10 Reasons Why You Should Wear Contact Lenses

Sure, you could kick it old-school and wear glasses, or you could go super-high-tech and get LASIK eye surgery; however, there are a slew of benefits to using contact lenses for vision correction over other methods. The following are some of the top reasons to order contact lenses:

1. Freedom and Convenience

Contact lenses don’t impede or get in the way of playing sports or other activities like glasses can. You are free to jump, dance, play, do performance art, or just be yourself without worrying about losing your vision.

2. A Higher Level of Comfort

Glasses can be bulky and heavy, especially with lenses that are thicker due to a higher prescription. Contact lenses, especially daily wear, weigh almost nothing at all. Using a brand new lens each day eliminates the need for using cleaning solutions and also minimizes the eye’s exposure to deposits that can accumulate on the lens.

3. Fewer Distortions

Contact lenses conform to your eye’s curvature, offering a far greater field of vision with fewer distortion effects than glasses.

4. No Fashion Issues

Contact lenses are “invisible” (unless they’re colored) and will never clash with your most stylish geek-chic outfit. Conversely, glasses may or may not be a fit for the different outfits and styles that you might try.

5. All-Weather Comfort

Unlike glasses, contact lenses aren’t usually affected by weather patterns even with heavy precipitation. There’s no glint or glare from the sun, and they won’t get foggy when going outdoors from a warm indoor setting to a cold climate.

6. No-Commitment Color Options

Trying out a different eye color is easy with contact lenses, and there’s no commitment to the new look. A range of compelling color options are available with colored lenses that simply aren’t possible with other vision correction options, and you can even wear different color looks whenever the mood strikes you.
There are even costume-style contact lenses available to change the look of your eyes dramatically and make your animal or otherworldly costume extremely compelling.

7. Eye Health Benefits

There are even options to order contact lenses on the market that can help to reshape the cornea. Overnight orthokeratology lenses (also called Ortho-k lenses) correct myopia temporarily while you sleep and allows for clearer vision the next day without any correction.

  1. Health Risks of Laser Eye Surgery

    While the contact lens alternative of glasses poses few eye health risks, eye surgery has a number of associated risks, including the following:

  • Under- or over-correction.Removing too little or too much tissue from the eye can result in blurry vision that fails to solve the vision problem. In these cases, an additional surgery will be needed. (Over-correction is much harder to fix.)
  • Vision changes.Surgical complications could cause vision changes or even the loss of vision. Sharpness can be diminished in some clients.
  • Dry eyes.LASIK causes a reduction in tear production in the eyes that is usually temporary (for around six months).
  • A return to pre-surgery sight.Even after surgery, eyes may return gradually to your pre-surgery vision condition. This could be caused by a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or abnormal wound healing.
  • Halos, glare, double vision.Post-surgery, there can be changes in vision at night that includes effects from any light at night. Vision in fog, at dusk or in dim light can be reduced.
  • Astigmatism is an irregular curvature of the lens and cornea that can be caused or exacerbated by uneven removal of tissue during the surgery. Additional surgery or corrective lenses may be required for this condition.
  • Flap issues.Movement or folding of the eye flap or abnormal healing from the surgery can cause infections, inflammation and excessive eye watering.

While contact lenses are not without risk, their benefits are extremely compelling over both glasses and surgery. Order contact lenses today and enjoy the many lifestyle benefits of wearing contact lenses.

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