7 Tips for Expanding Your Social Circle

Friends are classified by most people to exist in a comfort zones similar to the zone their parents and family members exist in. Good friends canmake you feel great. Friends are fun for hanging out together, eating delicious foods, enjoying night outs or just good conversation.

Some people are lucky enough to just be able to go out and make new friends everywhere they go.

Unfortunately not everyone can be a social magnet, especially those who are shy or introverted. Being able to build friendships and relationships with other people is very beneficial not only to your personal life but also to advance your career.


In order to expand your social circle you will need to become the master of the art of socializing. Here are some sure-fire tips for expanding your social circle.

tips on expanding your social circle

  1. In order to expand your social circle, you should be connecting with an individual or a “connector” who knows many people. These connectors can be people who often host parties and seems to know everyone. By doing this, you are increasing your own chance of meeting new people that have the potential of becoming part of your own social circle.
  2. Another tactic to take is to ensure you are meeting new individuals constantly. Though the reality is that you cannot make all people want to be  your friend but you should be visiting places where you will feel comfortable with mingling among new people. Try going to places where other individuals are more likely to be open to making new connections. These places include opening nights, trade shows, seminars, charitable events, galas etc…  A great way to meet new people is by attending a Meetup group related to a hobby or interest you have.
  3. When you meet someone new put into action your listening skills.  Listen carefully to what they have to say and empathize by either offering your opinion or offering a similar story of your own.
  4. A social circle doesn’t need to be equipped with people who are not your type. If you do try to fit in with people who aren’t normally your type you may end up in a situation where you start avoiding your social circle which defeats the purpose.  Try to build a community consisting of people within your type as well as matches to your interests when it comes to new friends. Through this, you are establishing a great and well- rounded social circle that you can trust.
  5. In expanding your social circle, a little way of planning can help. This is by figuring it out if what type of individuals you are interested in mingling with. You can make a list of all the qualities you are looking for, interests and even character traits. Get a little bit ambitious for this will allow you to see whether a certain person is really suitable for you.
  6. Don’t forget about social media.  It is a wonderful way to connect with people of similar interests who you may not otherwise have ever come into contact with.
  7. If you forget everything else on this list just remember this tip.  Stay in touch!  You must follow up with new acquaintances, and catch up with your existing friends.  Social circles require maintenance to keep them healthy.

All the above mentioned tips are very helpful in expanding your social circle. By doing this you are not just given the opportunity of expanding but also establishing friendships that can last forever.

Share one thing you can do this week to connect with liked-minded people.


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