Date night ideas for parents

Way to often parents forget they are more than parents. We all do this!

In the beginning, before kids, we spend a lot of time together. We court one another and try to impress each other. We take time to get to know the other and dress to impress. Then we get comfortable. We have kids and we forget about US.

Parents really should take the time to spend time alone with each other. Even a few hours a week. Below are some date night ideas for you and your spouse in case you have forgotten how to be a couple. Or maybe you just need some fresh ideas

Date night ideas for parents


Have some fun

When was the last time you went to a fair, amusement park or water park without the kids? Maybe mini golf or go-karting? Remember back in the day when that was a cool date night? It is still is. So why not take your spouse without the kids and go have fun!

Breakfast, lunch or coffee

Not all time alone fits into a dinner out schedule. Dinner out also feels so cliche and often it is so romantic it can make you want to puke. You just want to have some alone time and something to eat. So breakfast, lunch and coffee is great for this. Perfect for when you have a shorter amount of time as well. Maybe drop the kids off and grab a quick bite. Nice to hang out in day time hours when not tired too.

Take a class

A dance class, karate, self defense or cooking class can be fun. Pottery, art, photography course or what have you. We never stop wanting to learn and looking to grow. Take a class with your spouse for something out of the box and some fun.

Weekend getaway

A date is fun but a night or two away is even funner. Go camping or stay at a resort or spa with your spouse. Maybe catch a show or go fishing. A few days away alone can do so much good for you both,  As we grow and we have children we forget who we are and develop a wedge between ourselves and our spouse. Time away can be very therapeutic and do so much good for your relationship.

DIY project

I know major renovations are causes for fights, but some minor DIY projects can be great. Building a fence, deck or planter can be easy enough. A job that will take team work and can be completed fairly quick. Hanging pictures, scrapbooking or painting a room may be good for you two do do together. This is not only fun but allows you to see a different side of your spouse you may not have seen for a while.

Date nights do not need to be cheesy and romantic. You already know each other, you just want to reconnect, grow and spend time together. Show the other you still got it and you still are attracted to them. Have a laugh and have some fun!

A few other ideas

Go shopping. Grocery shopping with your spouse can be fun

Go on a picnic

Play a board game

Go antiquing or to a flea market

Take a car for a drive. Test driving a car is fun. Especially if it is your dream car

Be a tourist in your own town. Take your spouse where you would go with out f town guests.

Reenact your first date

Go to a concert

Hopefully these ideas have sparked some inspiration for you and your spouse. We are more than parents. Don’t forget that!

Do you have any date night ideas to add?

Date night ideas for parents


  1. Great ideas! I personally like the DIY project but the wife gets kinda feisty when it comes to construction and not in a good way, lol!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    My husband and I are lucky because we get to have a date night every friday night. Love your ideas.

  3. We are lucky enough to get a date night every other week because my son goes to scouts. Unfortunately we are not very creative with her date nights and usually watch a movie LOL. I think I will try a couple of these ideas.

  4. My hubby and I took a pottery class together once. Yes — we got all the Ghost jokes but it was really fun and helped us connect more.

  5. These are great ideas. My husband and I try to have a date night as often as possible, which isn’t very. LOL

  6. Love these ideas!! My husband and I rarely get a date night but when we do I will try out these!

  7. I love all of your ideas. As parents we tend to think of ourselves last. We have been wanting to have date nights but it can be hard to find the time.

  8. I just love to take walks and talks for a date night. It’s great to get some fresh air and some uninterrupted conversation too. 😉 You have some great ideas also!

  9. Great ideas! My hubby and I go on dates all the time!

  10. These are some great ideas. I could really use another date night with my husband. Our date nights are usually dinner and a movie.

  11. These are great suggestions to keep date night interesting! I love the idea of taking a class with your partner and trying new things together.

  12. Caroline Fernandez says

    Taking a class together is a great idea. It is always fun to learn something new. You can always make it a competition to amp it up a notch.

  13. Lisa Bristol says

    These are great date ideas. I love to go on a picnic. It is a great way to have some quiet time together.

  14. Lunch dates are always a good idea. It is a great way to break up the day.

  15. We rarely get to have a date night as we’re on completely different schedules. Once or twice we have just spent time together walking through a diy store and dreaming about what our dream kitchen would look like. Cheap and imaginative fun at its best.

  16. My ideal date night is when the kids are in bed and my husband and I enjoy a meal on the couch. The simple things in life mean the most.

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