3 Types of Food that Lower Your Energy Levels

People always talk about foods that boost your energy, make your complexion look better, help you lose weight, and give you a brighter, whiter smile, but aside from junk food and the obvious culprits, no one ever really talks about the foods that you should avoid. There are healthy foods that aren’t so healthy for you, especially when you are thinking in terms of your energy levels. Some foods will zap your energy, make your metabolism slower, and aid in helping you to put on weight. Here are three of the foods you must avoid as they lower your energy levels.

High Fat Foods

You knew this was coming at the top of the list, and for good reason. Fat isn’t good for you and it slows down your body. There are good fats, yes, and some fats that your body must have to survive. There are more bad fats than good ones, though, and those are the ones you absolutely must avoid, even though people can’t seem to resist them. And the reason for that is because our bodies get used to ingesting them and we become addicted to them.

Reasons to avoid them

Other than making you gain weight and draining your energy, foods high in fats can all lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity if you consume them in large amounts. If you continue to eat them even after you have developed some of the above conditions, you are setting yourself up for a heart attack.

Shocking food to avoid: Bread

Fried chicken, pizza, and fast food burgers are some of your typical fatty foods to avoid, but did you also know that certain breads and pasta can do much of same? Avoid white breads and opt for healthier whole grain bread instead. If you can, avoid bread products altogether unless they are gluten free. Gluten is an ingredient found in foods made with wheat products and it metabolizes into fat and sugar within two hours of consumption. Gluten also makes you feel drained and tired, and it can even lead to constipation and other stomach issues.

High Calorie Foods

Counting calories, cutting calories, avoiding calories, and being angry at calories is the new thing and it doesn’t always make you skinny, nor does it boost your energy. There’s your shocking fact about calories! You need them to help you stay energized and they can actually help you lose weight. Now, this means the right kind of calories, of course. Calories found in fruits and vegetables are the healthy kind that you need.

Reasons to avoid them

The more you eat, the higher the calories in foods, the more weight you gain. The more weight you gain, the lower your metabolism and the lower your energy levels. It’s really that easy to understand, but you need to also understand that if you eat too little calories your body will feel as though it is starving and store every little thing you consume, making it impossible to lose weight.

Shocking food to avoid: Peanut butter

One of the highest calorie “health foods” is peanut butter. This is really a shame, too, not only because it tastes so yummy, but because it also gives you energy. You don’t have to cut it out completely, though. You can eat peanut butter in smaller amounts or at certain times of the day to make sure you have enough time to burn off the excess calories found in this delicious treat.

Foods That Are High In Sugar

The biggest villain of the nutrition world is sugar, and it’s time to set the record straight on it. There are some good sugars! There, now that that has been said you need to remember what you learned as a kid: you can’t eat cake all day because you will get sick. That’s because cake doesn’t contain good sugars.

Reasons to avoid them

It’s as simple as this: sugar equals calories, and calories equals fat, fat equals no energy. Fruits contain good sugars, and those good sugars give you energy. Cake contains refined sugars, and that type of sugar zaps your energy.

Shocking food to avoid: Pineapple

Pineapples are high in sugar content, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them. You can just limit how much you eat them or drink the juice. This tasty fruit actually makes people gain weight in their stomachs. Instead of pineapple, opt for a mango or banana, which have better natural sugars.

Even when you think the food may be healthy for you, check it out again. This is not to say you cannot enjoy these foods ever but you should limit your consumption of them.

food that lowers your energy levels


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