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Entertainment has changed over the years! The way we watch our favourite shows and movies has changed. We no longer are reading the TV guide waiting for our shows to air. We now watch what we want, when we want and where we want!

If you are on the road for work or fun there is always time for downtime. A rainy day keeping you in your room  or plans that did not work out quite like you hoped. Either way, having to watch hotel room TV is not fun and often is expensive. Recently Roku announced some great new features that are perfect for travelers looking to be entertained while away from home.

I clearly remember our last family trip to sunny Orlando, one day was not so sunny and we were stuck in our room. Not a good day to explore the beach or local attractions like amusements parks as the rain was out of control. To be honest, I was also exhausted and looking forward to just hanging out. We decided to just hang in the room and watch some TV, quickly we were disappointed. Our options were the news, local tourism channel and pay per view movies. We ended up turning the television off and taking a nap after playing some card games. It would have been nice to watch a family movie or some of our fave shows.

Introducing ROKU Streaming Stick

Connecting away from home should be easy, and thanks to Roku it can be. For those at college or who travel and want to stream will now be able to use the new Hotel and Dorm Connect feature for quick wireless connectivity in locations that require log-in credentials to access the network. Your travels should be as stress free as possible and Roku is hoping to help.


Hotel and Dorm Connect is a new feature that allows consumers to connect Roku players such as the Roku Streaming Stick ($59.99) to Wi-Fi networks that require sign-in through a web browser like those commonly found in hotel rooms, college dorms and other public locations. Consumers simply connect their Roku device to the password-protected network, sign-in with their login credentials using the browser on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop, and they’re ready to start streaming. Now consumers have TV on their terms anywhere they go, whether it’s after a long day of classes, on a family vacation or to destress in the hotel on a business trip.

The Roku Streaming Stick transforms any TV into a smart TV and enables its viewers to stream over 1,700 channels on their TV, including favourites such as Netflix, Google Play, Crackle, Cineplex Store and Rdio. Gone are the days when you’re stuck with limited cable and expensive pay-per-view options while on the go! Now you can watch your favourite movies, sports, TV shows and more from anywhere.


The Roku Streaming Stick fits nicely in your travel bag and connects quickly with no wires, no fuss. The small size of the streaming stick means you can easily plug it into just about any TV with HDMI®. This device is $59.99


The Roku 3 for home

The fastest streaming device from Roku allows you to watch your favourite shows seamlessly.  The box comes with everything you need for $109.99. Some channels require payment. Channel availability can change and varies by country.


Roku is available to buy online at and in store at Best Buy and London Drugs.

Roku has a variety of products to fit all of your entertainment needs. Easy and quick to set up and use for your viewing. Watch Netflix on your Roku from home, at school  or anywhere on the road you like. Since you already have the subscriptions you can watch the channels you love, there are also many free channels. There are also options to buy or rents movies on demand. Great for cool nights at the cottage, long road trips and sleepovers at grandma’s house 🙂

At home we enjoy watching Netflix on our Roku 3 and on the road we will be sure to take our Roku Streaming Stick with us. No more boring hotel room TV for this family! My teens always like to view the music videos as well!

***Note you must have an internet connection to use the Roku devices

Compare the Roku products and find the right one for you here

Do you use a Roku? What channels do you like to watch most on it?


Disclosure-I received the above mentioned products free of charge in exchange for my coverage. All opinions are my own 


  1. This sounds pretty interesting! I like the idea of the ease of use of the Roku

  2. I love our Roku. We got rid of cable years ago and have been using our Roku ever since. Best decision!

  3. My husband keep saying we need to get this. Great for those traveling a lot.

  4. We do not have a Roku. I do know of a few people that have one in the home that love it.

  5. How cool! My husband would love this! Perfect for travel.

  6. This really sounds like a great idea, especially for traveling. I might get this for my husband for his birthday coming up in January. I think he would love it.

  7. We’ve been looking at this as a possible purchase for a few months. If the chromecast doesn’t serve us well, we may try this.

  8. that’s a cool gadget

  9. We’re looking at ditching our satellite. This is a nice option.

  10. Anne Taylor says

    We love our Roku! We usually just watch Netflix on it.

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    This sounds like the perfect gadget to have with you when travelling. 🙂

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