5 Tips For Flying With Children

Flying with kids can be a nightmare if you go into the situation unprepared. Between cramped spaces, flight anxiety and a situation that takes a time commitment, knowing how to handle it with kids can make all of the difference.


Let Them Know What’s Up

A flight can be confusing and irritating for a child who can’t understand why they have to sit still for eight hours. Before you take off, make sure to sit down with your kids and let them know exactly what to expect from a flight. Tell them about the popping ears, the loud noises and the hours of idle time.

Come Prepared

Just like you, your kids are bound to become bored, hungry and tired while on a long flight. By being prepared for this, you can curb cranky outbursts. Pack snacks, drinks, toys, games, movies and even a neck pillow to make them more comfortable.

Get Them Excited

Start talking up the flight well before the trip to get your kids excited. Make up interesting stories about the plane ride, read them books and show them movies about flying too. Tell them that they get to do what the birds do or let them draw pictures of their ideal airplane. Make them look forward to the experience.

Move Around

Kids hate sitting still so make sure you get them moving. Take walks around the plane with them if you can or get them to do little stretches and yoga movements in their seats. Turn it into a game so the idle time doesn’t drive them crazy.

Make Them Feel Safe

Flights can be scary for children so it’s important to make them feel safe. Bring along their favorite security blanket or stuffed animal, give their back a rub or hold them; whatever will make them feel better.

Do you have any tips you would like to add?


  1. Shelley Nelson says

    I brought a deck of cards so we could play cards in the airport lounge and on the plane. I also had them doing a lot of walking in the airport lounge before the flight so they were less restless on it. I bought them gum/candy and water to help with the popping. We were on a flight back from Disney and the boy (about 7 or so) behind my son started crying. His ears were popping and he thought he was going deaf (he had never flown before). Mark asked his family what was wrong and they explained why he was scared. Mark handed him a candy and said chew this and the boy’s ears unpopped. His family had never flown either so although they were telling him he was not going deaf they did not know what to do to solve the problem. Mark then gave him some more candy and told him to drink or chew candy whenever he felt his ears popping and that it was going to happen on the landing too.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    Yes, definitely go prepared! I fly with my kids a lot and it’s ALL about the snacks for my kids., Hungry kids are cranky kids.

  3. Those are great tips. We have 5 kids, soon 6 I could not imagine flying with them. They have never flown before. i think key is to keep them busy!

  4. These are great tips. We used to travel a lot when my kids were small. I made sure I brought a lot of activities for them.

  5. I remember when we traveled with our daughter when she was little, and I was always prepared. We made sure we packed all of her favorite toys, snacks and blankets. It makes a huge difference for a pleasant flight.

  6. We never flew when the kids were little, but I know my daughter will be flying with my granddaughter when she arrives. Since my son in law has family all over the country they will need these tips for visiting them.

  7. I don’t like to fly myself so I don’t know how much help I offer. Just need to sedate myself lol.

  8. My kids did pretty well on their first flights. When they got a little bit older I had to keep them occupied and make them feel safe.

  9. Nice tips. Thankfully my youngest is 8 year old. If I did have to travel with my nephews, I would bring a back with portable toys that are mess free.

  10. Those tips about cover it all. Just one thing–the parent(s) have to stay calm and not appear nervous or afraid. Your children will pick up on that.

  11. I’m sure those tips will help many parents. I’m so glad mine are old enough that I don’t have to worry about it anymore. 🙂

  12. I could remember the first time I rode an airplane. I was so excited that I forgot the stress.

  13. those are all great tips. my kids have never been on a plane!

  14. loisaltermark says

    These are great tips. I remember how stressful it was to fly with our kids when they were little.

  15. Great article here; I like your outline style of writing.
    I will share this with my sister-in-law.

  16. These are great tips for travelling with kids. Getting them excited is always fun. I like to pack something they can do if they have to sit for a while.

  17. I seem more afraid of flying now as an adult than when I was a child.

  18. Flying with kids, we do need to have a lot of patience. We have flown overseas many times and by now as long as they are not sick, we are good.

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