Sharing my quick #15MinReno from dinner

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My home is lived in as many family homes are. It is not dirty but there are a few messes. Often I am the only one cleaning up or getting annoyed by the messes so I tidy up myself. I try to keep on top of things the best I can. Until a big dinner happens then all chaos breaks loose and the house seems to go upside down. I recruit the kids to all help but a few things need a little more muscle.

Last weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I was hosting dinner Monday night. Shortly before guests arrived I noticed a few things that could use a 15 minute reno. Something that needed to be cleaned up and guest ready in a short amount of time. Check out the #15minreno hashtag on Instagram and Twitter for what others tackled.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner this weekend Canada? Mr Clean helps you prep with #15minreno #pgmom #clean

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I had Mr Clean on my side and was ready for dirt and grime. First I tackled my kitchen sink and the guest bathroom sink. Then I noticed some paint splatter on one of the doors from a recent paint reno. Paint was splattered along the top corner and I did not want this to be seen by anyone.

You can see the paint splatter here


A scrub with the Mr Clean Erasers and there is my 15 minute reno


A little elbow grease and I had results!


Dinner came and went! My house was spotless and the food was fabulous. Nobody noticed my mini renos but I knew what was done. I was so very happy to have Mr Clean on my side!
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If you only had 15 minutes, what would your reno be on?


  1. Those things are magic alright. They clean anything.

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