’s one thing to buy a house but something else altogether to turn it into a home. While some people may think that a house and home are one in the same, a “home” is warm, inviting and a place where you and your family can make memories together. Without these characteristics, it’s just a house. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to achieve the transformation, so below are some tips.


Believe it or not, one of the first things that you should consider replacing is the bedding. This is an area of a home where you will spend one-third of your time, so it stands to reason that you want to make this room as comfortable as possible. The reason why you want to start with your bedding first is because you don’t want to skimp on thread count. If you’re on a budget, start with buying new bedding from websites that sell quality sheets, bed spreads and mattresses at affordable prices, such as

From there, focus on painting your bedroom. Try your best to pick a color that complements the bedding that you picked out. Window treatments should come next. People who are early to rise tend to like lighter colors, while night owls tend to sleep better with darker, deeper tones because they block out much of the early morning sun.

Cleaning House

When most people think about cleaning house, they think of dusting, vacuuming and so on. While this is important, it isn’t the type of cleaning house this list is talking about. It really means ridding yourself of things that you don’t actually need anymore, including faulty appliances, wobbly furniture and other things that you have probably stored in your garage or attic. Not only is this going to help rid yourself of junk, but it will make room for new things. If you want to make a bit of extra cash, try selling your stuff on eBay or at an auction or yard sale, or you could simply donate it to charity.

It Doesn’t Have to Match

Retail stores push people to match their décor, which is a strategy that forces people to buy items in sets if they want everything the same. While a few pieces of the same style are fine, too much of the same thing makes homes look too generic and lifeless. Adding a few different styles gives your home some personality and keeps it from seeming bland. This doesn’t mean that you should go crazy with the mixing and matching. Just avoid falling for the marketing ploy that stores use to make more money.

Use Color to Bring It All Together

Instead of using matching items to bring everything together, use color. Paint can be the bond that ties your home together. On a positive note, painting is also one of the cheapest things that you can do to make a house feel more comfy.

While turning your house into a home is exciting, remember that you don’t have to do it all at once. It can take a lot of money to buy new appliances, bedding and furniture. Instead, enjoy the transformation one room at a time. Spend your money wisely, and determine a monthly budget so that you know how much extra money you have to spend on fixing up your home.



  1. “It Doesn’t Have to Match”

    Well that sure makes me feel better. All of my furniture is totally mismatched, but I guess it turns out I’m actually doing it the right way! I thought I was committing a sin by not having matching furniture.

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