4 Fantastic Ways to Surprise Someone

There can be many reasons we might want to surprise someone. Maybe they have helped and supported us through a difficult time. Perhaps they’ve been through a difficult time of their own. Or maybe they’re used to putting the wishes of others ahead of theirs. Whatever the reason, there is a range of ways you can surprise them in a kind and thoughtful way, whatever your budget. In today’s busy world it is always a good thing to take time out and appreciate others. Check out the suggestions below for inspiration and personalise them with your own ideas!


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A Photo Album

If you’ve had a lot of good times and fond memories with this person, a photo album can be a great surprise. Compile some of your most memorable moments together and arrange them into a photo album or collage of your own. Scrapbooks can be a lifelong keepsake. You can add extra items that you might have kept, such as a ticket from a rock concert together, or a postcard from a place you visited. Even a wrapper from the sweets you ate during a night in together! Anything that shows this person that you treasure the time you spend with them and want to remember it often. Encourage them to keep adding to it themselves!

A Mini Break

Vacations can be pricey in large groupers, but maybe surprise this person with a break to themselves or just with one loved one. There is a lot of advice out there on keeping costs down. Websites like Hotwire.com take some of the hassle away as they operate like search engines to find you a great deal. Destinations needn’t always be exotic or far-flung. Even two nights in a bed and breakfast with a loved one can be a welcome change!


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Secret Shopping

Picking up a friend or relative’s shopping can be such a thoughtful surprise. It may not seem like a grand gesture, but at a busy or stressful time in someone’s life it can be a big help. Grab a few essentials like bread, milk, and some fresh fruit. But also add some treat items like biscuits or pasta with a nice sauce. It will let them know that you are thinking of them and can be relied upon.

Cards and Letters

A hand-written letter or card is perhaps one of the most underused gift ideas. Texts and emails are a great quick fix, but handwriting is more personalised and takes time. Perhaps you want to express your gratitude or congratulations. Maybe you want to encourage them or offer words of comfort. Whatever the reason, finding an unexpected envelope on the mat can give anyone a little boost. If you mention it to your mutual friends or relatives, they may want to join in! Find or make a card that is big enough for all of you to sign, and let them know they are appreciated.

Whatever your budget or time constraints, there is always a kind and creative way to surprise someone you care about.


  1. Doris Calvert says

    SOme real great idea’s, shopping day sounds good to me!

  2. So sweet! It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day, does it?

    Great post. 😀

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