Earn money with the Caddle App Twitter Party Dec 3rd 9pm #CaddleLaunch

Having a big family I am always looking for ways to save money when shopping. There are things all families need day to day and we must by them, but why must we pay full price? Of course there are sales and deals on many items but there are other ways to save too! Cash back on your purchases is always a nice feature in my opinion.

Introducing Caddle App 

Caddle lists offers based on your location. You can watch ads, upload your receipts and choose which offers you would like to redeem. Products and services both offer cash back, many with freedom on stores and brands.  You can even get cash back for completing certain tasks like hugging a tree!

Caddle rewards users for their engagement, feedback, and purchases.  Caddle is a 100% owned and operated Canadian company that strives to stand apart and be the change we want to see in Canada! Caddle donates 10% of everything they make to Canadian charities because at Caddle they believe we can both do well and do good at the same time.


Earning cash back is fast and easy!

Download the app at the App Store Select your offer.

Watch the ad-Follow by a short questionnaire and get paid. The whole process takes about a minute and you can earn at a rate of about $20 an hour.

Earn more- Purchase the features products, upload your receipts and receive cash back! Refer friends too for even more

Since saving money is so great, I am excited to share with you all the Caddle launch Twitter party

Caddle Launch Twitter party

Hashtag #CaddleLaunch

When Dec 3rd 9pm EST

Hosted by @CommonCentsMom

Sponsor @CaddleCanada

Moderators @OlderMommyStill @GingerMommy @cammipham @CanadianMomEh


RSVP for your chance to win

See you there!


  1. thanks for the heads up about the twitter party. I will have to check out this app!

  2. Wow, the Caddle app sounds great! Who doesn’t want to save and earn money for the things we need anyway. I love that it is an app. Having this on my phone means I will use it and not forget about it, LOL.

  3. ah! hugging a tree? Love that! This looks like such a great app. Sorry I missed the Twitter party but I’ll be downloading the app and trying it out this weekend. Thanks

  4. Very cool! I love all the new apps to save money on something we all need….groceries. I like that Caddle is Canadian owned.

  5. Awesome! I am downloading this app right now, I love how bananas are on there. It’s so hard to find produce on these apps!

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