Make sure you include your pets this holiday season #TreatYourPet (Giveaway)

This is the season for family to spend time together and show each other we love one another. Family includes friends, extended family, children and your pets of course. My two dogs are just like my children in my mind and theirs. They are by my side every day, all day. They protect me and show excited when I return home. They sleep by my side and keep my feet warm while I work at my desk. This is how it is all year long.

The holiday season is not different. I must admit though, I am seeing them getting a bit nervous with the tree going up, presents coming in and house being in chaos. But they will soon adjust just fine. Change is just something they never liked much!

There is so much going on during the holiday season: we are busy running around shopping for the perfect gifts; we lift our spirits with festive decorating; we challenge ourselves in the kitchen to make tasty treats. It’s the time of year to connect with loved ones and show them how much care.

That goes for your pets too! Your pet waits for you to bring those shopping bags home, plays with ornaments while you decorate the tree, is covered in icing sugar watching you bake red and green cookies.  Your pet is there for you because they want to help.

They would if they could and that’s why you should treat your pets throughout the holidays. There’s many ways to show your pets you care and one great way is by purchasing them tasty treats.


I was cooking all weekend and every time I had a spill, my furry helpers were right there to clean it up 🙂 Of course I had to be very careful on what they were eating, but it was cute to see.

My dogs would do whatever they could to make my life better all year long. If they understood what the holidays were, they would surely go above and beyond. So the least I can do is treat them.


To show my boys I love them, I try to give them tasty treats to reward them. They now expect me to treat them when I arrive home after a long day of shopping. They are super smart and totally know they have a spot in my heart.

This year we have stockings set up for them and are excited to fill them with treats and toys. No matter if you have a dog or cat, you can find them some yummy treats this season.

Treats for your pets can be found from





Pet Holiday Products

Treating your pet can be as easy as a belly rub or scratch behind their ear. They love to be included and would treat you, if they could!

How do you include your pets during the holidays?

giveaway time

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  1. My three dogs and two cats all get Christmas presents.

  2. kathy downey says

    They have gifts under the tree and they are as bad as the kids,always digging around the packages,sniffing those juicy treats.And we also do outside snow play

  3. I get my cats and dog a stocking each.

  4. I always include the pets in out Christmas shopping for new toys and treats 🙂

  5. They get gifts just like everyone lese

  6. Our pets are always included in our Christmas photos.

  7. prairiebelle says

    We have two cats and they both get special toys and treats on christmas day

  8. our many pets get gifts and treats.

  9. Jennifer P. says

    We always do stockings for our pets! And Christmas photos – sometimes just basic nice ones in front of the tree or stockings, sometimes with antlers on, and sometimes we’ve even gone to see Santa but we haven’t done that for a while.

  10. We always check to make sure our guy is invited, so that he can tag along to family

  11. They have their own christmas stockings and take part in pictures too 🙂

  12. hollyogorman says

    They get some new treats and toys.

  13. I’m getting gifts for my sisters’ dogs, Nightwing and Barnabas. And I’m hoping my brother-in-law and his wife bring their new puppy to Christmas at the in-law’s. I haven’t met theirs yet. She is a german shepard puppy.

  14. Our pets always get new toys and special treats for Christmas. Our dog especially loves to open her gifts, tearing through the wrapping.

  15. There’s always a gift for them under our tree.

  16. Florence Cochrane says

    I buy toys and treats for the granddogs.

  17. All our pets get presents and a special meal for Christmas. We always try to take pictures of them dressed up for the holidays. They are unimpressed! 🙂

  18. Michele Behlen says

    This is our puppy’s first Christmas and she will be spoiled with lots of presents.

  19. Deanna Barkley says

    My pets also get presents.

  20. I usually take our dogs to get a pic with santa and I also have a advent dog bone wreath.

  21. My dog Newton gets a santa sock and a special dinner on christmas day

  22. dog gets xmas dinner included in holiday pics and she gets a stalking

  23. travelbuds2009 says

    my dog has his own stocking which he lays out Christmas eve all by himself. He actually likes to take it out of the pile a few days early and cuddles with it for a few days.

  24. cgrandy823 says

    I let our cats play with the wrapping paper and ribbon (under my supervision). They get a special treat to eat on Christmas Day.

  25. They have stockings for Santa to fill and way too many presents under the tree!

  26. We get our two cat christmas presents because they are like our kids

  27. All of our pets (dogs, cats, birds, hamster) have their own stockings and the dogs are included in our Christmas family photo.

  28. My dog Sam has his own stocking and he gets gifts and treats, plus lots of time with his humans!

  29. angela eagle says

    @pixee1 I’ve always included my pets and they have so much fun with their stockings

  30. I always get my kitty treats and a new bed for Christmas 🙂

  31. Kelly young says

    Our dog gets presents under the tree to he is part if the family

  32. handmade cloth by my mom 🙂

  33. We like to put a little gift under the tree for them!

  34. We give them gifts.

  35. Each of our pets gt their own stocking full of goodies


  36. Our pets are family. They get Christmas stockings, and a special dinner on Christmas Day.

  37. Not too much actually. We look after them well.

  38. Juliee Fitze says

    The pets all get their own stocking.

  39. The is always a treat or new toy under the tree.

  40. My dog gets some treats from Santa, and the bone from the xmas ham.

  41. Elizabeth R says

    We always get our pets presents (and wrap them!) which they love to rip open.

  42. Carol Denny says

    I always give my dog a gift for Christmas.

  43. Wendy hutton says

    I give them a stocking full of toys

  44. Sarah Jackson says

    Santa always leaves our pets treats and toys under the Christmas tree

  45. Sunshine G says

    They get their own stockings!

  46. Victoria Ess says

    They always get gifts and maybe some meat for dinner.

  47. Holly MacRitchie says

    We always make a stocking of goodies for my dog!

  48. They have their own stocking and get new treats/toys. We have to wrap the gifts for our poodles because they love to open up gifts.

  49. Caryn Coates says

    We always buy our 2 dogs a christmas gift:)

  50. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    There’s even a Christmas stocking for Sascha, hanging along with all the others 🙂

  51. Outfits, heh.

  52. I decorate my dog 🙂 I also pretend he is helping hanging decorations. my pooch is my master 🙂

  53. I get my dog to have a photo with Santa!

  54. Angela Mitchell says

    We give our dog a stocking and my kids really enjoy it.

  55. I involve my pets over the holidays with their own holiday stockings, and they are in our family Xmas photo cards which we send out each year. I love my pets.

  56. Time for my guy to get a new bed and some new treats. Most will be in his stocking that Miss R will open.

  57. I bring treats for my hosts pets when we visit for special occasions. Also, We just got a cat and had to get a scratch post so she will leave the tree alone

  58. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I buy them a slew of chew toys and a treats stocking.

  59. Bear gets a stocking and a bow.

  60. We’ll take the puppy out for a holiday picture and all of the animals get stockings and treats!

  61. Andrea Williams says

    We always have presents for our dog. She is part of the family.

  62. I buy my animals extra treats.

  63. All of our animals get a little something extra as a gift from the kids.

  64. I include my cat during the holidays, he gets a stocking for Santa, and gets presents and a special meal on Xmas day along with us. He’s a part of our family.

  65. Sarah Stickney says

    my dogs get a new toy

  66. I buy them treats (and wrap them up) for them so they get Christmas “presents” as well!

  67. Traditional family pic

  68. We buy little toys for our pets

  69. Our little Dex gets a stocking of his own under the tree!

  70. We give him Christmas gifts and treats. Our doggy also has his own stocking. We let him open his own gifts.

  71. I get my dog a stocking

  72. All of our pets would get presents and are with us Christmas morning.

  73. we used to take him to see santa. we also give him presents and has his own stocking

  74. I get my dogs Christmas presents.

  75. We get our kitties presents of new toys or beds

  76. My dog gets presents as well as a stocking, she is part of the family to and I spoil her just like one of the kids. the look on her face is so cute, 120 rottweiler baby girl, shes 3 yrs old but she still acts like a big baby

  77. My cats are at every gathering at my house. And they get to sit in boxes and play with ribbon and wrapping paper.

  78. I get them Christmas stockings full of toys!

  79. My rabbit always has presents under the tree, and he helps by trimming the lowest branches to make room for them.

  80. They get gifts just like everyone

  81. The pets get presents and treats too!

  82. our 2 dog go everywhere with us…they will get some special treats for Christmas, and maybe some new toys!

  83. Santa always leaves my kitty and puppy a stocking Pets are family too

  84. we get gifts for the pets to!

  85. I always buy gift for the dogs. New play toys and chewy things.

  86. favgreen(Rhonda W G.) says

    Our 2 little dogs on Christmas morning get gifts too and a special dinner.

  87. they get a special dinner on the day and are kept away from the chaos. thanks

  88. I get my 3 cats gifts and treats!

  89. Wendy Jensen says

    The pets get Christmas presents just like the human part of the family.

  90. I let them open their own presents and stockings.

  91. Jennifer L. says

    We buy little gifts for our pets.

  92. Erika Letson says

    We have a large dog and Santa always brings him a huge bone! Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. Wanda Bergman says

    Our little doggie always gets a gift under the tree and, if we travel during the holidays, he comes with us.

  94. Mariana Sofrenovic says

    I always buy Christmas gifts for my pets.

  95. Myrna Johnson says

    Molly and Jetta have their own stocking and open first, followed by the young child and keeps dogs settled. As we eat they get special meal as well and of course lots of hugs and playtime indoors and out

  96. Courtney Peterson says

    I have 2 dogs. They bother get gifts to open on Christmas morning too. ?

  97. Patrick Siu says

    I buy them toys and new bed

  98. They get extra treats and I stuff their little stockings.

  99. Julie Bolduc says

    We get them gifts

  100. Our pets always get their own stocking treats and presents too.

  101. They have little stockings for toys.

  102. Our cat gets her own treats on Christmas morning

  103. Elizabeth C says

    My therapy dog pup would loooove these treats

  104. Our kitties love christmas, they each have their own stocking with their name in glitter, we have 6 cats so six stockings! They love getting involved with gift wrapping, by getting involved I mean laying on paper, crawling into gift bags & stealing ribbon.

  105. My mom has a dog so I’m entering for her, I don’t think my cat would like dog treats very much! 😉

  106. Kayla Gilbert says

    I have a stocking hung up for them! 😉

  107. I buy stockings for my pets. they are part of the family. I wrap cat nip up and to watch the cats go at that is amazing and the dog gets his bone partly wrapped …lol

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