Have fun this Spring with Stonz Wear Rain Boots

I am a firm believer of kids getting dirty and having fun! The dirtier they are when they walk through the door, the more fun I know they had. This also goes for them getting wet. When many of the parents are freaking out trying to keep their kids clean and dry I am encouraging mine to get out and have fun. When I picked my daughter up from school the other day she had changed her clothes trice at school. We walked through the door and she informed me her pants were wet and muddy and she had to change again. She loves jumping in puddles, sliding down the slide, no matter how the weather is and just being a kid.

This makes me happy

This puts a smile on my face

Kids grow up too quick and forget how to have fun

Trust me, I know how quick they grow up having two adult children myself.

So pick your battles and let kids be kids.

Recently we were sent a pair of rubber boots from Stonz Wear Rain Bootz and she could not wait try them on. With the snow melting everything around us is wet and muddy. Not quite the setting for winter boots and not what you would want to wear shoes in but perfect for rubber boots. My daughter picked the pink pair as that is her favourite colour. Available in six colours there is sure to be one your children will love.

puddle jumping

Stonzwear Rain boots


  • Made of all-natural rubber
  • Durable and tear resistant, yet flexible and comfortable
  • They have a quick dry 100% cotton liner
  • Are PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, formaldehyde-free
  • Have bright, cheerful colours
  • Can be paired with our linerz for extra warmth

You can order your online or instore for Spring now. Find them at Sport Chek, Amazon and Nordstrom stores,  the boots are available for $35.99.

How to care for Stonz Rain boots


  • Hand wash with warm soapy water
  • When not in use, store them somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight
  • Keep them off heated floors
  • If exposed to road salt, rinse with warm water

stonz boots

Instantly we put them on her and they fit perfectly with enough room for socks and to tuck her pants in. We ordered the same size as her runners and winter boots and found them to be perfect. We went for a walk and she jumped in every puddle she could find along the way. Big splashes and dry feet were the results making her very happy.

These rain boots are sized to fit from ages 1-10 years of age.  They are designed by a Canadian mom looking for affordable ways to keep her own children’s feet warm and dry all year long. We are looking forward to ordering another pair for next year now knowing first hand they keep her feet so try and comfy when walking.

If you have active kids like mine who want to get outdoors and play, you will want to check out these great rain boots from Stonz Wear. They also have winter boots, mittens and more!

Get social with them online at Twitter @StonzWear and Facebook as well as Instagram

Do your kids like to jump in puddles? What do you think of Stonz Wear rubber boots?


Disclosure-The above mentioned product was received free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own 




  1. These are so cute! I will have to check them out for my kids. We are always in search of awesome rain attire. We are totally puddle splashers.

  2. Stonz rainboots look so cute! We always need good rain boots where we live. I’m going to look these up now.

  3. Natural rubber rainboots? Must be super Durable! They are really cute.

  4. I have heard that these are really good quality boots! Our local shoe store carries them!

  5. The snow has started to melt here so it means spring (finger crossed). I will need to get a pair of rain boots for my son because he loves puddles!

  6. Those are so cute. You know my kids have never owned a pair of rain boots, I don’t think I have either. We would probably enjoy rainy days much more if we did.

  7. Those rain boots are cute and adorable. I bought a similar colored one (different brand) for my little one and she loves it. Wish I had seen this before.

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