Kiss a Ginger day

It is no secret that I am a redhead and love being one! Two of my children as well are gingers and often we are pointed out when we are shopping or traveling as a family. I guess seeing one redhead is uncommon but seeing 3 at once is a special treat. When we travel we get people looking at us especially the farther we go from home. I often have people wanting to touch my hair, complete strangers. I must admit this freaks me out at times. As a child I hated having red hair and felt very much alone. I was teased and wanted my hair to be any colour but red. The pale skin and freckles that came along with it seemed like some sort of harsh reality until I became a teenager and started appreciating looking a bit different. I was the only person in my very large family who had red hair for many years.

Now I am a redhead and proud! I would not change anything and feel all of the teasing has made me a strong person who has incredible self esteem.

I wish I could tell you that there is no bullying when it comes to redheads these days, but that is just not true. With students celebrating kick a ginger day and children constantly being teased for having orange, auburn or other shades of red there seems to be no end in sight. I once had my son’s school call suggesting I keep him home one day to avoid being kicked. I have parents message me often telling me of stories of bullying their children have experienced and names they are often called.

But there is hope! With more and more celebrities sporting red locks and movies showcasing them more frequently, today’s redheaded children should feel less alone. I am always excited to share with you anything fun or interesting I read about my fellow gingers here and on social media. So be sure to follow and send me anything you feel may be of interest. I will gladly share 🙂

Show your love to all redheads on the 12th of January!
Kissing, hugging or wishing a “Happy Kiss a Ginger Day” to everybody with red hair is the thing to do! Invite your friends and create the biggest event worldwide!


I am also proud to say this day was started by a Canadian.

How “Kiss a Ginger Day” came to beThis is the story behind “National Kiss a Ginger Day”.@kiss_a_gingerProducer: Nancy MeloCamera: Bradley MacLean

Posted by Derek Forgie on Friday, January 2, 2015

We all know the myths are pretty out there! However I can guarantee there are some children somewhere whop are feeling different and being bullied and teased because of their hair. Kiss a Ginger day makes me smile! I hope the children who experience this will see they are not alone and rise above the bullies and find their smile as well.

Grab your ginger haired loved ones and give them a kiss today! (As if you needed an excuse!)

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