How to Avoid Travel Disasters

I am someone that absolutely loves traveling and I try to get out and explore new places as often as I possibly can! One thing that I don’t love about traveling is that something ALWAYS seems to go wrong once I am heading out on my trip, whether that be that I forgot something essential at home or we hit traffic so we’re rushing to the airport, passport is forgotten, you know something that is horribly wrong and just causes stress and chaos within the trip! Well, now that just about any travel disaster that you could possibly think of has happened to me, I’m pretty good at avoiding them completely! Today I am going to be telling you a few tips that I use to make sure that everything goes to plan and there are no trip ruining disasters that occur!
1. Plan Ahead: A lot of problems and issues come from being unprepared and not planning ahead. If you’re going to be taking a trip, I would highly recommend sitting down and planning every single thing out, write it down so you have it as a visual in front of you! This helps to keep everything organized and you can have a physical to do list to make sure you are in fact getting everything done that you need to.
2.Double Check List: Before you start packing, make a packing list to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Then while you are packing, use that list and that list only! This will ensure that you have everything you do need and make sure that you don’t have things you don’t need! Then go ahead and double and triple check your list to make sure you have absolutely everything!
3. Leave Early: Whether you are taking a road trip or driving to the airport for a flight, make sure that you leave earlier than you actually need to! You never know what kind of traffic or hiccups you may experience out on the road, so I would definitely recommend leaving about a half an hour earlier than you would expect to leave.
4. Keep Phone Charged: Our phones tend to be big asset when it comes to traveling these days! We need to use them for communication with others, a lot of people use them for a GPS, and all sorts of things! Be sure to always keep your phone charged and ready to use for whenever you may need it!

5. Stay Calm: In the event that some sort of tragedy does occur, stay calm! Freaking out and being crazy about something going wrong is only going to make matters worse! Try to stay calm and collected and everything will be perfectly fine!
Unfortunately things do not always go the way we planned and things will go wrong so just stay calm and handle things the best you can! Make the best of it!
I would love to hear your tips if you have any to add


  1. Great tips! Having a fully charged phone is a must! Mine has a horrible battery life so I always make sure to bring a portable charger too.

  2. Susan Hanley says

    I totally agree with number 3; Leave Early. We take more fly away vacations in the winter time and weather almost always is a factor. Keep your phone charged is a new one for me since I’ve only recently got a cell phone but I will be sure to keep it charged up when we go away.

  3. Thank you for the tips! I rarely travel as it’s a hassle so, I do need tips on how to be organized and not forget something like the power cord of my laptop.

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