Limeapple Holiday Dress Flash Sale

My six year old is all about the dresses! She wants to be stylish and ‘fancy’ any chance she can. She has been eyeing a few lovely dress over at Limeapple and letting me know just how much she NEEDS them for the holidays. We need is not the word I would use, but I can definitely see why she would want them.

holiday dress sale promo 3

Their holiday dress shop has everything the young girl in your life could want in a party dress for the festivities.

Our dresses are made for the little lady who wants to stand out in a crowd. Featuring beautiful colors, soft cotton blend fabric and one of a kind design, these dresses are sure to encourage your girl’s individual sense of style. Not only are our dresses playful and unique, they are also made to last and be loved for a long time.

While your little girl’s closet may have some precious pieces,  she will surely be reaching for these beautiful dresses this holiday season. Available in a variety of colours, styles and wide range of sizing.

With this kind of quality and these great prices, stock will not last long! Be sure to get yours Friday NOVEMBER 13thduring the Holiday Dress Flash Sale with 40% off all our dresses

holiday dress sale promo 1

What dress do you think your girl would like best?


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! And how can you beat 40% off?!

  2. Wow, what a great deal! Those dresses are so pretty!

  3. Oh wow that is quite a sale. Now would be a great time to pick out some dresses for upcoming events! There are some school dances soon!

  4. What a great sale! Those dresses are all so pretty.

  5. I’m pretty sure my daughter would like any of them. She loves anything that makes her feel like a princess 😉

  6. I really appreciate how the dresses are a tad mature without being over the top. My daughter would like that.

  7. Those are so cute. My daughter loves wearing dresses!

  8. I’m so sure my niece would love this pretty dress, she really loves wearing dress girly like this.

  9. I can see why she needs them. Pretty dressing is a great way to be festive. 🙂

  10. These dresses are adorable. I haven’t shopped at Limeapple. I will check this out.

  11. These are so nice. I will have to check it out, my girls are all about pretty,frilly and girly dresses so this would be perfect!

  12. I’ve never heard of LimeApple. These dresses are really cute.

  13. This is a great sale and just in time. I’m sure many pretty party dresses are needed this holiday season.

  14. I’ve never heard of them before but I am going to check them out. We need dresses for the holidays.

  15. Great deal! My daughter loves dresses. The fancier the better.

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