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This year I am making a big effort to pay more attention to the foods my family eats. I am going back to basics and cooking more recipes that will save me money and fill my family up. At the same time I am changing up what we eat and increasing the amount of veggies we eat daily. This is actually the hard part since my teens see vegetables and refuse to eat it. Luckily I know a few tricks and can dice thing sup small and cook slow for a long time making them hard to detect. Foods have all the flavour and yummy goodness but the kids have to really dig through to see the things I have a hard time getting them to consume.

If you have growing teens like me you know all too well that a meal will take hours to prepare and only minutes for them to gobble it up. This use to frustrate me and often discourage me. However the financial benefits from cooking from scratch and the nutritional bonuses make it all worth the hard work and time. Recently Ricardo Cuisine approached me about trying out one of their healthy section recipes at home and having my family taste test it. Since we eat a lot of pasta I knew right away I wanted to try out the Spaghetti Sauce recipe from their site. Pasta always is a great option when it comes to feeding a crowd or a big family like mine.

Growing up my mom use to always make spaghetti using fresh ingredients but myself, it has mostly been pasta sauce from a can, no originality. I would come home from school to the house filled with the zesty aroma and I could not wait until dinner was served. I was both nervous and excited to see how my family would react to my rendition of this tasty sauce.

Spaghetti Sauce


ricardo sauce


  1. In a large saucepan, brown the meat in 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of the oil, half at a time, with the red pepper flakes. Add oil, if needed. Set aside in a bowl.
  2. In a second saucepan, soften the onions, carrots, celery, and garlic in the remaining oil.  Add the tomato paste and cook for 1 minute over high heat.
  3. Add the meat, tomatoes, tomato sauce, broth, oregano, and cloves to the softened veggies. Once you bring to a boil you can reduce heat and simmer gently, stirring and scraping the bottom of the pan regularly. Cook on low for about 3 hours or until it thickens. Serve over the pasta of your choice.

spaghetti sauce

The ingredients above are what I used as I left out some of the veggies and I cut out the salt and pepper. You can see the full recipe yourself Spaghetti Sauce and change it up as you need.  I did not want to shock the kids with too much colour in the sauce and scare them away  plus we are trying to cut salt out of our diet. The red pepper and sausage made it so pepper was not needed for our taste.  I served with traditional angel hair pasta and shredded mozzarella cheese.

There was enough of this hearty sauce to feed my family of six with lots leftover to freeze and have for lunches later in the week. My kids loved it and really enjoyed the flavour combination without picking out the vegetables. Since I left half out they were not overwhelming to them.  I found the sauce was good to eat before the cooking time was over. However the longer it simmered the softer the veggies got and the more flavourful everything seemed.

It made me feel good feeding this sauce to my family knowing what was in it and knowing they were getting their daily intake of vegetables. I can not wait to try out some more of the recipes and serve them to my family. The recipes were easy to follow and allowed me to print off a shopping list so there was no forgetting anything important. Take a look at the Best Healthy Recipes for yourself and start planning your meals for the week, there is a little bit of everything there!

Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Ricardocuisine.com All opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds really good. Thank you.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    As an Italian, anything that’s not homemade isn’t edible when it comes to pasta sauce 😉

  3. My mom always made her own pasta sauce when we were growing up. Unfortunately it has been a long time since I have attempted to make her recipe but now I want to dig it out and make a batch for dinner tomorrow.

  4. That looks amazing! I love making up my own spaghetti sauce. I’ll have to try out your recipe soon. I’m sure I’ll love it.

  5. This sauce looks so delicious. I am always looking for new recipes to try. My kids are going to love this.

  6. This looks so delicious and easy to make. I will have to try making this for dinner on the weekend.

  7. I will have to go pick up the ingredients i need so i can make this sauce. It looks so delicious i am sure my family will love it. I just learned how to make pasta from scratch and it will be so goo together.

  8. ciaoflorentina says

    Homemade is always the best. It has a special flavor I can swear on it !

  9. My family goes crazy over spaghetti! I need to try out this sauce!

  10. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says

    You can’t beat a good homemade meat sauce! This looks delicious!

  11. I love making spaghetti using Italian Sausages. It gives the sauce more flavor.

  12. Yum! Homemade spagetti sauce is the best. You just can’t go wrong with making it yourself. Your recipes sounds delicious.

  13. Jennifer Lo says

    Looks yum!!

  14. This sounds so delicious. I love a good homemade spaghetti sauce.

  15. kathy downey says

    I made this recipe and its really delicious

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