Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara doll – A great gift

Every Christmas under our tree there is a doll.

My children love to play pretend and dolls have been a big part of this. This year my youngest can expect to see a Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara doll wrapped up with her name on it. A great gift to help nourish her creative personality over the next few months. This with the Baby Alive Refill will let her be ‘mommy’ to her very own baby. She will feed her, rock her and sing her to sleep. It is always so sweet to watch over her as she plays acting like how she sees me.


Little girls can have the love and fun of real babies with this Snackin’ Sara doll! She’s a little doll who needs your daughter to make tasty snacks for her. Help her use the reusable doll food and shaping tools to make different kinds of snacks to feed her Snackin’ Sara doll. Then it’s changing time! The doll tells her when she’s hungry, sleepy, or full with phrases in English and Spanish, like “Is it snack time?” You’ll love watching your little girl learn about being a mommy with the Snackin’ Sara doll!

Baby Alive and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
Includes: Includes doll, outfit, 2 diapers, two 1-ounce containers of reusable doll food, 3 shaping tools, 1 roller, plate, pretend juice box, and instructions.

The Baby Alive Refill pack lets the fun carry on even longer.

When my oldest son was just two we got him a doll to help adjust to having a baby brother. It was a great idea and he learned how to care for the baby through play.


This holiday season when you are looking for that special gift for the child on your list who loves dolls, you will want to check out the Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara doll. You can find her and other fun toys from Hasbro at Toys R Us , Walmart and the Superstore retailers nationwide.

Who on your list would love this as a present ?


  1. Rosanne Robinson says

    My niece would LOVE this Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara doll. My niece has a baby brother now and she takes care of her little doll, while her mommy takes care of her little brother.

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