Fun items for Valentine’s Day from Hallmark (Giveaway Canada)

Yesterday my youngest gave me a Valentine’s day card,just because. For her it is a day to show love and express your feelings towards your family. She gets to have a little party with her class and we usually give her a small treat. For us, Valentine’s day is a fun family day. Not so much a romantic couples day. After two decades you take romance when you can get it and dedicating it to one day just does not work for us. I very much so would love a romantic getaway, date night or special gift. But for me this can happen any day and for now, we will keep our Valentine’s day a family day.


This year Hallmark Canada sent me a fun box to share with my family on Feb 14th. Below are some of my faves

Love Notes

I Love Us Notes to share - $9.95 - 2


Coordinating You Can Count on Me Book - $9.95

Happy Pillows

Happy Pillow - $34.95

Plush skunks

Cuddles to Share Bear or Love Is in the Air Skunk - $7.95


Wrapped in Love Scarfs - $19.95 - 3

Note towers

Marjolein Bastin Flat Note Pad Set - $7.95

Soap dishes

Assorted Bar Soap Gift Set - $24.95 - 2

Love a Saurus techno plush

Love-a-Saurus Techno Plush - $32.95

Red boxes

Red Cube by Rick Cusick - $26.95 - 2

As you can see there is a little something for everyone no matter what their age or relationship to you. I am very excited to give my daughter the ‘love-a-Saurus’ Techno Plush that sings ‘U can’t touch this’ and dances. You can find this fun one and all the other items above at Hallmark Canada stores nationwide.

To help bring a little fun to your family this Valentine’s day I have a super fun prize for one lucky Canadian reader. It is a short giveaways, so be sure to enter right away.

Such a cutie from Hallmark Canada for Valentines Day #ontheblog #valentines #valentinesday #lovehallmarkca

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1 lucky reader is going to win a love-a-Saurus’ Techno Plush ($32.95) value. Enter on the form below for your chance. Good luck!

Disclosure- As a Hallmark Ambassador I receive items for free as a thank you for my participation. All opinions are my own


  1. ivy pluchinsky says

    Spending it with my family

  2. We’re going to a blues concert

  3. We love to do simple things to show our love all day….heart pancakes in the morning, a trip to either the swimming pool or indoor gym for some family fun, and then a gourmet dinner or takeout and a movie 😉

  4. Florence C says

    I sent cards to the grandchildren and my hubby and I usually go out to eat or cook a special meal at home.

  5. I usually just stay home with the kids!

  6. Kristy Short says

    Hopefully getting a babysitter and going out for dinner

  7. Do my best to treat the special someone in my life. Thank you!

  8. Make a special dinner with candles

  9. i make special cookies and a cake, then a nice dinner.

  10. I love baking cookies for my boys and my husband for valentines day

  11. I usually make a nice dinner for my hubby but other than that we don’t really celebrate.

  12. joanne darrell says

    We go out to a nice restaurant.

  13. Jennifer C. says

    I make Valentine’s Day – themed treats and enjoy them with my family. 🙂

  14. Rosanne Robinson says

    My husband takes me out for dinner to the restaurant of my choice.

  15. NOTHING that I’m aware of although we still have $50 in gc for the keg, so we could actually do something like that

  16. Dinner and a movie at home

  17. Brenda Alden says

    Well Valentine’s day is a little different for us as it’s hubby’s birthday! So we certainly make a day for both of us to enjoy together ?

  18. We’re doing a whole big family day weekend adventure. No commitments, limited screens and tons of fun.

  19. hollyogorman says

    Out for dinner with my daughter.

  20. We go out for dinner and I usually make homemade chocolate covered strawberries!

  21. My husband and I go out to dinner on Valentine’s day.

  22. My husband and I just spend the day together at home

  23. I make a lot of homemade food in the shape of hearts

  24. The kids and I make valentines & eat chocolate! 🙂

  25. Jennifer L. says

    I think we’ll have dinner and exchange cards and chocolate.

  26. Having dinner at home

  27. kathy downey says

    Hubby and i always have a candlelit dinner on Valentine’s day will be our 30th one next month

  28. We usually go out for dinner. I cook daily so being married for 36yrs he better take me out. LOl

  29. We celebrate our love everyday and on Feb 14 we usually have a great meal and a bottle of wine

  30. angela eagle says

    for valentines day I make my son heart shaped pancakes

  31. fo my husband and I Valentines mean’s taking time out spoiling our grandchildren because hmm thats what grandparents do we bring the treats 🙂 than we come home just he and I and I usually whip up a candle light dinner for he and I thank you for the chance

  32. Have a quiet dinner with my husband – usually he barbecues the steak and I make some delicious sides.

  33. Carol Denny says

    We have a quiet dinner at home

  34. We usually cuddle up for a few movies and share a box of chocolates.

  35. We usually go out to dinner and a movie.

  36. Rebecca H. says

    I don’t have a Valentine so I just try to spoil myself.

  37. I love spending time with my partner. <3

  38. Darrah Bailey says

    We just usually buy a little someting for eachother, the kids and make a nice family dinner <3

  39. Irene Eichler says

    We spend Valentines day with our kids !

  40. SweetPanda says

    We will have a nice dinner and I will make some Valentine’s Day cookies with my kids

  41. We don’t do anything in our house.

  42. We have a cozy movie night amongst family.

  43. Erinn Lishman says

    We celebrate Valentine’s Day by having a nice dinner and movie night together!

  44. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I do absolutely nothing different on Valentine’s Day, I’ll probably just be having a cup of coffee and reading a good book 🙂

  45. We usually cook dinner together or else get take out. It is also the one night my hubby will watch a chick flick with me, so after dinner we watch a movie.

  46. Jennifer Lo says

    have a date with hubby

  47. We have no plan yet. 🙁

  48. Monique L.S. says

    We don’t do too much for Valentine’s Day. Just have a nice dinner at home, and give cards to each other.

  49. michelle matta says

    Usually spend it at my moms since its her birthday. I don’t mind, she’s worth it.

  50. We just stay home and I cook a nice meal!!

  51. I usually eat chocolate

  52. Go out for dinner.

  53. Juliee Fitze says

    We got out for supper.

  54. We double date for supper with another couple.

  55. We do a dinner and quiet night in together. We prefer that to the busy atmosphere of everywhere else that night.

  56. My husband & I do anything the is happy & fun as long as we are together loving on each other then we are happy!!!! @ForeverAngel26

  57. I eat a lot of chocolate.

  58. I don’t have a valentine. Its just another day. Dinner and tv.

  59. Erika Letson says

    I like to make homemade Valentines with my kids for Valentine’s Day!

  60. Wendy Jensen says

    We have a special dinner at home for Valentine’s Day.

  61. we usually keep it low key but have a nice supper

  62. flowers and a dinner

  63. We get little gifts for the kids and eat dinner together.

  64. We will go out for a date night – movie and dinner. Plus I’ll make some treats for V-day!

  65. We usually enjoy dinner out together and almost always end up getting together with another couple 🙂

  66. Just a nice dinner and some champagne or wine

  67. Valentine’s Day is pretty low key, I usually bake my kids some cupcakes and buy them a little box of chocolates each. Hubby and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day!

  68. Valentines day is just another day for us. — maybe exchange of cards or chocolate treats – that is about it.

  69. We do dinner and a movie. Often go out for dinner but sometimes cook at home together.

  70. we go out to dinner

  71. I usually do a nice dinner for us.

  72. Nicole Jubleew says

    We make a special meal at home.

  73. Pat Drouillard says

    Nothing really, most of the years I have had to work

  74. make a special dinner and dessert for the family

  75. We just have dinner with my family.

  76. We have a family Valentines with our kids.

  77. Julie Bolduc says

    I am making a nice dinner and them movies after

  78. we make it a family event with homemade heart shaped pizza

  79. Usually have a nice dinner and movie at home.

  80. ruth moreira-lozon says

    usually we do a special breakfast with some heart-shaped items, and then just spend time together, watching a movie or going for an afternoon walk, depending on the weather 🙂 the best gift of all.

  81. We go out to dinner together on Valentines Day

  82. I always get some treats for the kids but my husband and I don’t really bother with it any more.


  83. Hopefully, my hubby and I will get a chance to go out for dinner.

  84. I’ll do nothing

  85. prairiebelle says

    We stay at home and either order in pizza or chinese food. We also watch a good movie

  86. Tara Gauthier says

    Hubby and I usually make ourselves a special dinner at home.

  87. Kimm Coleman says

    My husband and I go out to a romantic supper on Valentine’s day.

  88. We go out for a romantic dinner the weekend after Valentines day when the restaurants aren’t so crowded.

  89. Thank you so much for picking me as the winner – I really appreciate it!!! <3

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