Strawberry Red Vodka Drink for Valentine’s Day

There is nothing wrong with seeing red, I often do, but not in a bad way. No anger issues here, I see red vino. It’s my favorite type of wine to drink. But it’s summer, and summertime calls for something a little different and very VERY cold. For this wonderful summer drink treat, I cobbled together a fantastic trio. You not only have red vino but you have some “let the good times roll” vodka and plenty of fresh juicy strawberries too. Perfect for entertaining, Valentine’s Day or just some alone time!


Here is what you will  need-
8 Ounce Glass
3-4 Strawberries Sliced and chilled
3 Ounces of Red Wine, chilled
2 Ounces of Vodka, chilled
1 Ounce Grenadine, chilled
1. Mix chilled red wine, vodka and grenadine in a 8 ounce glass
2. Add sliced chilled strawberries
3, Serve with a straw
If you are looking to add a new drink recipe to your mix, why not give this one a try! Cheers!


  1. This looks like a fun drink to have with someone special on Valentine’s Day! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing it!

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