How to drink more water every day

It is said that we should all drink eight glasses of water a day to maintain optimum health. However research really does not support that and the exact amount one needs varies on many factors. Still there is no doubt water has many benefits and we all need to drink it. If you are like me, you need to drink more than you do already.

If only it were easy to do.

I find drinking water to be more difficult than I ever could have imagined. Like any chore I really need to make an effort and remind myself to keep up the habit. It is easy to get busy and forget and sometimes it just gets plain boring. For the last month I have been making myself drink more water as I know I was not getting enough. I have learned a few tricks along the way to get my water intake up. After all everything in your body depends on water to operate properly, we need to make this a priority.  Water flushes toxins out of your system, keeps you hydrated and helps keep you energized. Plus being hydrated keeps your skin glowing and beautiful!

Our body is constantly losing fluids and these fluids need to be replaced. The best way to do this is by drinking more water.

how to drink more water daily

Here are some of the ways I have been drinking more water daily, many are easy to do and quite effortless. I have no preference, I am happy to drink tap water, I just find it repetitive some days.

Use a refillable water bottle

Fill water bottles and leave them in the fridge for easy access. Need a drink? Grab one and drink that instead of soda or juice. Great for those times you are on the go as well.

Just add ice

Our new fridge has an ice maker and I am finding it helps with my water intake. I hated the task of making ice before so hardly used it. But now that I have an endless amount it is helping with my water intake. My water keeps cold and the ice melts to add a little extra at the end.

Frozen fruit

I looked at what I was lacking in my diet and realized I was also low on my fruits and vegetables. I have washed and frozen fruits in my freezer that I add to my water. It gives an added flavour, keeps my drink cold and then I eat the fruit when down. Berries work best but really any fruit would work.

Flavour packets

I hate boring and water gets boring. So I have been adding Lipton and Crystal light packets to water to change things up. These are zero calories, easy to add as they are pre-measured packets. Just add and shake/mix then drink.

Keep water in the fridge

Similar to the points above, I find if there is a jug of water in the fridge I am more likely to drink it than other options. Often what is at our finger tips is easiest and sometimes waiting for the tap to run cold seems endless. This works great for me. Just make sure to fill the jug once emptied.


If you just can not bring yourself to drink more water then maybe something like tea will help. Yes there are added components but you will still be getting fluids and the benefits of water.

Make a goal and keep track

Some people will make a goal and increase it as they can. Stat with 4 glasses a day then after a week increase. There are many apps for keeping track but I like to mark on my calendar. Draw how many glasses you want to drink on each day and colour them in as you drink them. It is a fun way to see how much you drank and what methods worked best for you.

If you’re concerned about your fluid intake or have health issues, check with your doctor or a registered dietitian. If your urine runs clear and you feel hydrated, chances are you are drinking enough.

It is good practice to

  • Drink a glass of water  with each meal and between each meal
  • Drink water before, during and after exercise

Do you have any tips on increasing ones water daily?



  1. I dont have any tips but thank you, this may help me I know I need to drink more water, but I have been drinking more tea then coffee so guess that’s a bit of a bonus since I normally drink lots of coffee

  2. Some days I don’t get enough water and it’s my own fault, I get bored of drinking water

  3. I’m really good about getting enough water. I’ve found that I won’t drink very much tap water but if I have carbonated water on hand I will drink a ton. I bought a Sodastream and now I always get enough water!

  4. Thanks for the tips I sure don’t drink enough and need to start drinking more!! 🙂

  5. kathy downey says

    I don’t get enough water most days,you posted some good ideas.

  6. its hot at work so I drink a ton of water every day there…. drink, go to the washroom, sweat, drink more etc etc lol

  7. mitchtheman says

    Actually, I was drinking too much water it turned out. It’s recommended that you don’t drink more than 14 cups of water a day, 17 as the absolute top… I was averaging 20 cups a day; yeow! I had to cut way back, which I admit is hard to do but I’ve got it down to around 8 to 10 a day. However, if I had to count things like soup then I’m still going over all the time.

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