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Driving a car is something both men and women do daily. So why is it when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of the car many direct their comments towards men? Personally I am not mechanically inclined but I can change my oil, top up fluids, change a tire, pump my own gas and of course keep my car tidy. Just like anything else in my busy life I look for products that are both affordable and easy to use while doing a great job. It is important to take care of our cars since they take care of us.

In my car the cup holders and the dash seem to get all sticky and dusty the most. I think it is from allowing ,my children to eat in the car. I keep a garbage bag in the car as well because we are not litter-bugs but I find the kids will leave garbage on the floor. This then gets wet and makes a big mess. So keeping a bag in there helps keep some sort of order.

Cleaning my car does not happen as often as I would like. In the winter months I am washing it in the car wash more often to get rid of salt, dirt and grime from the plows and roads. Vacuuming is seldom due to snow but I am wiping it down weekly. While cleaning I have been happy to have automotive care products from emzone on hand.

Automotive products from can be found here Products include Foaming glass cleaner, Carpet and Upholstry cleaner, Odorstop, Rim cleaner and more.

foaming -glass-cleaner

Keeping surfaces in your car clean are just as important as keeping surfaces clean in your home and work space. Luckily emzone also has you covered there.

Computer care products keep your keyboard, screen and counters/desk tops sparkling clean.


When was the last time you cleaned your mouse, keyboard or cellphone? Have you ever thought about all the germs on them? Kind of gross if you really think about it. I watched an undercover report once telling us about all of the hidden germs on our technology. Yuck! The All-purpose surface cleaning wipes have quickly become my favourite product for easy clean ups in my office. My computer screen has never looked cleaner either!

Just spray on the foam and wipe clean. Quick and easy!


emzone brand was launched in Canada in 2007. Originally introduced as an automotive care product line, the company quickly experienced a substantial increase in high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. As a result, the emzone brand expanded into the Computer and Electronic Care, Signal Air Horn, Industrial Products and A/C Refrigerant markets.

As one of Empack Spraytech Inc.’s national consumer brands, the emzone mission is to produce top quality products at a great value.

If you are looking to keep your car and work space clean you will want to check out the products mentioned above as well as the others offered at Canadian Tire, Car Quest and Princess Auto are a few of the places you can find these as well. Try them out for yourself and see!

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