Winter Collection by Columbia Sportswear for Women

Living in Canada cold winters are just the norm. It is not common to have a snowless winter. Usually the cooler temps will begin in October and last until March. Some winters are really bad and others are more tolerable. Canadians have learned to plan each year for the snow and cold. Many embrace it and love winter sports and the beauty of the snow. I love Canadian winters but I am not a fan of the cold. So to enjoy it and not hibernate for the season, I make sure to dress warmly.

The Winter Collection by Columbia Sportswear for Women has so many great options to keep me warm and fashionable. After all we do not want to look like we are living in the bush when we are all dressed up for winter. We still have to do our daily errands, shopping and interactions.

Their Inspiration

As Columbia’s team began developing our new Fall 15 collection, we were simultaneously designing freestyle ski uniforms for athletes competing in the Winter Olympics.  Our designers met with these world-class athletes and coaches on numerous occasions to gain their insight on fabrics, fit, features and styles.  We focused exclusively on performance – cutting edge performance – not price points.  It was a rare opportunity for our design and innovation teams and we took full advantage.
We think it’s time consumers have the same opportunity to ski, run, hike and ride in the same caliber outerwear as the gold medalists in Sochi.  We want them to find their own podium.

We had the opportunity to try out some great products to prepare my family for the winter. Below are some my oldest daughter has been testing out.


Barlow Pass 550 TurboDown™ Jacket

City cool and super warm! With its 550-fill TurboDown insulation, a split-dropped tail, cool lines, adjustable waist and faux-fur ring around your beautiful face the Barlow Pass keeps you warm, dry and protected in fabulous winter style.

Available for  $349.99


The inside of the coat has a thermal liner. The Omni-Heat™ reflective lining with Turbodown helps keep you warm and available to breathe with lightweight warmth and heat retention. The trimmed hood is very stylish and offers lots of coverage around your face. You can remove the trim to change the look or for washing when needed.


This coat comes in three colours, India Ink, Black and Peatmoss and is available in sizes XS to XL. This coat is also water and stain repellent. Perfect for whatever winter will bring! Plus it looks so good!

Minx™ Fire Tall Omni-HEAT™ Waterproof

This time, putting your feet to the fire is a good thing. In fact it’s a warm and waterproof thing with faux fur and a sole with plenty of grip. Rated at -25F/-32C, these cold-weather boots are loaded with warmth and style.

Available $150


The bold colour is a lot of fun! These boots are super warm and really comfortable. They are available in Black with raspberry and Ruby with yellow. Sizes range from 5-12 ( I found being boots it is good to choose a size bigger than normal. No worries about stepping into deep snow wearing these!



This cotton-blend hoodie with bold stripes sports a cool V-neck, 2-way comfort-stretch, semi-transparent burnout fabric and a subtle logo on the hemline. Part of the Adera active life collection, this lightweight hoodie helps you celebrate your inner luminosity.

Available $54.99


The hoodie is extremely comfortable and fits great! Every other stripe is transparent allowing for the shirt to breathe and accent the tank underneath. Also available in black this shirt has a modern classic fit. Great for keeping active while looking great.

The styles and quality of Columbia Sportswear are top of the line. I trust my family will be warm all winter and love that my daughter likes the styles as much as I do. I honestly feel we are ready for winter and anything that may bring. You can find these products in most major sports retailers and online at

What do you think of these styles for women this winter?


  1. Love! That jacket sounds and looks awesome! I’m going to have to look into getting myself one.

  2. That jacket is gorgeous! The boots too! I love the colour of them. I really love Columbia Sportswear. They are great quality and priced right.

  3. I have always loved Columbia…it’s is a trusted brand for sure. I love the all the products you’ve featured here but I especially like the Barlow 550 jacket. Look stylish, comfy and most importantly…warm!

  4. I LOVE Columbia Sportswear. I purchase Emanuelle a coat with Omni-Heat™ last year, loved it so much that I bought her a new one again this year. You just can’t beat the quality from Columbia Sportswear!

  5. I absolutely LOVE that coat. I need a new coat, and I will definitely be giving this one a try.

  6. I love those boots. I need to get me a pair ASAP. I had my last Columbia coat for 9 years. It lasted forever and I only needed to get rid of it because the zipper broke and I couldn’t go another summer with just buttoning it up. It was the best coat over. I can’t wait to pick up another!

  7. Shelley Nelson says

    very nice but out of my price range I am afraid

  8. Columbia makes great products. I love the coat. It will definitely be warm with the thermal liner. The hoodie looks really comfortable too.

  9. I am totally in agreement with you I hate the cold. For me I was able to get away from it. When I lived in the cold north I had all Columbia. I LOVE their brand!

  10. Loving the Barlow Pass TurboDown Jacket. The faux fur trim (that you can remove – LOVE that feature!) gives it that fabulous added touch, and I love the thermal liner and the fact that it’s light weight. We have some wet winters over here on the west side, and not as much snow – but it’s down right cold. This would be perfect for our end of the coast!

  11. That coat is going to be soooo comfy when it starts snowing. I’m definitely a fan of Columbia gear.

  12. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says

    It gets very cold in Winter where we live so warm winter wear is a must! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I live in Idaho where it gets REALLY cold! I need a coat like this! Love that lining!

  14. i hate the winter!! I like Columbia as well, we use to be avid skiers and have done some heli skiing where you appreciate the warmth

  15. The winters here get so cold!!! I love how this coat looks functional and fashionable at the same time.

  16. That jacket looks really warm and comfy. Stylish Too.

  17. Looks like a great collection. My daughter would really love those boots!

  18. Columbiai s a great brad! Those jackets look awesome.

  19. I love those boots and that jacket looks really warm. I like the insulation it has inside.

  20. Columbia is a great brand that means quality to me! I love the boots. I think I need a pair of pink Columbia boots for the winter.

  21. The outfit looks really great and comfortable. Columbia is a great brand.

  22. Columbia does make the greatest ski jackets. I’ve owned one of the Columbia Omni Heat coats for several years and it always keeps me dry and warm when I’m dashing down the slopes.

  23. The Winter Collection by Columbia is lovely! That jacket would get plenty of use in this household. But those boots – I love them! They look perfect for our snowy cold winters but the colour would liven things up a bit. They are a winner in my book. 🙂

  24. I love the boots…and the colour is perfect for me. 🙂

  25. I just love Columbia!! My fave hiking shoes! 🙂

  26. Maggie Branch says

    I am in love with that hoodie! It seems so cozy and I would feel confident purchasing it since Columbia is a brand I trust.

  27. That jacket looks so warm. Just what everyone needs for Canadian winters.

  28. Hi! Could you tell me please what size of the Columbia Barlow Pass jacket are you wearing? I want to buy it and I don’t know which one would fit better. Thank you 🙂

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