Basic Travel Tips for Solo Female Travelers

If you’re ready to set off on a solo travel experience you may feel a bit intimidated. We’ve all heard the horror stories of solo women travelers. Some are true but plenty others are urban myths. The two biggest threats for women traveling alone are theft and harassment, this is the case around the world. In certain areas there may be more risks of physical or sexual violence however these are the exception rather than the rule. By doing research before your departure and making smart decisions while traveling you can reduce the risks and have a life changing experience.

tips for women traveling solo


Common Sense

There are no “rules” for traveling alone but trusting your gut instinct goes a long way. Avoid dark areas especially at night. If you do get lost, seek out shopkeepers, families, or police officers to help you find your way. Always carry the address and number for your hotel or housing accommodation. If you need to use an ATM machine choose one in a well-lit area and try to make withdrawals during daylight hours. When you are carrying money, keep it in several places instead of all tucked in your wallet. Small bills and coins in a pocket are easily accessible for small transactions while larger quantities are tucked away in case you need them. It’s also vitally important to always let someone know where you are and where you are going. Do regular check ins so that they know you are ok, and also have a plan in place in case they don’t hear from you at a set interval.

Do Your Homework

Before you leave, spend some time learning about your destination. If it’s someplace that has a dominant male culture it’s important you know what is and isn’t acceptable. If you smile a lot and have a welcoming personality to whoever you meet, you may find you attract unwanted attention. In some countries a smile and direct look in the eyes isn’t just a “hello” it’s an invitation to take things a step further. One great trick is to always have dark sunglasses. This way you can look all you want but no one will see where exactly you’re looking. The same is true for clothing. If women typically dress more conservatively but you wear shorts and strappy tank tops you may not like the attention you get.

Create Boundaries

One of the reasons people travel is to get to know other people and cultures. While it’s important to be diligent if you are afraid of everyone you meet your experience will be lonely! Use your best judgment when meeting people and remain cautious. While you’re certain to find those who would take advantage of your situation you’ll also find many more who want to help and show you their city or country. Some of the best experiences travelers have are when they trust intuition and give it a shot. That being said you also should be proactive if you’re feeling uncomfortable. If someone is following you or won’t leave you alone after you’ve told them you’re not interested alert the authorities or someone that can help you.

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  1. I have traveled solo and it’s an adventure indeed!

    I think common sense goes a long way.. I plan ahead and stick to safe locations, but I definitely don’t let it limit my activities!

  2. Thank you for the good article. Very useful for me.

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