Spooky and Creepy Halloween foods

Planning a Halloween party and in need of some creatively festive food ideas? Something tasty yet creepy and spooky enough to fit the theme is not always easy. The following recipes are great for entertaining during Halloween parties. These spooky and creepy foods are sure to make your guests think twice before sinking their teeth in! Take a look and let me know what you think! halloween food

Spooky and Creepy Halloween Foods

  1. Hamburgers
  2. Meatloaf Zombies
  3. mummy pizza
  4. Chicken Tender Mummies
  5. Satsuma Jack O Lanterns
  6. Cheese Stick Fingers
  7. Spider Sew and Crescent Roll Witch hats
  8. Frankenstein Pancakes
  9. Veggie Jack o lantern
  10. Pumpkin Quesadillas
  11. Monster Sandwich
  12. Salty bones
  13. Spider Web Dip
  14. Spider Cheeseball
  15. Meatball Mummies
  16. Hotdog Octopus
  17. Spooky Spaghetti

Are you going to give one or more of these a try this month?


  1. These are fantastic! I love the ham and cheese bun with olive eyes!

  2. thank you for sharing these recipes i will be making some of these 🙂

  3. I would make these all year round! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love the creepy/cuteness of these recipes!

  4. Anne Taylor says

    These all look fantastic! I remember my parents making those burgers when we were kids!

  5. Debbie White Beattie says

    This is a great list especially because Halloween is coming soon. I’ve never seen anything like these recipes.

  6. I Love all of these. Halloween is such a fun time of year and making cute little spooky snacks for the kids is always a blast.

  7. These are all really fabulous ideas for spooky Halloween foods. Not only do they sound delicious but the kids would get quite the kick out of them!

  8. I cannot even force myself to each a food item that looks like a nail but I am sure these can be my son’s favorite. 😛

  9. Such great ideas! I love the burgers and the mummies in the photo! Will check all of them out. This sure will help with festivities!

  10. makeamomsmile says

    Excellent ideas! These would work well for before trick or treat dinner. I may even use them for my daughter’s October birthday. I am thinking of doing Halloween theme!

  11. All of these foods look so delicious–and fun! I’m all about Halloween foods. I hope to try most of these.

  12. confettiandbliss says

    Such fun and festive Halloween treats! My favorite are the cheeseburgers – so darn creative! 🙂

  13. If you are taking a poll – I vote the mummies are the coolest.

  14. So many foods in one post! It’s almost impossible to pick a favourite; but I’d have to go with mummy pizza! 😀

  15. What some absolutely amazing spooky foods, I am loving the creepy sandwiches.

  16. how fun and creative! im sure its a blast for the kids

  17. great ideas! very nicely done. i would love to try the mummies recipe. the final product is so creative!

  18. With Halloween nearing we really got to find lots of fun and easy recipes that everybody will enjoy especially the kids. Thanks for sharing these recipes, I’m gonna try making some of them.

  19. ohshesahotmess says

    I have this “haunted forest” that we put on for the kids of the neighborhood. I have been trying to come up with creative foods and those cheeseburgers are it!

  20. I just love Halloween for these fun foods! I want to make the mummy meatballs. They look yummy!

  21. How much time did you spend searching for all of these recipes actually? Your post offers so wide a range of interesting and creative choices that it makes me confused somehow. Anyways, thanks very much for your reccommendations!

  22. Great Halloween food ideas. That chicken tender mummy is so lovely and yummy. Thanks for sharing those recipes. I would definitely make some.

  23. These are such fun foods for Halloween. I know those meatball mummies would be the kids favorite (and mine, lol).

  24. Melanie Walsh says

    My daughter’s birthday is in October, so we always have an excuse to make all the fun Halloween foods! Can’t wait to try these spooky recipes!

  25. It really blows my mind how cool and creative people can get with themed things, especially around halloween!!

  26. You list have blown me. I am going to try some of these for sure. You’re so creative.

  27. This is one of my favorite things about this time of year. We can get so creative with ways to make fun foods.

  28. These are the types of things that my kids love to take to their Halloween parties. These are such great ideas.

  29. They look so spooky and yummy at the same time. I bet these are very fast gone at a Halloween party haha

  30. sarah fabol says

    OMG! These are amazing. I really wish I have the skill to make this and follow your recipe.

  31. These are so cute! I particularly love the cut cheese for the cheeseburgers!

  32. thetennisfoodie says

    So many cool ideas! Thanks for sharing! I’ll do some of these cool recipe ideas in last week of October.

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