Celebrate Spring with Hallmark (Giveaway CAN)

Signs of Spring are popping up everywhere!

Birds singing, flowers and other plants sprouting.

Even on the colder days the sun is still shining bright and warming things up. One of my most favourite things to do lately is sit on my kitchen drinking my morning coffee as I watch the sun come up in the morning. It is a great way to start my day and put a smile on my face.

With Spring break here, Easter around the corner, Spring is sure a busy time for all!

Hallmark has a wonderful selection of gifts and home decor to bring in this great season. Recently they sent me a fun selection of items to try out. The Bunny mug available in both pink and blue is a wonderful addition to my mug collection. This ceramic mug that holds 15 ounces is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Sky blue accents pair with a sweet scene on this mug, featuring the silhouette of an Easter bunny in a bed of flowers. Available for $12.95 at Hallmark stores nationwide.

Hallmark Bunny Mug

I just love the little bunny on my mug and the colour blue that fills my cup. This mug is great! Hallmark actually has an entire collection of dishes to go with this mug.

giveaway time

One lucky Canadian is going to win a mug from Hallmark Canada. Either the blue bunny or the pink mug they offer (no image shown) Fill out the form below


  1. ivy pluchinsky says

    I like the adult coloring books they have

  2. OMG under baby, the pillow and blanket sets…the cat? NO NO THE BUNNY..wait, the dog..OMG so cute, I want to buy them all !!

  3. The Die Cast Metal Cars would go over well in my family.

  4. The duck salt and pepper shakers are really cute and would look great in my collection

  5. I would like Eeyore itty bitty

  6. Rosanne Robinson says

    My grandson LOVES the all about eggs bunny!

  7. Itty Bittys!

  8. Dianne G. says

    I like the Bunny Treat Jar from Hallmark and also the Itty Bitty Winnie The Pooh Characters.

  9. I want the bunny treat jar. It is So cute.

  10. Florence C says

    I like the Duck Salt and Pepper Shakers.

  11. I really love that bunny mug, over everything else!

  12. hollyogorman says

    I would love Maddy and the Undersea Sparkle Fest book.

  13. l love the All About the Eggs Bunny

  14. Lee-Ann S says

    I really like the Easter Tree that they have this year.

  15. I would like the Bunny treat jar.

  16. I would like Eeyore itty bitty

  17. kathy downey says

    The item i love most from Hallmark is their Gift Wrap Collections.

  18. I have a little girl that would love the Squawkin Egg Dropping Hen, how cute!!

  19. Duck salt and pepper are cute!

  20. I love the ducks salt and pepper set, so cute!

  21. I like the Itty Bittys stuffed toys

  22. I really like The duck salt and pepper shakers.

  23. I like the bunny treat jar.

  24. Jennifer L. says

    I like the Squawkin’ Egg Droppin’ Hen.

  25. the bunny treat jar and Eeyore. thanks

  26. The duck salt and pepper shakers are really cute.

  27. I like the bunny treat jar

  28. The Bunny Treat Jar is really nice.

  29. I really like the duck salt and pepper set.

  30. Carol Denny says

    I like the Bunny Treat jar

  31. naiddia p says

    I Really like the bunny mug.

  32. I really would like the itty Bitty’s. But, I would love to start collecting the Cupcake Series Ornaments.

  33. I like the fairy figurines.

  34. Diana Powell says

    Love the ornament tree.

  35. SweetPanda says

    I like the Baker’s Dozen keepsake ornament cupcake

  36. i would love the Winnie the Pooh Itty Bittys — all of them! So adorable 😀

  37. Would love a year’s worth of greeting cards!

  38. Treen Goodwin says

    I would love to have the blanket and pillow set (The Cat ) so cute thanks for the chance 🙂

  39. The Duck salt and pepper shakers are just way too cute!

  40. I love the bunny treat jar and the duck salt and pepper shakers . I couldn’t pick just one lol

  41. Sunshine G says

    Love the Itty Bitty collection – they’re adorable!

  42. Stephen Gordon says

    Bunny Treat Jar



  44. Juliee Fitze says

    I would like to get the duck salt and pepper.

  45. Victoria Ess says

    I’d also like the itty bitties!

  46. I’d love any of the mugs by Ken Sheldon and Stephen Carter, or the cups and saucers by Jeanne Rittmueller.

  47. Melissa F says

    Love the Garden fair collection! Would get it to convince my kids that we have fairies 🙂

  48. all about eggs and bunnies

  49. I would like their Kiddie Car Classics Keepsake ornaments

  50. I’d like the Bunny Treat jar,..so cute

  51. Jen C (@JusticeSadie) says

    I adore the Bunny Mug!! The Bunny Treat Jar is sweet too!

  52. I’d love the eggs & bunny candy bowl. Cute!

  53. I would love the squawking egg dropping hen

  54. Travelbuds says

    I love the duck salt and pepper

  55. I would love to bring home one of the artist crafted monogram mugs.

  56. I like the Itty Bitty stuffed toys

  57. Sarah Stickney says

    I like the fairy doors

  58. l love the Keepsake Ornament Cupcakes

  59. Nicole Jubleew says

    I would love the Bunny treat jar from Hallmark.

  60. Katharine W says

    I would love the adult colouring books.

  61. I love the itty bitty’s

  62. I like the Eggs and Bunny Candy Bowl.

  63. edmontonjb says

    The Gardenfair Gifts look really nice!


  64. the bunny treats jar is so adorable

  65. I would love the squawking egg dropping hen for grandchild

  66. I love the super cute spring tree.

  67. I would love the salt and pepper ducks

  68. I love the Squawkin’ Egg Dropping hen!

  69. I love the duck salt and pepper.

  70. I like the Easter Egg and Bunny bowl
    (Debbie W)

  71. I like the adult colouring books!

  72. Anything and everything Snoopy

  73. I would like to get the Eggs and Bunny Candy Bowl.

  74. I like the duck salt and pepper shakers.

  75. Bounce the Bunny Saves Easter looks sweet.

  76. I want everything Hallmark makes, lol. I definitely think the Itty Bittys are adorable!

  77. I would love the disney itty bitty basket and plushes

  78. I’d absolutely love an Itty Bitty Nemo from their extensive Disney collection!!

  79. The tree ordaments are sooo cute!

  80. joanne frank says

    Adult Colouring books

  81. All the Rainbow Brite stuff!!!!!! Excited!

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