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Many years ago I realized the best thing anyone can ever do is to know when to ask for help! As busy people we tend to take on more than we can handle. When this happens something has to give. Everyone wants to do their best and to succeed, but being able to do this means knowing when to get help. It also means being able to say no and to let go. When I first started my blog I never would say “no” to an opportunity that landed in my inbox. Quickly this caused burnt out and I was not giving everything the 110% I wanted. When I realized saying “no” would actually be good for me and my blog, I did it more often.

Then I hired a VA to help me with tasks like editing, data collection and social media shares of projects. This freed up my time to be more creative. Allowing me to express myself and show my passion more doing what I liked best. Being me!

If you are a writer you often get stuck. It is easy enough to write about what you love and what is natural to you. But when a project or subject that is unknown comes across your desk, it is easy to hit a wall. Many of us are great at ideas, brainstorming and other things. But we lack the talent to put it all together. Or like me, we lack the time.


Introducing Private Writing

Private Writing is a passionate company that offers many services. They help their customers to better cope with their assignments. In many cases they are asked to help because their customers either don’t know how to tackle an assignment or don’t understand it. Whenever they receive their order, they see how it should be handled and are able to cope with these assignments better afterwards. They call our works ‘samples’; they provide them for sampling purposes with an expectation that these works will be referenced accordingly. Second, they believe that by taking some workload off your shoulders, they allow you to concentrate on things that matter in your life. These could be disciplines that are directly related to your major, it could be work or it could be family. There are numerous reasons why people outsource their writing assignments and they are all justified. The Private Writing writers are experts in their respective fields, they have written numerous papers on various topics, know where to look for information and are able to come up with a quality piece in a time span much shorter than you would need to write a similar paper yourself, – and this is the third reason to use their services.

The Private Writing company has been in  business since 2005, which has allowed them to build an impressive portfolio of completed assignments. Whatever topic you need to write on, they can do it. It will be well researched, properly written and formatted. The writing process is so well organized that you will barely notice it. They handle their orders with maximum efficiency, assigning tasks to those professionals, who are experts in your subject.

As a blogger I am often assigned editorial pieces that are information only. Advertisements that have no place for personal opinions, or personal images. These are the times their service would be greatly appreciated.

Prices start at $11.99 USD and can be made via credit card or Paypal .All orders are private and never resold to anyone else.

When you place your order you specify the time frame you need, the quality and research you require and the job. Is it editing? Proof reading? Or entire article writing? Obviously the more detail and shorter time you require will change the price. It is nice being able to see samples of previous work, however I would like to see some before and after of their editing and proof reading as well.

Imagine what you could do with a little help? Check out www.privatewriting.com for yourself and see if they can help you out

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