Change up your Easter baskets with PLAYMOBIL’s new Eggs!

Many of the traditions we have were passed down over the years from our parents. I notice these most around the holidays and have been making a few changes to them. I love the memories and history behind these traditions, but life evolves and families change, so traditions need to be adjusted. One of these is filling  my kids with chocolate on Easter 🙂 When I was a kid we ate chocolate non-stop all day after the visit from the Easter bunny. Now, being a mom to four, I am looking for some different options, some alternatives.

My children love to eat chocolate but there is so much more out there. They are creative and love to spend time together. So this year I am changing things up a bit and adding more items they can use to play and be creative.

Playmobil Easter eggs

Easter is just around the corner! Instead of buying the same chocolate year to year, add a unique touch to your child’s Easter basket with PLAYMOBIL’s new Eggs! Split open the original PLAYMOBIL Egg to uncover anything from a soccer player to an alpaca. Children can use the PLAYMOBIL egg to store all their toy pieces, or even as their own piggy bank! This versatile toy set is a great addition to Easter baskets and party favors, making it a go-to Easter product.

With four eggs to choose from there is surely one for everyone on your list! They are fun to play with and easy to put together. The eggs can be used as a piggy bank or other storage after assembled.


Available at most retail stores and independent toy retailers for $10.99

Twist open the giant blue PLAYMOBIL egg to discover a swashbuckling pirate with his treasure map, treasure, shovel, skull, and more. Store all the pieces inside the egg or use it as a children’s bank thanks to the coin slot in the bottom. This set makes a great addition to Easter baskets and party favors. Collect all four colors: pink, yellow, red, and blue.

The Pirate, Zoo Keeper, Mermaid and Soccer player make great additions to any Easter Basket or gift. My seven year is enjoying hers (The Pirate) and will be thrilled to see the ones I am hiding for her basket.

You can see these and other great toys to keep your child’s imagination growing at


  1. those look kind of neat

  2. Florence C says

    These are interesting. Nice to have more choices for Easter Baskets.

  3. These are pretty cool and something different and more play friendly than Kinder, I actually like these, I’ll have to find some!!

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