Family Friendly Winter Destinations on a Budget

Now that most of the country is covered in snow, many are dreaming of warmer destinations. A winter getaway with the family that is not going to cost a fortune. Often I feel everyone has the same idea and this for many destinations may be considered as peak season.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that travels are out of the picture. And, having a small budget isn’t really an excuse anymore either. If you want to take a little getaway to ease the winter blues without breaking the bank, here are a few top destinations for a family friendly holiday away.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

This mountainous town is a great place to escape the winter weather. It’s warm and has a whole lot to do for the family. You can take the kids to the various shopping complexes for movies, arcades and craft making or take the whole family to see some elephants in the countryside. The best part is that it is extremely cheap with meals run as low as $1.50 a plate! The cost here would be flights but you could still find a great deal if you look.

Whitefish, Montana

If you want to throw yourselves head first into the winter weather, check out this kid friendly resort to play in the snow, get in some skiing and hang out in an old school arcade. There are some great beers going around for the parents and the prices are kept fairly low. In fact, breakfast, lift tickets and accommodation can be had for about $100 USD which is less than what many resorts charge for just a day pass.

Costa Rica

Another winter escape destination, the weather here is tropical and there are plenty of interesting activities for everyone, especially involving the wildlife. Hang on the beaches, take nature walks and enjoy the cheap cost of living with the ability to create your own trip instead of just shelling out money to the resorts.

San Diego, California

From the aquarium and safari park to Legoland and skating at Mission Bay, there is a lot around these parts of California that will keep the kids happy. The beaches and craft breweries are bound to keep the parents smiling too! With plenty of places that offer house rentals and affordable group hostels, you can create a trip that will keep the prices down. Also, there are lots of parks and outdoor activities that can be done for free!

Use your loyalty cards and air-miles to save on flights and be sure to check out last minute airline deals to save as much as possible. While there eat like the locals at small restaurants, street vendors or shop the grocery stores and markets to save even more. An affordable getaway is still possible for a family this winter even wit the Canadian dollar being where it is at.

Where do you go for affordable winter getaways with the family?



  1. Costa Rica and Thailand are two places on my bucket list of locations to travel to.. While I do agree that it’s inexpensive to travel once there, getting there is not too cheap from what I have seen.. STILL, one day! 🙂

  2. Montana? Nooo thank you… Indiana is cold enough for me! If I were going to go on a vacation I’d love to just go to Disney World, though I suppose it’s pretty difficult to do that in an “affordable” way.

  3. I remember the good old days when you could just drive across the border with very little hassle …now you have to have a passport etc….been a very long time since we just drove over to hit the stores and a nice meal ….

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