Burnbrae Farms Smoothie recipe and Twitter Party #EggMyths

Growing up with my parents we ate eggs quite a bit. My mom baked almost daily and we always had big breakfasts with scrambled eggs, omelettes or french toast. I found it was a nice way to start our days. As I got older and had my own family I assumed eating eggs daily was not a good idea so we had been eating them less often. Little did I realize this was actually a myth. As part of my plan to change up my family’s eating habits I have been looking at a variety of recipes that include eggs. Eggs are recommended for healthy eating, according to the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans issued on January 7, 2106. The expert panel stated that cholesterol in diets is no longer a concern. (For many years, Health Canada has recognized the evidence that dietary cholesterol has little impact on blood cholesterol.) Instead the U.S. guidelines emphasize reducing saturated fats, and eggs contain cholesterol but not a large amount of saturated fat. The 2016 Guidelines recommend three healthy eating patterns, and eggs are included in all three. This was great news for me as I have been watching my cholesterol closely.

The other day I was cleaning out my fridge and came across half a carton of eggs at the back. I had forgotten they were there and instantly wanted to cook them up in an omelette. Only problem was I could not remember if I had bought them 2 or 3 weeks earlier. Normally I do not pay to close attention but I did remember hearing something about eggs not being good after a certain date. I looked up this question and was very pleased to find that my eggs were still good to use. I had a yummy omelette and moved the rest to the front of the fridge so I could use them all up. I was happy to learn you can safely eat eggs up to three weeks past the code date – provided they have been stored in the refrigerator (at 0 to 8C) – not in the door where the temperature is less consistent. The code date ensures Grade A freshness and quality.

When we think about eggs there are plenty of myths that surround them for some reason people make assumptions and listen to stories without checking facts. When I had the pleasure of visiting Burnbrae Farms and seeing all they do behind the scenes I learned a lot about eggs and how they are packaged. While there I learned about another myth I had been told most of my life. Growing up we never bought brown eggs as my parents said they were not that good. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not true. There is actually no difference in nutrition content, flavour or cooking functionality between a brown shell and a white shell.  The egg shell colour is determined by the breed of chicken.

Another myth I remember from my childhood was something we had happen a few times when baking. We would crack and egg and see a bit of blood in the bowl. My mom ended up tossing everything out claiming the eggs were fertilized. Being a kid I was not sure what that meant but just went with what she said. In fact this is not true, how could it be with no roosters in the barn? These tiny spots are not harmful, and eggs with blood spots are fine to eat says the Egg Safety Center.  Blood spots are caused by the rupture of a blood vessel during the formation of the egg. If you wish, the spot can actually be removed with the tip of a clean knife prior to cooking.

It is important for people to know the facts and not be scared off by myths like these. Eggs are a complete protein source, containing a good balance of all of the essential amino acids in amounts that closely match our body’s needs. According to the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans issued on January 7, 2106 eggs are recommended for healthy living. This is great news for me as I would like to incorporate eggs into more recipes from myself and my family. One of the recipes I can not wait to try is the Morning Blender Boost. This looks like a great way to start my day and have me prepared for all that will follow.



2 cups 2% milk 500 mL
1/2 cup Naturegg™ Simply Egg Whites™, well shaken 125 mL
1 pouch single serve instant plain oatmeal 1
1 tbsp liquid honey (optional) 15 mL
1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries 375 mL
1 banana, sliced 1

See instructions for this great recipe and more at the Burnbrae Farms Recipe nest

When it comes to eggs I know many of us keep hearing these myths and are unsure where to turn for answers. We start assuming the worst and often refrain from enjoying the things we love to eat. I am excited to share with you a great twitter party coming up with Burnbrae Farms.  This is your opportunity to get the information you need and learn the facts.

Egg Myth twitter party

Join us for the Egg Myths Twitter Party

When February 9th at 9pm EST

Hashtag #EggMyths

Hosts @BurnbraeFarms and @SJConsulting_CA

RSVP to join the party and win prizes!

Canada only

Grand Prizes 1 & 2:

1 of 2 – 16 GB iPad Mini’s + $125 Burnbrae Farms gift Basket (ARV: $450/prize pack – total for both $900)

Second Place Prize:

$250 spa gift card – pamper yourself with a day at the spa + $125 Burnbrae Farms gift basket (ARV: $375)

Additional Prizes:

7 additional Burnbrae Farms gift baskets including $50 Visa gift card for groceries (ARV: $125/gift basket – total for all 7 prize packs $875)

Grand total value of all prizes = $2150

See full rules here

RSVP Below by adding your Twitter name (ie. @Gingermommy) in the Name field and your Twitter link (ie. https://twitter.com/Gingermommy) in the URL field

Burnbrae Farms is committed to educating the public on egg nutrition and facts, they are very social online. Be sure to follow them and engage with them. If you have any questions regarding eggs, send them their way

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How do you incorporate eggs into your diet? Do you have a favourite recipe?


Disclosure: I am participating in the Burnbrae Farms campaign managed by SJ Consulting. I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Sounds like a great smoothie and a great party! I’ll have to make sure they’re both a part of my near future. 😉

  2. That looks like a delicious smoothie! I have never tried a egg in a smoothie before, but it is a great idea! Its a good way to get protein.

  3. This sounds like a delicious smoothie. I am always looking for new smoothie recipes and ways to incorporate eggs more. They are great for breakfast!

  4. Sounds like a good smoothie. My hubby would always looking for a new recipe for smoothies.

  5. I “discovered” the goodness of smoothies last year and I have never turned back. They are nutritious and tasty. I’ll be keeping your recipe. Looks good!

  6. I have lately become a smoothie-holic. I’ll have to keep your recipe in mind. Adding oatmeal in is different.

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  8. That smoothie looks and sounds delicious. I am an egg lover so it was nice to get all this great info, too!

  9. We are huge egg lovers over here. I usually boil a huge batch of them so they are ready to go during the week, I always have the intention of making a smoothie to go with it but it almost never happens like that!

  10. Maggie Branch says

    I like that this smoothie includes eggs! I have not seen this before but it adds a healthy serving of protein that is much needed in the morning!

  11. I had always heard that as well about an egg with blood in it! It’s great to hear myths busted though! I grew up thinking eggs were only good for you in minimal use/moderation. With new research and just digging for the facts that were already there, eggs can be wonderful in our diets again! lol Thank you for sharing-I love learning new things I thought I already had knowledge on! ~MS for Kelli

  12. This looks delicious! I may have to try this smoothie sometime. I love eggs, especially in omelets.

  13. I used to have eggs a ton when I was a kid, mostly during the summer, when I actually had time to eat a hearty breakfast. During the school year, I often skipped breakfast.

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  17. This is great! I didn’t realize these were myths. Sadly (or I guess it’s a good thing!) eggs don’t last longer then a few days in my fridge. I eat them daily

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