Fun gifts for kids this holiday season

I am always looking for something fun to get my kids for Christmas. Something a little bit different that they can get lots of enjoyment out of. When I can order online it is a bonus as well. No crowds, no hassles and I can see exactly what is in stock. I have officially started my shopping and am slowly checking people off on my list.

Some great items to add to your list this season are below

Bungee Blast Mini
BUNGEE BLAST ramps up the fun and excitement by an order of magnitude. We’ve engineered a patented elastic bungee cord inside the pump cylinder to turbo boost the launching power. Load a foam rocket into one end and pull back the cylinder, feeling the increasing tension of the cord inside. Then let go. Kids will be amazed as the stored energy of the cord pushes the piston of air very forcefully, blasting the rocket out at hyper-speed. It’s like putting a turbo-charger inside!
Price Per Unit: $8.99

Jump Rocket LED Night Shotz Set
A dazzling addition to our popular Jump Rocket® lineup, this new LED-lit version lights up the night like a miniature NASA space launch! Nestled inside the soft rubber nose of each rocket is a rugged LED light, activated by an on/off switch. Launch the rocket with a simple foot stomp, and watch in awe as the rocket ascends up to 100’! Each set includes Jump Pump, Launch Pad and 3 LED Rockets with soft, safe foam nose cones. LEDs are powered by built-in non-replaceable batteries that store enough power for hundreds of lighted flights.
Price Per Unit: $9.49

Ski Scooter
The amazing SKI SKOOTER from Geospace opens up new worlds of exploration for young riders — snow for one, but also grassy hills and even sand dunes! The Skooter works on flat terrain as well as hills…just leave one foot on the board and push with the other, using the handle for balance and directional control. In dry, deep snow, Ski Skooter acts like a snowshoe, allowing riders to float on the surface.
Price Per Unit: $49.99

Ask Amy Doll
A doll that talks and answers questions!  We’ve gotten used to the amazement of people’s faces when they first see Ask Amy. Her lips move so naturally as she speaks, and she turns her head and blinks her eyes just like a real little girl! AskAmy was created with the idea that a completely lovable doll could be equally engaging and educational. While technology keeps adding options to children’s play with leaps and bounds, the wholesomeness of old-fashioned toys often gets lost in the mix.
Price Per Unit: $120.00


My youngest loves dolls so much! She has many but we are always looking for new cool dolls to add to her collection. This year she will find an ask Amy under the tree. I can not wait for her to open up this fun interactive doll that tells jokes and giggles along with her new friend. The Ask Amy doll encourages self learning and is sure to keep my youngest occupied when her siblings are doing their own thing.

Ask Amy is available with many different hair colours and styles. You can even buy extra clothes for her to dress her up or change her style.

The Ski scooter is sure to be a big hit as well this winter. Not having any ski experience I was nervous for my six year old to start. The scooter is perfect as it allows for controlled navigation and is great for small hills and flat ground.


The sturdy handle, heavy duty plastic and treaded base make this a fun ride. It fold up flat for easy storage as well. I can see her having lots of fun with this, this winter. Best part of all, adults can use this as well 🙂 My teens may end up wanting one for themselves.  Available in a variety of colours


Visit the links above to read more about these products and order yours now!

Would someone on your list like one of these fun toys?

Happy shopping!



  1. Great ideas- I hadn’t heard of Ask Amy dolls- very cool. I’d love to see a gift guide for teens, too- they’re the worst to shop for, haha.

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