Your Final Vacation Destination: The Stress-Free Mini-Guide to Getting Around Mont Tremblant

Beautiful Mont Tremblant is a popular resort region in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. Getting around Mont Tremblant is certainly no problem when you know the ins and outs of the region. Once you have a transportation method in mind and know where to safely park your vehicle, you’ll be able to comfortable get around the region and enjoy the sights and attractions of this majestic area.

Driving in the Mountains

No matter when you drive into the mountains, it’s important to practice good driving safety. Although many people prefer to rent a car when visiting Mont Tremblant, driving to this resort community is a common practice among vacationers. Roads to the region are excellently maintained all year long. However, for drivers who are unaccustomed with the region, it’s a good idea to have your GPS device or a road map handy.

Driving Services in Mont Tremblant

While most people prefer to take their own car to Mont Tremblant, some find that taking public transportation is a worry-free way to reach their destination. Moreover, since the region boasts various taxi services like Taxi Express and Saint Jovite Taxi, it’s quite easy to get anywhere one needs to go while vacationing. You can have your taxi pick you up at your hotel in Mont-Tremblant and take you anywhere you like in the vicinity for an affordable rate. There is also public transportation in the form of buses. Your hotel will be able to provide you with bus schedules if you prefer to use public transportation during your stay.

Parking in Mont Tremblant

As a major tourism center, Mont Tremblant has plenty of convenient parking for visitors. The Mont Tremblant Resort offers VIP parking as well as a wide array of lots near attractions like Pedestrian Village, the Cabriolet Lift, and the Porte du Soleil lift. Aside from public parking lots, there is also metered parking available in many areas like the top of Pedestrian Village. Essentially, parking in Mont Tremblant is extremely organized and secure. You don’t need to worry about safely storing your vehicle in a space when you visit this region on vacation.

Car Rentals

If you decide to fly in rather than drive, there are shuttles that can take you to your hotel, but you can also rent a car at the Mont Tremblant Airport or Trudeau International Airport. The City of Montreal also features plenty of car rental services for people who prefer to take a rental up into the mountains.

Getting Around Town

As a major Canadian tourist destination, Mont Tremblant as a wonderful array of things to see and do. Whether you’re driving your car or a rental or traveling by taxi, be sure to enjoy some amazing skiing and snowboarding action as well as ice climbing if you’re up for it. During the warm season, visitors enjoy kayaking and canoeing on the region’s lakes and rivers. The Laurentian Mountains are known for their great beauty, so try to experience the landscape on a hike or horseback ride if the weather is fair.

Once you understand how the transportation system works in the region, you can get around town with peace of mind. Keep this information in mind as you plan your Mont Tremblant travel itinerary.


Douglas Young is a nature photographer. He enjoys sharing his experiences by posting online. His articles appear on many travel websites.


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