Crayola Picks for the Holidays Giveaway

My youngest loves to colour and be creative whenever possible. She loves to imagine and to colour pictures she draws.  Actually, all of my children enjoying colouring and drawing. As a little girl myself some of my favourite gifts were from Crayola. I remember how cool it was to have a carousel of crayons and a sharpener. Now they have so much more!

Crayola has a great assortment of creative toys and gift ideas for the holidays that are focused on inspiring children and unleashing their creativity. Crayola products give colourful wings to the invisible things that grow in the hearts and minds of children. They offer colours that inspire and tools that transform original thoughts into visible form.

Freedom to express one’s self is giving them the tools to imagine, to grow and to succeed. This year Crayola will be under our tree helping my children create the world they imagine.


Some of the great items from Crayola for this holiday season are

Crayola Crayon Carver (6+)

Crayons become more than just colouring tools with the Crayola Crayon Carver. Kids can use the carver to etch messages and designs into their crayons, turning the crayons themselves into the artwork. The carver is easy to use and only involves tracing to create lines in the crayon surface. Cleanup is easy, and the Crayola Crayon Carver works with both standard and jumbo-size crayons


We tested this out and had a lot of fun carving words into te crayons. I was surprised how simple it was to do. My six year old was an expert in no time!

Crayola Cling Creator (8+) Crayola Cling Creator lets you create your own colourful clings in a variety of fun shapes. Mix colour into the solution and pour into one of the icon molds – or create your own molds in clay! In minutes you’ll have a firm, flexible, colourful cling that sticks to – and peels from – almost any smooth surface. Refill sold separately. Crayola Easy Animation studio (8+) Crayola Easy Animation Studio lets you easily create animated videos up to 12 times faster than traditional stop-motion animation! Design a character and scan it into a smartphone or tablet then place the Mannequin in front of your device and move it into a series of poses. Your on-screen character mimics and records the movements and automatically fills in missing poses for smooth, full motion. Play back your video and amaze your friends! 60-4411_HiRes Crayola Colour Alive (8+) Crayola Colour Alive combines traditional colouring with virtual interaction. Children can colour the 16 action colouring pages, then scan them and watch as their favourite characters come to life and interact on their devices with the Color Alive app. Crayola Wonder Mess free light up stamper (8+) Crayola Thread Wrapper (8+) Add your own layer of style to accessories and gadgets you already have! The motorized threading machine spins thread around your favourite art supplies, headphones, pens, hairbrushes, sunglasses, and more. You’ll love upcycling old gear and giving it a bold new colourful wrap. Create custom colour thread and further embellish your threaded creations using the included fabric marker. Any object up to 1.15 inch in diameter can be wrapped. When you’re ready for a new design, just insert new thread colors and start again. My First Mix and Match colouring book (24 months+) Colour then mix and match heads, bodies and feet to make silly character creations! Colours wipe off easily so your child can create again and again! Includes a washable 30 page mix & match book and 3 large washable easy -grip triangular crayons. Minion Colour and sticker book (3+) Crayola Colour & Sticker books let kids use their imaginations for colouring fun! Colouring book features both colouring and stickering scenes of favourite Minions characters. Includes 48 Colouring Pages and over 70 Stickers. There is always the classic crayon as well in various coloursand sized packs. There is always a pack in each of my kids stockings along with a colouring book. You can see these and other products from Crayola in most major retailers and online Will Crayola be on your gift list this holiday season? giveaway time I have a fantastic prize to giveaway to one lucky Canadian reader from Crayola. The Crayola prize pack includes the Crayon Carver and Easy Animation Studio. $60 value Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!

Disclosure- I received the above mentioned product as part of my involvement in this program. All opinions are my own. The sponsor is responsible for delivery of the prize and shipment before the holidays is not guaranteed. 


  1. Lisa Paquette says

    The Animation Studio is already on my shopping list – my youngest son would love it! 🙂

  2. the crayon carver and window clings

  3. Jennifer Inkster says

    The crayon carver!

  4. We’ve been looking at the crayon carver and the cling creator!

  5. The 3D glitter side walk chalk!

  6. Florence Cochrane says

    The Thread Wrapper is on my Christmas List

  7. Carol Denny says

    The Animation Studio will be a great gift for my grandson

  8. The crayola washable crayons are on my list.

  9. Erika Letson says

    The Minions Marker Airbrush and the Paint Maker are on my list this year. Thanks for the chance!

  10. kristen visser says

    the crayola crayon carver! my daughter would have so much fun with that! as well a the washable crayons (mommy’s favorite)

  11. Wendy hutton says

    the kids want the window markers and the glitter sidewalk chalk

  12. Erasable markers and Animation Studio is on my list.

  13. shannonsview1 says

    We have crayons in the kids stockings every year!

  14. Rosanne Robinson says

    The The Animation Studio is on my list for my grandson, he’s going to LOVE it!

  15. My kids love these types of creative gifts. My little girl will want the crayon carver for Christmas for sure!

  16. Im excited about the Crayola Color alive and the Thread Wrapper

  17. The cling creator is on my list!

  18. Crayola Colour Alive

  19. Tons of washable markers and craft supplies.

  20. prairiebelle says

    the Color Wonder Mess Free Airbrush is on my list

  21. Color Wonder Light Up Stamper and The Cling Creator are on my list.

  22. Juliee Fitze says

    I would like to get the Color Wonder Light Up Stamper

  23. The Beadola Charm Maker looks awesome!

  24. Elva Roberts says

    The Crayola Color Alive sounds very appealing to me for one of my great grandchildren.

  25. Jayne Cameron says

    Color Clicks Markers and Crayola Colour Alive

  26. Crayons, and markers are always on the list nut this year my little ones also want the cling creator and the crayola carver

  27. Susan Patterson says

    I really like The Color Wonder Mess Free Light Up stamper!

  28. I want to get my daughter the Cling Creator

  29. Dayna Wilson says

    A bunch of Colour Wonder Mess Free colouring papers and pens!

  30. I just bought the Crayola Easy Animation studio for my nephew for Christmas. It was on sale at Superstore today. I’m also getting my daughters a Crayola Creations kit but I haven’t decided which one!

  31. I would like to get the Crayola Carver for the kids for Christmas 🙂

  32. The Animation Studio! It looks so neat

  33. Michele Behlen says

    .I hadn’t seen a lot of these but I think my grandson would like the Crayola Color Alive.

  34. The crayon carver is so cool! My son would surely love carving his name into EVERY SINGLE CRAYON WE HAVE. But whatever floats his boat 🙂

  35. The window cling maker is on my list now!

  36. I will for sure be buying some Crayola acrylic paints and midget felts for my daughter for Christmas this year!

  37. The Crayon Carver and Thread Wrapper are two I’d like to pick up.

  38. Jennifer P. says

    I have the Scentsations markers on my list for my older child, and the Colour Wonders on my list for my younger child.

  39. The star wars millenium falcon art case is on my list for my son.

  40. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I’d love to get the animation studio but I think that my grandchildren are probably too young for that. I could have had a lot of fun with that too. I’ve not completely made up my mind but it will probably be the Crayon Carver that goes on my list. 🙂

  41. crayon carver

  42. The cling creator looks neat.

  43. ivy pluchinsky says

    The 3D glitter side walk chalk is something my niece would love

  44. The crayon carver and the window clings just might end up on my list yet.

  45. julielaura1 says

    My elder grandkids would love the Color Wonder Light Up Stamper

  46. The Crayola Color Alive is on my daughters list

  47. I think the Crayon Carver is something my granddaughter would enjoy.

  48. Victoria Ess says

    Their easy animation studio is on my wishlist!

  49. I dont have anything on my list-but I havent made a list yet-hope I win!

  50. The Crayola Wonder Mess free light up stamper is on my kids wishlist!

  51. The Crayola Color Alive.

  52. The Multi Color Light Board and Color Wonder Light Up Stamper are on my list! Light really helps my kid w/autism get excited about getting crafty.

  53. Angela Mitchell says

    I’d love the Color Wonder Light Up Stamper. Anything that would capture my son’s attention and not make a big mess is high on my list.

  54. Ginger Gervais says

    We could use more crayons and washable markers for our youngest

  55. The Cling Creator and the Marker Airbrush are on my list.

  56. I am looking for the Cling Creator for my granddaughter, she would like that one too

  57. the crayon carver

  58. Washable Triangular Crayons for my 2 yr. old Grandson.

  59. The Animation Studio and Cling Creator are on my shopping list this year.


  60. Elaine Buonsante says

    The Crayola Easy Animation studio sounds exciting 🙂

  61. My niece wants the Fashion Designer

  62. Boy oh boy how much love we could give to the new Crayola Animation Studio. Hours of fun for all our family. Can’t imagine the love and laughter that could spread from watching their creations.

  63. My sons would love the animation studio.

  64. Washable crayons are on the list.

  65. Washable markers on my list. The boys all have asked for some for their stocking.

  66. the Crayola Cling Creator would interest them most

  67. lisa mclain says

    My son wants the crayola carver for christmas and my niece wants one to

  68. Rosanne Robinson says

    The Animation Studio is on my shopping list for my grandson!

  69. Easy Animated Studio


  71. Jessica M walker says

    The Color Wonder Light Up Stamper is on my list for my son

  72. The Crayon Carver my son saw recently and wanted!

  73. Holy moly! I want to get the Minions Sketcher Projector for my son! Boy, Crayola really has some neat new inventions! 🙂

  74. Robyn Bellefleur says

    My daughter would love the animation studio.

  75. Julie Bolduc says

    I would like the crayon carver soooooo cool

  76. The Crayon Carver for my daughter!

  77. kathy downey says

    The Crayola item on my list is the Marker Maker

  78. The Crayola Amazing Art Case because it contains a variety of things that’ll keep them busy for awhile!

  79. The Air-Dry Clay 1.13 kg Terra Cotta is on my shopping list.

  80. Kayla Gilbert says

    The Crayola Crayon Carver is on our wishlist.

  81. Tammy Dalley says

    The crayon carver

  82. Crayola 3d chalk/paint set for sure!!

  83. The Crayon Carver looks cool!

  84. The Crayon Carver is at the top of the Crayola wish list.

  85. Jessica M walker says

    The Color Wonder Light Up Stamper is on my list along with many others im sure. The kids love Crayola

  86. Definitely the crayon carver

  87. The Crayola Crayon Carver is on my sons list, I already has ideas on what to carve.

  88. would love to pick up the light up stamper

  89. Carey Hurst says

    We love Crayola, on our list now is esp the cling maker and animation . So cool . Thank you for giveaway .

  90. Thanks for the opportunity to #win!
    We have lots of Crayola items on our wish list including a marker maker and color wonder sets.

  91. Sarah Stickney says

    my son would like the Multi-Colour Light Board

  92. I will be getting my daughter the Cling Creator.

  93. The Disney Frozen Creativity Case and the My First 3-in-1 Art Desk are on my shopping list.

  94. The crayola cling creator and the animation studio are tops of my kids list.

  95. I’d love to get the crayola marker maker

  96. The crayon carver looks like so much fun.

  97. We have the cling creator on our list, plus a few others. my daughter loves to create like me.

  98. Melt n mold factory

  99. The Marker Maker.

  100. Might not be exciting but I’m looking forward to gifting the classic, 64 crayon box!

  101. One cool item from Crayola is the Melt ‘N Mold Factory™ another is the Minions Marker Airbrush

  102. Erinn Lishman says

    My kids would love the Crayola Carver and any and all of the colouring packs!

  103. Dana Miller says

    The Crayola Clings are on my shopping list. We also want the Metallic Markers for our arts & crafts!

  104. Elva Roberts says

    The Easy Animation Studio could be on my shopping list.

  105. Sarah Jackson says

    Crayola animation studio and minion projector are on my list

  106. The cling creator!

  107. Animation Studio would be great

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