Does Your Dog Sleep Through The Night? Mine Neither!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love animals. I have lots of pets that are just like family. But, from time to time, they can be a handful! When they are playing will a ball or relaxing in the house they are amazing. Turn off the lights and try to go to sleep, and they suddenly transform into devil pets! At the moment, my dog is struggling to get to sleep at night and he is keeping me awake. Here are a few tips I have come across that will hopefully get him to sleep. For my readers who have the same problem, I hope they work for you, too.

Get Plenty Of Exercise

Dogs are like humans, and they get tired just like we do after a hard slog. The more you tire them out, the better they will sleep at night. Try and take them out for longer periods when you go for a walk, or take them on shorter, more frequent walks. If you have a very energetic dog like a Boxer, you will need to make sure they get plenty of exercise if you want them to sleep at all during the night!

Confine Them To One Space

Some dogs are nocturnal in the sense that they like to wander around the house at night. There is nothing wrong with that as long as they are not barking and causing a racket. After all, they will get plenty of rest during the day when everyone is at work. But, some dogs do get excited at night when they are on their own, and they start to make a fuss. By confining them to one space, they don’t have the same freedom. It almost resigns them to go to sleep because they have no other option.

Buy Them A Good Bed

When we go to sleep, we need a comfy bed that holds our body weight. A comfortable and supportive bed stops us from picking up strains and lets us fall to sleep easier. The same goes for a dog, and for most animals for that matter. At the minute, I like these cool dog beds because I like him to be comfy and to sleep in style. Okay, I might be a little self-indulgent but I don’t care! If you don’t know where to look, browse the Internet for more info.



Get Them On A Schedule

When they are in a routine, they will go to sleep without you having to prompt them. Their body clock will tell them that it is bedtime and they will duly oblige. It will take a couple of days to get them into shape, but it will happen as long as you persevere.

Lights On Or Off?

The answer to that question depends on the dog. I tend to find that younger dogs like a nightlight to comfort them at night. Other dogs get distracted by a light, so it is best to keep it off when they go to bed.

If you dog is curious, it is probably best to leave them in total darkness.


  1. Good I don’t have a dog.I can’t imagine having a dog roaming around the house at night! I have hard enough time having to keep the kids in bed lol

  2. My dog (mixed chihuahua/terrier) loves to burrow – he sleeps soundly under my comforter every night. I’m grateful! However he keep having accidents in the house.. 🙁 I definitely need help there! LOL

  3. Our Dog kept me up almost; all night for 18 months. I almost gave him away so many times.
    Read about crating them etc Now I’d like to give my teens away ?????, Now that the dog; sleeps through : the ? it’s not with me.

  4. Out of the 3 of mine I only have 1 that is up all night

  5. My aunt’s dog keeps the up all night. I keep suggesting getting a crate for it but they haven’t. It makes me glad to have cats who do sometimes roam around but usually are quiet!

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