Come Experience the Magic of Ocean City Maryland

There is something special about the crisp ocean air coming in and the smell of clean water coming in with the tide. While many people automatically think of the ocean as sun, palm trees and heat, Ocean City, Maryland offers something a bit different. It has the beautiful beaches and incredible ocean views, but it also offers that unique experience of seeing the seasons transpire around you. The local foliage in the fall while on the ocean is unlike anything you can find in California, Florida or the majority of coastal US cities. It is why people come to visit Ocean City, even in the dead of winter and in the end of fall. There is just a different experience of being on the ocean when the temperature starts to cool – a different, fresher, cleaner smell that tantalizes the senses. It is also what helps bring some of the most delicious sea food to the region as well.


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Plenty to See and Do

While it might be named Ocean City, there is so much to see and do past surf and sand. The small amusement park on the boardwalk allows visitors a chance to not only ride a rollercoaster by the beach, but to take to the sky in the classical ferris wheel, which offers picturesque views of the entire city (don’t forget to bring your camera for this). History buffs are sure to fall in love with the town as well. Native Americans helped play an important role in the development of the city, with monuments and trails dedicated to many of these individuals scattered throughout Ocean City. Plus, for guests who want to get more up close and personal with the local wildlife, there are whale sightseeing tours throughout the year.


Where to Stay

The great thing about visiting Ocean City, Maryland and taking in the local attractions is the town is not overflowing with mainstream hotels. The city has maintained its identity by allowing only a select few, while keeping the localized businesses. Due to this, guests can not only find cheap hotels in Ocean City, but most of these hotels are unique and offer excellent services not found in the oversized and overstuffed chains. Many of the hotels have ocean views with indoor pools to be enjoyed throughout the year. The larger hotels are also excellent destinations for couples looking for possible wedding and reception facilities.


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Easy to Access

Ocean city might be a smaller town, with an estimated population of just more than 7,000 yearly residents, but it is easy to access. It can be accessed from Baltimore, Philadelphia and Wilmington in a short drive. So, for guests flying in from outside the state lines, they can fly into Baltimore and rent a car for the short drive in. It is important though for you to understand, if you are planning a trip to Ocean City, to book your hotel stays and transportation early. While the population is just around 7,000 residents, the population balloons outward to around 350,000 during the summer months. There are plenty of hotels around, but for the best views and the best prices, it is necessary to book these hotels and travel arrangements well in advance (especially during holiday weekends). As long as that is taken care of, guests should enjoy their time in Ocean City, Maryland.

For a truly relaxing experience on the beach that is different from the warmer climate ocean towns, Ocean City can provide you with everything you require and even surprise you in a few different ways you weren’t expecting. It’s an amazing vacation destination.


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