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I have never claimed to be a clean freak

If I could hire someone to clean my house for me I would. I like the feel and smell of a clean home. I just do not like the chore of getting it there. Having a family that is active and not always remembering to tidy up after themselves, I am finding I am always cleaning. I fond if I stay on top of it , it is easier to manage. I have also been very fortunate to find a few great brands that make my life easier when it comes to having a clean home.

Here are a few things I have found that help me keep my home clean

Clear the clutter

It is easy to fill up every space in your home with items you do not use or need. We are given items and feel bad about tossing them. So we place them in a cupboard and forget they are there. My advice is to remove the clutter. Grab a garbage bag and a box marked ‘donate’ and start removing anything you do not need, want or use.

You can clean out closets, the shed, the garage or an entire room. This frees up space and clears out dust. Plus it makes you feel great removing clutter from your life. I have a box for donations ongoing but I try to do this every few months for the entire house.

Keep on top of it

If there is a spill wipe it up. If something is broken, fix it or get rid of it. Don;t wait. Do it right away. It is easy enough to put things off until later. But then more and more gets put off and the to-do list grows making it seem impossible. So keep on top of your household chores.

I load the dishwasher and run it twice a day when it is full. Any dishes left before bed I was in the sink. I am not a morning person so washing in the morning is not an option for me.  If my kitchen is clean when I wake up, I find I am more likely to make a big breakfast as well 🙂

Laundry is never ending when you have six people in the house. So a laundry day is not possible. I wash, dry and fold 2-3 loads a day. I put them in piles and let their owners put them away in their rooms. I use to place clean folded laundry in baskets but that was no good. Nobody could find their clothes and they never got put in the rooms they belonged. My living room became the laundry terminal.

Floors, bathrooms, linens and other chores can be done weekly. I prefer weekends when I have help to get these done. But these for me need to be done weekly or the mess gets to be too much.


Use quality products

When it comes to cleaning my home I use products I know and trust. Quality name brands products that gt the job done the first time are best. I price match and collect coupons so I can afford to buy them. You can not beat a quality product. They clean your home, disinfect and make everything smell great.

Trusted brands that have been in my home since I was a child will continue to be a part of our lives as we can always count on them to get the job done.


Recruit help

A home no matter how big can feel like a huge task when it comes to cleaning. YOU are not the only one making the mess so please do not be the only one cleaning up. Children can be given age appropriate chores to tackle on their own. They can be responsible for daily chores in their rooms like making their beds, putting laundry away and tidying up after themselves.

Husbands can and will help as well, for some there is a trade off. Wife does certain chores and the husband does others, however you mix it up, is up to you. I do not cut the grass or fix the car or clean the garage, so I am willing to clean the bathroom in an unspoken trade lol


Do you want a great smelling house that’s squeaky clean without the stress? What tips do you have to make it possible?

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  1. My tips are to make a list and do a little each day.

  2. Focus on one thing one day at a time. Laundry monday, etc.

  3. Get all the family to do their share,

  4. We share chores and try to do a bit each day instead of cramming all the chores in on the weekend

  5. Do a bit at a time, don’t let it pile up.

  6. Get the family to help. It makes cleaning faster and less stressful.

  7. Let others go out…

  8. I like to clean as I go so things don’t get to messy!

  9. I assign a day of the week to each room for a thorough cleaning.

  10. I try to be organized about it, and get to it before it gets overwhelming.

  11. Juliee Fitze says

    Get your family to help you don’t have to do it all.

  12. Clean as I go so I can keep on top of it.

  13. Carol Denny says

    Clean as you go

  14. Our household isn’t that large, three adults, so we pick up after ourselves. So cleaning isn’t too stressful.

  15. Wendy hutton says

    I do one room at a time, and take my time ding it

  16. We do a little at a time, vacuum one room and always tidy up after yourself

  17. Florence Cochrane says

    I did a little everyday. That way nothing piles up.

  18. Clean as you go, as annoying as this may sound it’s so much easier!

  19. Do a little each day and little to music as you clean.

  20. Victoria Ess says

    I clean regularly to minimize the effort I need to put in.

  21. Having good cleaning tools and products! Makes a big difference

  22. prairiebelle says

    to get everyone to help!

  23. Well, my best stress free cleaning tip would be to hire someone to do it 🙂

  24. Travelbuds says

    I get my kids to do their share.

  25. My stress free tip is to don’t rush yourself by having a schedule so everything doesn’t need to happen in one day.

  26. Jennifer P. says

    I like to do a quick room scan every time I leave a room, to bring anything back to its place if I am moving from a room where something doesn’t belong to the room that it does belong. It helps cut the clutter without making extra work.

  27. My stress free tip is to put on music and then sing and dance while cleaning. The mop and I could almost enter ‘dancing with the stars’, lol

  28. Rosanne Robinson says

    Make up a list of what needs to be done, organization is the key, and check the items off the list as they’re completed.Give yourself lots of time to get everything done, so you don’t feel stressed out and get family members to help, if needed.

  29. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    There is nothing stress free about having to clean the whole house when guests are coming! However I do try to do a little each day so as not to leave everything to the last minute. 🙂

  30. Susan Patterson says

    My stress free cleaning tips are to do just a little bit each day! I have been ill lately and know that overdoing just does not work for me! The important part of the holiday is being together and not how spotless your home may be! Stay calm and it will all work out!

  31. joanne darrell says

    My stress free tip is asking family members to help outj

  32. Make a list of the chores that need to be done and get help from others in the house.

  33. My best stress-free cleaning tip is to not let it all pile up and deal with it at once. Make an effort, as best you can, to clean up in small amounts so that all that effort eventually adds up to a generally tidy home.

  34. Linda Klages says

    start in the bathroom – that’s the toughest

  35. I like to do a quick clean up weekly and a big clean up once a month. The main thing is don’t clutter. “A place for everything and everything in its place”

  36. I do my laundry as I have a load so that it doesn’t pile up

  37. Organization is key and picking up after yourself so your not overwhelmed having to rush around and do it if company is coming over

  38. do one room a day,, I also make a list,I find it much easier to get things done when I can mark off things as I go along.

  39. Use “down time” (like waiting @ appointments) to do things like clean out your purse and make game plans to tackle all of your tasks

  40. I keep vinegar and water in a spray bottel in each bathroom and the kitchen. It is great for mirrors,taps.ect

  41. When cooking, always wash the dishes as you go, or put them in the dishwasher as you go rather than having piles of dishes to clean after cooking your meal!

  42. kathy downey says

    I like a routine stress free house,clean as you go,get rid of clutter….less is better

  43. I clean as I go and have to say hubby is great for doing housework too. In fact he does most of it but some things are left for me.

  44. Deanna Barkley says

    I try to keep things clean – clean as you go, so it doesn’t get overwhelming.

  45. try to bit a everyday.

  46. Keep clutter to a minimum (hard to clean around it), and stay on top of it with quick bursts of cleaning.

  47. Angela Mitchell says

    I have to make myself a cleaning list. It helps my focus on what needs to be done and it`s jo so satisfying to cross items off as they`re done.

  48. I try and tidy a little as I go then there is never a huge mess to clean 🙂

  49. I like to clean a little daily so I don’t have one big mess to clean at once.

  50. SweetPanda says

    My stress free cleaning tip is clean one area at a time. For kitchen, clean after each use will make the task easier

  51. doreen lamoureux says

    A stress free tipI like to dust daily with the Swiffer. It is quick and picks up all the dust. I even to the outside of the cupboards. Quck and easy. ……

  52. I do it very early in the morning,by myself.

  53. Christina Leek says

    Lysol wipes are my friends!

  54. Kayla Gilbert says

    I recommend cleaning one part of the house everyday so by the end of the week, not much cleaning will need to get done.

  55. get everyone to help out

  56. kathy downey says

    i find sitting as a family and working together,its easy to keep order

  57. We Clean up messes and spills right away and gather 1 box a month to donate.

  58. My best cleaning tip is to do at least one job a day.Iti s so surprising how you can stay on top of cleaning with this little tip.

  59. Do a little each time.

  60. I clean a little through out the day

  61. Get help with cleaning-from your kids and husband

  62. Sarah Stickney says

    i work my way from one end of the house to the other

  63. When making a big family dinner, I wash and put away pots as soon as possible.

  64. I do a room a day leading up to company coming over/holidays, so that I don’t get overwhelmed trying to do it all at once…I also ask for help if I need it! Delegating really helps!

  65. Have everyone help

  66. Don’t over think it and stick to one room at a time, don’t be jumping from room to room

  67. I try no to get it all done it a short period of time…..spread it out a little.

  68. I do one room at a time, each on a different day

  69. Around here it is all about sharing the duties so everyone is responsible for some portion of the daily/weekly cleanup.

  70. I tell eb everybody to pick a chore and we do it on Sunday

  71. I try to tackle messes as they occur that way the house stays clean.

  72. stress free cleaning tips is keeping up with the cleaning, I try to do one big task a day and do other during the day as well, little bit at a time but always keeping up

  73. Do one room at a time to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

  74. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I get the whole family to pitch in.

  75. Everyone having their own chores makes a huge difference,

  76. Anu Chopra says

    don’t do all the cleaning in one day …. take it one step at a time!

  77. I just take it one step at a time, and am pretty casual about my priorities.

  78. A stress free cleaning tip for me is focusing on one room at a time.

  79. Tammy Dalley says

    clean a little everyday

  80. Do a little everyday. Don’t let anything pile up!

  81. I clean as I go so that things don’t pile up.

  82. Irene Eichler says

    I keep a cleaning schedule .. so I know what has to be done each day ! Otherwise I procrastinate !

  83. I pick up everyday so rooms stay tidy and easier to clean.

  84. well I don’t have any so I’m reading everyone else’s for inspiration!

  85. I like to pick something up along my way to another room. Put it back on the way there.

  86. clean as you go – small messes are easier and faster to clean up than big ones. thanks

  87. Clean for a few minutes every day!

  88. Nate Fuller says

    I pick an area or two a day and concentrate on them, then rotate daily.

  89. edmontonjb says

    I keep wipes hidden in every room for quick wipe downs and I keep a decorative basket in each room to collect clutter


  90. Wendy Jensen says

    My stress free cleaning tip is to do a little every day.

  91. Have a bit of a cleaning schedule. Some things are daily chores (dishes, floors, tidying up) and some are twice a week (here anyway) like bathrooms and dusting. Then there are a few things that are once a week or once a month (like washing floors, cleaning the fridge, cleaning the oven… When I have a schedule I’m more likely to get it all done without having to spend too long on it.

  92. I make the kids chip in by cleaning up their own messes, and I also use a cleaning schedule that has me doing a few small things a day.

  93. Jennifer L. says

    Keep on top of cleaning by doing some every day. I don’t like having to do major cleanings.

  94. dawnraelene says

    Up keep! (and a husband who likes a clean house even more than I do ;p )

  95. Erika Letson says

    My stress free cleaning tip is to clean as you go! Don’t leave things for later.

  96. Mariana Sofrenovic says

    Take one day at a time and don’t stress yourself out. A chore chart is a good idea to choose which day to do certain chores. Then it won’t feel like you are overwhelmed by the chores that need doing. When preparing a meal wash the dish or utensil when you’re done with it.

  97. Justine Hall says

    Listen to music

  98. Susanne McCarthy says

    Little chores done each day keep things neat and tiday!

  99. I do a little bit every day.

  100. I love to play my favourite songs or mixtapes and blast them or wear headphones while I’m cleaning

  101. I blast music while cleaning

  102. I try to be organized

  103. get everyone in the family to help out

  104. I get my kids to do their share, clean one room at a time

  105. all the family to do their share

  106. Julie Bolduc says

    My top is don’t clean it all at once because the mess is not going anywhere

  107. It’s much easier if you do a little something each time you enter or leave a room.

  108. favgreen(Rhonda W G.) says

    For me it’s to do a little something everyday and the same with laundry. I rotate certain tasks bi-weekly too.

  109. I try to tidy as I go so I don’t have a huge mess at the end of my project!

  110. My stress free cleaning tip is to get everyone to help!

  111. Christine W says

    clean up as you go so the mess is smaller at the end

  112. Clean regularly, wash your dishes as you dirty them and delegate.

  113. laura feist says

    get help from family

  114. I clean as i go, get the family helping!

  115. Dana Miller says

    My stress free cleaning tips include putting on some music to help the time pass faster, enlist your kids to help and do the basics regularly.

  116. I try to keep on top of cleaning but go thro the whole house once a week

  117. Kelley Moore says

    I gather everything I need for the room I am going to clean

  118. I have come to accept the fact that when I clean I have to make a mess. Gathering the laundry makes a mess, bringing out the vacuum makes a mess, bagging garbage makes a mess, but the final outcome is everything gets clean.

  119. I do a little each day to make cleaning stress free!

  120. Clean one room at a time

  121. Get all the family to share in the chores

  122. Melissa Greco says

    clean one room at a time while listening to relaxing music

  123. do a little clean up every day so you arent overwhlemed

  124. Work from left to right, and top to bottom. ie. highest surfaces first working down to the floor.

  125. Shayla Lennea says

    Do something big everyday, vacuum, wash floors etc, and do a quick 15 min tidy before bed so the house doesnt seem as crazy in the mornings

  126. i clean one room a day dust quick mop orginize clean then one big clean once a week

  127. aarone mawdsley says

    use vinegar

  128. Karry Knisley says

    My tip is to get everyone in the household involved. Makes the chores go by quicker

  129. I try to trick myself into cleaning by making a game of it. How much can I get done before the kettle boils, or the microwave dings? A surprising amount, actually.

  130. Erica Seaman says

    I put things where they belong and keep counters and tables clutter free

  131. Try to clean as you go.

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