The Holidays are about more than gifts #HolidayCents Win a $200 Visa GC

I never really understood the question “Are you ready for the holidays?” Really what is READY? People always stress out over having enough of everything and pleasing everyone. But if you have family and the basics, you are ahead of the game and in my opinion, you are ready! If you have a to-list that you created for yourself, well that is another matter. I have taught myself over the years to scale back my list and to delegate some of the tasks to others. Life is much more stress-free when chores are shared I find.

My to-do list, just like many has more than gifts on it. There is food to be bought, wrapping paper, bows, tape and other items that make the holidays special. Then if you are like me and have some extra guests visiting this season, there may be other things you need as well. I was looking at recently for sales, coupons and discount codes to help prepare for my guests.

With additional people in the house the big issue is where are they going to sleep? I searched for Futon in the search bar and found a sale with big savings!


Along with the sale I found the company offered free shipping! This will come in handy for us even after the New Year having teens with friends coming over.


Knowing my guests will be taken care of is a huge relief! Now I am heading out to buy some wrapping paper and some lights and a few other things. I am also thinking about checking out a pre-lit tree at Michaels and remembered seeing a coupon I could print out on


I always use these coupons on the bigger ticket item as it says ‘regular priced item’ Wish me luck that I find what I am after!

The last thing I needed for the holidays was a large roasting pan. I had one but it has seen better days. With so many people here for the holidays I am cooking a huge turkey and need a big pan. I am ordering from Sears so searched ‘Sears‘ in the search bar. I found a great coupon saving Up to 50% off + an extra 15% off $100. I was even eligible for free shipping, an added bonus! roasting-pan

I entered my coupon code in and look at my savings!


If you have a few things you need to prep for the holidays, entertaining and the guests, you will want to stop by first so you too can save.

giveaway time

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I am participating in the #HolidayCents campaign with and have received special perks. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. I’d spend it at Walmart

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    It really depends what’s on offer then. At the moment I’d probably use it at Old Navy who offer 40% Off Your Order.

  3. I want to say Walmart, but there is so many stores to choose from!!

  4. Susan Hanley says

    I’d spend it at Best Buy or Canadian Tire. I want to pick up a countertop convection oven.

  5. I would spend it at Amazon!! 🙂

  6. I would be spending mine at

  7. Probably Best Buy or Old Navy!

  8. I would love to spend it at Old Navy

  9. Dana Miller says

    I would love to spend it at Le Chateau!

  10. I will probably spend it between Walmart and Cineplex

  11. Walmart and maybe Best Buy

  12. prairiebelle says

    I would use it at Mark’s

  13. I would use it at Old Navy!

  14. I would spend it at old navy

  15. ivy pluchinsky says

    I would spend it at Best Buy

  16. I would love to spend it at Old Navy.

  17. Victoria Ess says

    I’d spend it at Best Buy!

  18. Best Buy has lots of things I covet 😀

  19. I would spend it at Amazon

  20. I’d spend it on SoftMoc and H&M !!!!

  21. I would spend it at Michaels and Wamart

  22. I would spend it at Mark’s or Old Navy

  23. I would spend it at H&M and Winners.

  24. I would spend it at Dominoes, nice treat for a change.

  25. I’d spend it at H&M.

  26. I would spend it at Old navy.

  27. I would spend it at Canadian Tire or at Marks!

  28. Probably walmart

  29. I would be spending it at Canadian tire. I did a lot of my holiday shopping there this year and there are quite a few things I’d love to pick up for myself now!!

  30. most likely at Walmart! cheers!

  31. lisa neutel says

    i would spend it at winners –i think

  32. at Old navy.

  33. I would probably be spending this if I won at Walmart.

  34. Deanna Barkley says

    I would probably spend it at Amazon unless there is a better offer that I like.

  35. I would spend the money at Walmart. I always get good deals there. Thank you for the chance to win

  36. hollyogorman says

    I would spent it at Amazon!

  37. I would probably spend it at Wal-Mart.

  38. Hudsons Bay – The Bay

  39. I will be spending the visa at amazon.

  40. Angela Poplar says

    I would love to treat myself to some BodyShop goodies!!!

  41. I would probably end up spending it at Micheals on crafting supplies!

  42. Most likely at the children’s place

  43. LILLIAN BROWN says

    I’d spend it at Best Buy

  44. Walmart or sears

  45. Elva Roberts says

    Michael’s and the Body Shop are two of my favorite places to shop.

  46. i’d spend it at amazon

  47. kathy downey says

    I would spend it on

  48. I would spend it on Old Navy

  49. probably at Home Outfitters

  50. Canadian Tire: Boxing day sales here I come!

  51. Juliee Fitze says

    Likely will spend it on

  52. I would spend it at walmart

  53. dawn gordon says

    probably walmart or the body shop…or maybe even amazon..might split it up for more then one store

  54. Marks, for workwear for the hubby

  55. I would spend it at walmart

  56. I would be spending mine at Marks.

  57. Susan Patterson says

    I would spend it at Costco! Thank you!

  58. Wow! Such a tough choice. I would say I would spend it at Costco or Canadian Tire.

  59. Toys r us!

  60. Best Buy!

  61. Ronald Gagnon says

  62. Id spend it at Amazon.

  63. I would love to buy something from Sportchek! They have awesome stuff!

  64. I will be shopping at

  65. I need new winter boots, so I’d go for Mark’s Work Wearhouse

  66. Rosanne Robinson says

    There’s so many awesome choices, I would LOVE to shop at Canadian Tire, Walmart, and Marks

  67. I’d probably spend it at staples

  68. I would use it @ Amazon

  69. Probably UnderArmour Canada 🙂 My fella deserves something nice 🙂

  70. I’m sorry, can I just say, I TOTALLY understand your ‘are you ready for christmas’ – what is THAT? I’m barely ready in the best of times – never mind this year! My fiance and I were out of town in Mexico (OLE!) and were gone for about 10 days. We arrived the other day, and it’s full on Christmas here! Thank goodness we bought some of our gifts in Mexico. The only one remaining were some toys for my bestie’s kids. Toys R Us on December 22 – eeeeep.

  71. I would love to spend it at Old Navy Canada!

  72. I’ll spend it at Cineplex and Best Buy!! Thank you!

  73. Either Walmart or Costco.

  74. I think I will check out Costco

  75. Sport Chek and get more Raptors gear

  76. BobbyBagnell says

    probably sears

  77. Perhaps Sears or Chapters

  78. I would spend it at old navy

  79. I’d probably spend it at both Walmart and Hudson’s Bay.

  80. Kristin Smith says

    If I was lucky enough to win, I’d definitely spend it at old Navy!
    Thank you for the chance!!
    Happy Holidays

  81. I would spend the visa at Canadian Tire

  82. Old Navy or The Bay

  83. I would like to spend it at Walmart or Mark’s Work Warehouse.

  84. old navy

  85. I would spend it at Walmart

  86. Debbie White Beattie says

    I would spend it either at amazon or Walmart

  87. I would like to check out Best Buy as I’m in the market to buy an electric fireplace media center for my living room, & Best Buy has some really gorgeous ones. I’d put the gc toward that!

  88. I would spend it at Walmart.

  89. I would spend it on Amazon for Best Buy!

  90. i will be spending it at Toys R Us for the kids.

  91. Old Navy would be my choice……great pants for my boy!

  92. Tara Gauthier says

    I would spend this somewhere like Walmart where could buy necessities we need!

  93. I would be spending the gift card at Walmart.

  94. I’ve got my eye on a few things at Sears so I’d spend it there.

  95. I would spend it at Walmart

  96. i would probably spend at Wal Mart

  97. I would probably spend it at I always like to shop on their site.

  98. I would spend it on amazon!

  99. Lindy Thompson says

    I would likely spend it at Amazon or Walmart

  100. jane kramer says

    i think i would spend it on sears

  101. Love to spend it on!

  102. Angela Mitchell says

    I would spend it at

  103. cgrandy823 says

    I haven’t been to Sears for a while, so I think that’s where I’d spend it.

  104. I’ll go with LL Bean.

  105. I would be spending at Best Buy

  106. Blue notes this mommy needs jeans the ones I have are 3 years old and have seen better days

  107. I need a new laptop so I’d be looking at Best Buy.

  108. Louanne Baelde says

    I would probably spend it at Canadian Tire. The kids have something on their wish list that I still have to buy from there.

  109. Melanie Barclay says

    Best buy we are saving to buy a new lap top!!

  110. From Amazon!

  111. Definitely sport check, need to stock up on snow pants for the kids for next year, they’re growing like weeds!

  112. I would spend it at Walmart.

  113. Lushka Smith says

    I’d spend it at Amazon, so many choices

  114. I would spend it at and old navy.

  115. If I won, it would all be going to!! My wish list needs fulfilling lol

  116. Jennifer P. says

    I would most likely spend it Indigo – need some new books to read to start off the year!

  117. Valerie Mallette says

    I would spend it at

  118. I think I would spend the visa on something from

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