Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL Upper Deck Trading Cards-Giveaway (CAN)

For Canadian hockey fans, card collecting was once a big part of growing up with Canada’s game. Starting today, fans can re-live the fun and nostalgia of building a collection with Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL® Trading Cards. The new trading cards are available in three-card packs while supplies last at restaurants for $1 plus tax, with each beverage purchased ($1.99 without purchase). The Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL Trading Cards highlight 99 of today’s NHL superstars in the base card set plus a Tim Horton player card (#001 in the set). Collectors can also watch out for a variety of insert and redemption cards, including NHL Autograph Cards and NHL Jersey Relic Cards that feature a piece of an actual game-worn jersey from one of 17 NHL players. The trading fun extends online, as each physical pack of trading cards contains a unique PIN that unlocks digital trading cards online. When fans register at www.collecttowin.ca, they will automatically receive a digital five-card starter pack. Fans can collect and trade digital Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL Trading Cards with fans across the country for a chance to win 1 of 5 VIP trips to the 2016 NHL® All-Star Weekend, as well as one of 100 EA Sports NHL ’16 PlayStation 4 Prize Packs and other great prizes. horton-card Nothing says Canada more than a cup of Tim Hortons coffee and hockey! I can not wait to collect all of these cars for myself. Canadians everywhere are going to be collecting, trading and winning!  Pick up a pack of cards at your local Tim Hortons, and visit www.collecttowin.ca today! I have a fabulous prize pack for one lucky Canadian reader. Tim-Hortons-NHL The NHL Upper Deck prize pack includes the following  • Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL Trading Cards (3 packs) • $25 Tim Hortons gift card for before game stops (1) • Desk-top hockey game for off-ice entertainment (1) • Tim Hortons red double walled ceramic mug to enjoy a hot beverage at the arena (1) • Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate for the family to share after the game (1) Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck!

Disclosure- As part of the Timfluencer program I receive special perks for my participation in the program


  1. Gail Vlahopoulos says

    My son is a Tyke player and really likes Maple Leafs so Bernier would be a great card to win. Thank you GV

  2. Daniel Sedin

  3. I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  4. Wendy Hutton says

    I would love a Sidney Crosby card

  5. Sidney Crosby for sure!!!

  6. Sedin!

  7. My son wanted the Tim Horton card! We were lucky enough he got one in his pack

  8. kristen visser says

    Bernier for my hubby!

  9. Dayna Wilson says

    Either Bernier or JVR

  10. My son would love any of the cards, but perhaps Sidney Crosby?

  11. Anne Taylor says

    I’d love a Daniel Sedin card!

  12. Elizabeth R says

    I think the Sidney Crosby card is the want I want.

  13. ivy pluchinsky says

    I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  14. I want an Ovechkin

  15. Bobby Ryan

  16. Bryan Little.

  17. I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  18. The card I would like the most is Tim Horton

  19. I would love a Sidney Crosby card!! TY TY!

  20. Sid the kid Crosby 🙂

  21. stacey dempsey says

    well there is alot I like but I would say my favorite is Sidney Crosby

  22. i would like a Sidney Crosby card.

  23. Hubby is after the signed Sidney Crosby card!

  24. Anu Chopra says

    I want the Sidney Crosby card!!!!

  25. Even though my grandson plays defense, his favourite player is Sidney Crosby.

  26. Jonathan Toews

  27. Sidney Crosby card

  28. I would love the Sidney Crosby card

  29. would love the Sidney Crosby card

  30. I would like the Sidney Crosby

  31. I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  32. Sidney Crosby card

  33. I would like Sidney Crosby

  34. I would be happy with either Tim Horton or Max Pacioretty

  35. I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  36. Sidney Crosby please

  37. Erik Karlsson tops my list.

  38. The Sidney Crosby one for my boy

  39. I would love the Tim Horton card! Old school!

  40. Jeanette Jackson says

    Tim Horton

  41. I’d like the Sidney Crosby card.

  42. ike the Sidney Crosby card

  43. Sidney Crosby

  44. Is this a trick question? Of course we want the Tim Horton card! #GoLeafsGo

  45. I’d like the Sidney Crosby card.

  46. Sidney Crosby card.

  47. Lauraleigh says

    I would love to get a Tim Horton card or a win card! We got a pack and it has a cool transparent card! 🙂

  48. Christine W says

    The Sidney Crosby card!

  49. I love the Sidney Crosby card. I’m a huge fan!

  50. The card I want the most is Giordano!

  51. Sidney Crosby

  52. nomnombearinyvr says

    I want Daniel Sedin!

  53. Jennifer P. says

    Definitely Sidney Crosby for me!

  54. I just bought my first deck today and I am praying that I got Carey Price!!

  55. Nicole Jubleew says

    Tim Horton of course.

  56. caroline m. says

    I’m not really a big hockey fan, but let’s say Sidney Crosby. My husband likes him.

  57. Travelbuds says

    Sid the kid for sure

  58. Daniel Sedin!

  59. prairiebelle says

    I would like the Sidney Crosby card

  60. I’d like the Jonathan Toews card.

  61. Sydney Crosby 🙂

  62. Bethany Gallinger says

    I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  63. Carol Denny says

    Jonathan Toews

  64. Florence C says

    Sidney Cosby card would be awesome.

  65. I want the Sidney Crosby the most out of the collection.

  66. Irene Eichler says

    Jonathan Bernier

  67. julielaura1 says

    Sidney Crosby would be good!

  68. Daniel Sedin

  69. The Phil Kessel card.

  70. Diana Corlett says

    Sidney Crosby for my grandson.

  71. I would like Sidney Crosby card :O)

  72. Carey Price is nice!

  73. LILLIAN BROWN says

    Sidney Crosby for sure I am from NS☺

  74. Sunshine G says

    My husband would like Daniel Sedin!

  75. Ovechkin

  76. Tim Hortons of course.

  77. My son said the Tim Horton one 🙂

  78. Anyone from Montreal or a Crosby!

  79. A Sydney Crosby card!!

  80. Susan Patterson says

    i would love the Sydney Crosby card for my grandson! Thank you

  81. I want Tim Horton’s card

  82. Rosanne Robinson says

    Sidney Crosby, because my grandson is a HUGE fan of his!

  83. I would like the Johnny Gaudreau card.

  84. I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  85. Andrea Williams says

    I would like Bryan Little from the Winnipeg Jets.

  86. I would like the Sidney Crosby card

  87. I’d love a Daniel Sedin card

  88. Sean Monahan


    Like the majority, I want our home town players card………….I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  90. I want the Crosby card

  91. I have to go with Tim Horton’s card!

  92. I, being a Habs fan was incredibly happy for my first card being the captain Max but any of the cards are great, a signed Crosby showing up wouldn’t make me upset either though.

  93. Tim Horton thanks

  94. Juliee Fitze says

    Sidney Crosby card.

  95. Sid the kid ( Sidney Crosby ) woohoo thanks for the chance 🙂

  96. Jenna McMillan says

    Would love to win!

  97. Tim Horton – Defense – Toronto Maple Leafs

  98. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I would like the Sydney Crosby card.

  99. Patrick Siu says

    i would like a Bernier card.

  100. I think the Sidney Crosby card.

  101. Tuukka Rask

  102. Monique L.S. says

    I would like a Carey Price card.

  103. Sidney Crosby!

  104. Sidney Crosby!

  105. Sarah Stickney says

    Sidney Crosby

  106. Erica Seaman says

    My Son would love the Sidney Crosby card 🙂

  107. Amanda Neilson says

    The Iginla Card! Hubby is a Flames fan, I’m an Aves fan. Best of both worlds~

  108. seham merzib says

    the sydney crosby one

  109. Julie Bolduc says

    I want the Sydney Crosby card

  110. Lisa bolduc says

    Big Bobby Ryan fan

  111. The card I would like the most is Sidney Crosby.

  112. My nephew would love Sidney Crosby.

  113. I’d like P.K. Subban

  114. Ovechkin’s card would be nice

  115. bobby ryan

  116. Holly O'Gorman says

    I would love a Sidney Crosby card

  117. Crosby of course!!

  118. Tim Horton!

  119. I would like the Crosby card.

  120. Victoria Ess says

    I’d want the Sidney Crosby card!

  121. The Andrew Hammond card.


  123. I want to get P.K. Subban the very most!

  124. I’d like any Maple Leafs cards. I really like the shiny one’s too!

  125. Kim DeCoste says


  126. Susanne McCarthy says

    Sidney Crosby!

  127. I definitely want the special signed Crosby one but I will settle for the original too!

  128. I’d love the Tim Horton or Tyler Johnson 🙂

  129. Crosby!

  130. I would love Ryan Smith OR Sydney Crosby! They both would be amazing!

  131. I want the Ryan Nugent-Hopkins card most


  132. Andrea Robin says

    I’m a Winnipeger , so Jonathan Toews!

  133. the signed Crosby!

  134. kathy downey says

    I would love a Sidney Crosby

  135. Maureen Cayer says

    Phil Kessel

  136. I would love a Sidney Crosby card

  137. Nate Fuller says

    Sydney Crosby of course!

  138. Carey Price

  139. Wanda Bergman says

    I most want the Sidney Crosby card.

  140. Sidney Crosby for sure

  141. Tim Hortons Card!

  142. Sydney Crosby

  143. I’d like to collect the entire Shining Futures set!

  144. Mark Giordano

  145. Tim Horton

  146. The card I want most is Sidney Crosby.

  147. The Sidney Crosby card is the card I want most. Thank you.

  148. I want Alex Ovechkin – Washington Capitals for my niece.

  149. The cards I want are Sidney Crosby and Phil Kessel.

  150. patti townsend says

    Daniel Sedin card

  151. I would love a Sidney Crosby card

  152. crosby of course

  153. I’d have to say Sidney Crosby as well…..

  154. Erika Letson says

    Definitely Sidney Crosby! Thanks for the chance!

  155. michelle matta says

    I think it would be neat to win the Tim Horton card

  156. Angela Mitchell says

    I’d love the Ovechkin card.

  157. i want the Sidney Crosby

  158. I would like the Sidney Crosby card.

  159. I want the Sidney Crosby card

  160. Sidney Crosby

  161. Dana Miller says

    I got the card I wanted most in Tim Horton’s collect to win game which was Sidney Crosby. Next I want to add the second Sedin brother to my set!

  162. Sidney Crosby Signature card.

  163. connie wright says

    Definitely Sidney Crosby signature card!

  164. Sidney Crosby

  165. My husband is a die hard Maple Leafs fan so Im going to say Sidney Crosby

  166. I would like to win the Jonathan Toews card.

  167. Rosanne Robinson says

    Tim Horton

  168. My son wants the Steven Stamkos card.

  169. rebecca day says

    Sidney Crosby

  170. Daniel Sedin

  171. Gerry Steigel says

    I have doubles of some cards but there are some that I don’t have and would like to trade some if there is anyone out there that would trade. St. Cathaines area. Thanks

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