Red hot entertaining ideas from Trudeau for Valentine’s Day

Everywhere you turn it seems Valentine’s Day is all the buzz! It is just over a week away after all. If you enjoy this special day with a special somebody you may already have started your plans. We keep this day pretty family oriented but still enjoy doing some special things to make the most of it. When it comes to Valentine’s day there are a few things that always come to mind. Chocolate is tops on that list no matter what age you are.

This Valentine’s Day, let romance blossom over a sumptuous shared meal. Simple to prepare, easy to enjoy and versatile, fondue can be made with traditional cheese, decadent chocolate or a nourishing broth. From main course to dessert, there is no doubt that sharing conversation and food over a fondue pot can make any evening memorable.

The gorgeous red Madrid Fondue Set from Trudeau (0822306) is the perfect centre-piece to a Valentine’s table setting. This 3 in 1 set has a removable ceramic double boiler with a 40 oz capacity for cheese and chocolate – both luxurious options for sharing and dipping from main course to dessert. For broth preparations, it has a stainless steel pot, sturdy riveted handles and a fork guide. Also included in the set are 6 stainless steel forks with colour coded tips, a safety burner with cool touch handle and a detailed instruction and recipe booklet to make it even easier to impress your loved one! SRP $74.99


What do you fondue?

Melting either cheese or chocolate you can dip in bite sized pieces of bread, fruit, cakes, marshmallows and more. Just poke the long fork into them and dip into the melted creamy goodness in the pot. Eat right away or cool for a special treat afterwards.

Pair this fabulous fondue set up with The Trudeau stoneware fondue plates (082505). These plates have 8 compartments to keep your creations separate and are very heavy. This set is great for any appetizers, or sushi.  Set of 4 plates SRP $34.99

To make your day even more special you can check out the heart shaped molds that are great for chocolate, jello, coloured ice-cubes or whatever your imagination can come up with. Also available is the heart shaped silicone ring. Fun way to make eggs or pancakes for those special loved ones on this special day.

Trudeau-valentines-dayHeat resistant to 428°F-220°C and dishwasher safe

We are excited to try out these fun items and create some cool Valentine’s Day treats. You can pick these items up and more for yourself from

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  1. I love chocolate fondue and this is a really nice set. Nothing says romance like chocolate.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    Oh how I love fondue. I don’t care if it’s chocolate or cheese – I love it all.

  3. I love it! Fondue is my jam. Chocolate. Cheese. Just give me something to dip,and I’m good to go.

  4. I love cheese fondue! That would be so fun for valentines day!

  5. Fondue is such a fun family meal. We like to start with a bread and cheese fondue and then finish with a chocolate fondue and fruit. Yummy!

  6. shaunatorres says

    Oh my goodness, I would fondu everything… YUMMY! I have such a soft spot for fondu and for chocolate. This looks delicious

  7. A fondue night would be so much fun! I would definitely incorporate different courses and make it a family affair.

  8. Lisa Bristol says

    I remember having fondue nights with my grandma when i was little. It was always so delicious. I will have to make one for the kids this weekend.

  9. These Trudeau stoneware fondue plates are perfect for an evening of delicious Fondue. I will have to get the ingredients i need to do a fondue this week.

  10. Chocolate fondue is our fave! It’s simple, delicious & super fun!

  11. I have always wanted a fondue maker. This looks like a great model to get started with.

  12. These are wonderful ideas. My family loves chocolate fondue.

  13. Yum fondu. This looks like a great Valentine’s date idea.

  14. Great ideas I love the choc strawberries! mmmm

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