Things to do as a Family While Visiting Iceland

Iceland can be a beautiful country to visit at any time, but it is absolutely perfect when you are traveling with family to Iceland.  The people who live in Iceland are very family oriented and there are plenty of things for children to do and see.  The best part is that children often receive discounts for admission or food.

The Golden Circle is a 190 mile route that goes in a circle.  While making this journey you will be able to enjoy seeing beautiful views of the land as well as glaciers, waterfalls and geysers.  You will even be able to see the Strokkur Geyser erupt every few minutes.  The Golden Circle is a natural attraction, so this is an educational field trip of sorts, with lots of geology and science.  Although, the kids won’t even realize that they are learning something important.

The Blue Lagoon is a large water playground that offers hours of entertainment for the entire family.  Take turns going between the waterfalls, caves and hot tubs.  This is one of many thermal pools that are available in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon

If your family enjoys museums, then The National Museum and Viking Maritime Museum are two places that are a must see.  They both offer multiple exhibits on the history and culture of Iceland.

A great place to hike would be the Skafatel National Park, where you will have the opportunity to hike around glaciers, volcanic lava and waterfalls.  You will have beautiful views of the lakes and will see multiple types of wildflowers and other vegetation.  Another option for great scenery is to take a boat ride.  When you take a boat tour you can go out as a family and try to spot some whales and puffins out on the water.

When it comes time for a little break in the middle of your day, you will want to check out Paradis at Njalsgata for some yummy ice cream.  For the adults, Reykjavik Roasters has the coffee that you will need in order to keep up with the kids.

Traveling to Iceland can be an experience that everyone will remember.  There is so much to see and do that you can easily spend a fun filled week having one adventure after another.  Just remember to take a lot of pictures while you are there so you and the kids can remember this fun trip forever!

Family fun in Iceland


  1. Iceland is so beautiful! It’s definitely on my bucket list! My Mom has been several times, as this is where her parents are from. I’ve got many relatives there. One day….

  2. Looks gorgeous! It must seem funny to see green as most people would assume Iceland would be covered with ice & snow just as Alaska.

    Great post 🙂

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