Tips for teaching your kids to stay in bed and sleep through the night

When you have small children and it comes the time to transition them from a crib into a big kid bed, things can get to be a bit difficult. A lot of times children don’t adapt to change very well and being that they are no longer restricted to a crib, they tend to climb out of their bed and start roaming around to come find you. This could be for many reasons, they may just not want to go to bed at that time or possibly they are not comfortable in their new bed, they could be scared and just want to be with their parents! I am going to be sharing with you a few tips that will help to teach your kids to stay in their bed and sleep throughout the night.
Make the Bed Comfortable: After being in a small crib for their whole life, transitioning to a new bed can be a bit scary. I recommend getting a smaller bed to start them out rather than just jumping straight into a twin bed. Kids can be intimidated by being in such a big bed and having so much space around them. Be sure that you choose a bed that is comfortable with them and that they will WANT to sleep in.
Provide Them With a Security Blanket: I recommend finding some sort of security blanket for them to sleep with in their bed. Something that will keep them safe and make them feel more comfortable. This could be maybe a blanket that they really enjoy, or possibly a stuffed animal. Just find something that they will love and hold onto while they sleep to make them feel safe.
Create a Bedtime Routine: Kids function the best when they are put into a routine. I highly recommend setting up a bedtime/nighttime routine. If you repeat the same process each night for going to bed it will make your children feel a bit more comfortable and they will want to stay in their bed and sleep throughout the night. Once they get into the rhythm of the routine, they won’t know anything but to stay in their bad and sleep in their own room.
Don’t Cave In: Some children try to come up with every excuse in the book to come out of their room and come sleep with mommy and daddy. Whatever you do, do not cave in! I know when you’re asleep and they come in to wake you up, the easiest solution is just throw them in bed with you and go back to sleep but you will be sorry if you do this once, because they will want to do it all the time. The best thing to do if they come into your room at night, is to simply walk them back into their room and make them feel comfortable to go back to sleep.
Create a Calm Environment: You are able to create a calm and soothing environment for them that will make them feel calm, relaxed, and ready to go to bed and sleep throughout the night. You can do this by getting a sound machine that provides all sorts of soothing noises or there is also light machines that give them something to look at while they are waiting to fall asleep.
Reward Them: When you are first transitioning them into the big kid bed, you have to train them. When they do sleep throughout the whole night on their own, reward them for that so they know that this is a good thing and they will want to continue to do that.
I know that as a parent keeping your children in bed all throughout the night can be pretty difficult at first, but I promise once you get them into the rhythm of sleeping in their own bed, they will love having their own bed in their own room. If you are struggling with having your children sleep in their own bed throughout the night, take a few of these tips and tricks into account and I promise it will make that process much easier!


  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I’m afraid that one of my grandsons who is 3, has to this day not slept through a night since he was born. My daughter’s been to sleep clinics with him and they tell her she’s doing everything right but he still doesn’t sleep through. Definitely not easy for her as she has a younger child, is highly pregnant with another one and also has a full time job too. I do wish these tips would help her too but she really has tried everything.

  2. kathy downey says

    Thanks,will share these tips with friends who have young children !!!

  3. I have been lucky our kids are good to sleep. I think that routine is very important.

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