PLAYMOBIL’s New Space Theme allows kids to reach for the Stars

Ever since Chris Hadfield sang for the world doing David Bowie’s Space Oddity, my daughter has been interested in space. Every time he would check in the schools would play it live for the children at school. He did an amazing job opening up a whole new world to our children. My daughter would come home and ask so many questions about space and tell us such great information she had learned.

The imagination and dreams of children have no limits. They know anything is possible and our job as their parents is to nurture this belief. This is how they grow into amazing adults and live the dream. As a parent I welcome any toys or games that will challenge my children and grow their imagination.


Introducing PLAYMOBIL’s New Space Theme

PLAYMOBIL, known for its imaginative play and iconic figures, is launching its new City Action – Space Theme this month. Today, children are constantly exposed to the study of space exploration, whether it be in school or even from watching TV. PLAYMOBIL’s Space Theme aims to inspire the scientists of tomorrow by encouraging kids to reach for the stars! This new theme has everything a child needs to be a real-life astronaut – a space rocket with a launch site, space shuttle, and a satellite meteoroid laser.


I was super excited to have a chance to review the Space Rocket with Launch Site with my daughter, she is seven and could not wait to set it up. To be honest she could not have set it up alone. I tried, but some pieces were quite small and I was getting frustrated. So I recruited one of my patient teens who loves to build things to help. It took about an hour for them to put it together. There are lots of pieces that need to be put in specific places to build it properly.


The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Step by step instructions to build and add stickers to the Space Rocket toy were included.

Including missilery, maintenance platform, satellite and robot. The light- and sound module require two 1,5-V-AA-batteries. Size: 22x28x72cm (Including Antenna) (LxWxH).

As soon as it was together my kids started recreating scenes they have seen from TV and movies. It is very heavy duty and sits quite tall. She loves playing with it and imagining herself in space. There are two more sets in this series and we can not wait to check them out, PLAYMOBIL Satellite with Meteoroid Laser and PLAYMOBIL Space Shuttle.


Three, two, one. Countdown to lift-off aboard the PLAYMOBIL Space Rocket with Launch Site. Outfitted with working lights and sounds, this rocket is mission-ready. Inspect the rocket prior to launch with the movable maintenance platform, and make sure everything is in tip-top shape for the space mission with the help of the repair robot.


Set includes two space technicians, rocket, launch structure, repair robot, mechanical tools, computer and tons of other accessories. Batteries required.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: 3-6 years AVAILABILITY: Available at most retail stores and independent toy retailers MSRP: $79.99

This set is perfect for children who love space, and enjoy using their imagination. See this and other great sets from playmobil here


disclosure-I received the above mentioned product for review purposes. All pinions are my own


  1. What a cool play set! I think there’s something so exciting about outer space and all the rockets that goes along with space exploration.

  2. That is just fun! My boys would just love playing with this! I especially love the scaffolding tower.

  3. This looks so fun! I know my son would go bananas for it!

  4. Oh my goodness, my kids LOVED Playmobil. I loved how easy the directions were, ha! This looks like a great set. Thanks for sharing

  5. That looks AMAZING! I want to play with it! I like that you included personal pictures so we could see what it really looks like. Thank you!

  6. It’s great that Playmobil has expanded their collection to include a space theme. What a great way for kids to use their imagination!

  7. This is awesome. The space theme is so popular right now. My grandson would love this!!

  8. My kids would love this. Playmobil has a great collection to choose from. My kids were invited to a birthday party coming up and this would be a great gift.

  9. My kids love space and rocketships! They would really have fun with this set!

  10. Looks like so much fun. I know my littlest would love this. Great way to teach kids about space!

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