Downloading Caddle is a win win! @caddlecanada (Giveaway CAN)

It is no secret I like to save money! Back before starting my blog I would clip coupons, watch flyers and stock the clearance aisles when shopping. This was how I was able to help my family budget every month. Over the years it has become second nature to me, even though we are no longer a single income household. Saving money is important to me for so many reasons. I save on the items I can so I can splurge on others or set a little aside for a rainy day.

It feels good to save. It helps my family to save.

If you follow me on Twitter you will see me often sharing a great find I scored that allowed me to save huge. I share these deals with family, friends, people in the checkout line and pretty much anyone who asks. I think they can see the passion I have for finding a deal and they too want in.


Over the years saving money and the way we save has evolved drastically. With technology we can not use apps to find coupons, get cash back and find the best price possible. The most recent app I have been using is Caddle as it allows me to get cash back from items I bought and fun engagement. I make it a part of my shopping habit to check the site and see what items I can get cash back on. I also check in weekly to do tasks like following, sharing a pic etc that sends cash back.

You can download Caddle on your iPhone but if you have Android like me, you can use the site straight from your PC easily.  Below are a few offers they previously had that offered cash back.


You can also earn money when you refer friends and they sign up. It is a win win that really never ends. You have nothing to lose and everything to save so why not sign up? When you reach $20.00 you can cash out and request a cheque delivered to your mailbox.

Visit and sign up to save and earn cash back right away. It takes no time at all to receive cashback as the tasks are easy and fun to do! I really enjoy uploading pics and sharing them for cashback most of all. I get excited every time I see someone share a picture of their cheques online, knowing this is a great service for us budget savvy moms 🙂

giveaway time

Caddle is really a great app and service and to show you just how great they are, they are offering one of you lucky Canadians $25 cash. Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!


Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Caddle and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.


  1. Christine W says

    There’s an offer for pictures of completing outdoor activities

  2. A current offer is 25 cents back on spinach.

  3. offer for completing outdoor activities.

  4. Steve Bobula says

    1$ Cash back submitting a receipt

  5. Silvia D says

    $1 back when purchasing a 200gr Ferrero Rocher®

  6. Cheese
    Purchase Cheese from Any Store and Upload Your Receipt for .25 cents back

  7. A current offer from Caddle is .25 cents back from a purchase of spinach

  8. $100 Cash back on 200 gram box of Ferrero Rochers.

  9. Kelsie steeves says

    Buy clothing submit receipt over $30 for $1 back

  10. $0.50 for purchasing Canadian wine

  11. Jen Oram says

    Love Caddle! There is an offer for .25 back when you purchase a Canadian wine!

  12. Clare I. says

    $0.50 cash back on any cheese purchased from any store

  13. Wendy hutton says

    a current offer is $0.25 cash back on spinach

  14. Monique L.S. says

    .25 cash back for taking a picture of you getting outside

  15. Cheryl P says

    $2 when you spend $10 on movie theatre concessions.

  16. Vanessa Ethridge says

    50 cents cash back to tell a friend about caddle

  17. .25 cents back on spinach

  18. 25 cents cashback on spinach

  19. Carly Miller says

    Upload a picture of what you love about Canada!❤️??

  20. $1.00 on any 200g Ferrero Rocher. thanks

  21. $1 back when you spend $30 or more on any clothes.

  22. $1 back for Canadian Wine.

  23. $1 back for Ferrero Rocher purchase

  24. Krista M says

    $2.25 cash back when you spend more than $10 or more on any movie theatre concessions!

  25. ivy pluchinsky says

    A current offer is 25 cents back on spinach.

  26. Erin McSweeney says

    .50 for any cheese purchase

  27. caroline m. says

    There’s an offer for .25$ on spinach, which I purchase all the time anyway. Love knowing about this new (to me) app.

  28. there’s 50 cents cashback on ice cream.

  29. A current offer at Caddle is earn $0.25 cash back on ice cream from any store.

  30. Earn $0.25 Cash Back on spinach. Good! I need to get some tomorrow!

  31. $1 off Ferrero Rocher® 200g Gift Box

  32. Erinn Lishman says

    A current offer is $0.25 cash back for showing your love for Canada!

  33. Earn $0.25 Cash Back on spinach

  34. cgrandy823 says

    One of the tasks is to watch an ad.

  35. Earn $0.50 on an ice cream purchase.

  36. Victoria Ess says

    watching an ad is a current task!

  37. Andrea Williams says

    $.50 to follow the founder on Twitter.

  38. JOANNE FRANK says

    BUY 2: Ferrero Rocher® Chocolate and Hazelnut Bunnies $4.00 CASH BACK

  39. SweetPanda says

    Earn $0.50 cash back on cereal

  40. There are two separate offers for cashback when you purchase Ferrero Chocolates (Easter)

  41. michelle matta says

    follow caddle on twitter for .25

  42. Anu Chopra says

    Purchase Cereal from Any Store and Upload Your Receipt

    Earn $0.25

  43. Cheese,
    Make any purchase of cheese and submit receipt for $.50 cash bacl

  44. angela september says

    i have the caddle app and i think it;s awesome!
    right now there’s $0.50 back on any cereal

  45. 25 cents back for spinach

  46. compugirl says

    I just earned cash for the questionnaire on Brusselsprouts and for uploading my receipt of their purchase. I also earned for referring, answering questionaaires about Canadian Wine. So many ways to earn!

  47. Angela Mitchell says

    $4.00 cash back when you BUY 2: Ferrero Rocher® Chocolate and Hazelnut Bunnies.

  48. I actually had the caddle page open just then,what a is $0.50 cash back on cereal!

  49. Donna L. says

    Date Night: Spend $30 or More at Any Restaurant in Canada, earn 0.25 cents

  50. $2 cashback at South St Burger!

  51. I found a good deal BUY 2: Ferrero Rocher® Chocolate and Hazelnut Bunnies

  52. edmontonjb says

    South St. Burger
    Spend $10 or More at Any South St. Burger (Alberta & Ontario Only)


  53. $0.50 cash back on cheese

  54. Elizabeth R says

    There is an offer for 50 cents back on a bottle of Canadian wine.

  55. Date Night: Spend $30 or More at Any Restaurant in Canada, earn 0.25 cents date nights back, I tried to do it before but it was all taken up, which is kinda annoying cus we don’t do this but twice a year if that …I wish they’d allow everyone to do that at least twice a year instead of just the first people who did it that day ….

  56. kathy downey says

    I love that they have BUY 2: Ferrero Rocher® Chocolate and Hazelnut Bunnies and save $4.

  57. Dianne G. says

    Upload a Screenshot of You Getting Outside and Tag #GetOutside and @CaddleCanada and you get 0.25 is one of the tasks.

  58. Florence C says

    50 cents off Canadian wine.

  59. M. Archambeau says

    25 cents back on cereal purchase!

  60. 50 Cents cash back on brussel sprouts

  61. FLASH FRIDAY – Share Your Caddle Earnings! and get $0.50 Cashback

  62. Debbie White Beattie says

    $.25 back for Brussel Sprouts

  63. Anne Derkat says

    50 cents back on organic bananAS

  64. I noted $.25 back for Brussel Sprouts.

  65. BUY 2: Ferrero Hazelnut Eggs and Ferrero Cocoa Eggs receive $3

  66. Melissa M says

    $0.50 for Brussels sprouts

  67. Susanne McCarthy says

    50 cents back on cereal….who doesn’t buy cereal!

  68. $.50 cash back on any cereal!

  69. anxiouscanadianmom says

    $2 off at South St Burgers

  70. 50 cents back on cereal – bought it today!

  71. $1 cash back for a clothing receipt of $30 or more

  72. 0.50 brusell sprouts

  73. $0.50 on brusell sprouts

  74. Patrick Siu says

    50cent cashback on brussel spouts

  75. 0.50 brussel spouts 🙂

  76. aarone mawdsley says

    25 cents back on spinach

  77. shirley li says

    25 cents back on spinach

  78. $1 cash back for $30 clothing receipt uploaded

  79. Mmmm!!!! $4 cash back on BUY 2: Ferrero Rocher® Chocolate and Hazelnut Bunnies

  80. $0.25 on spinach

  81. they had a FLASH OFFER – International Women’s Day
    Share Your Most Influential Woman and Tag #InternationalWomensDay and @CaddleCanada

  82. 25 cents for posting your pick for #internationalwomensday

  83. You can get $0.50 cash back when you buy cheese!

  84. .25 cents for spinach 🙂

  85. Diana Powell says

    Love these apps ! .50 cents back for cheese

  86. Robina Sood says

    Brussel sprouts 25 cents cash back

  87. Juliee Fitze says

    $0.50 cash back for Brussels sprouts

  88. I love the cash back offer on Ferrero Rocher chocolates!

  89. prairiebelle says

    50 cents cash back on cheese

  90. There is an offer to post your dream car on social media and tag @caddlecanada

  91. 25 cents off Asparagus

  92. Julie Bolduc says

    $1 back when you spend $30 or more on any clothes

  93. melanie borhi says

    1$ Cash back submitting a receipt

  94. 25 cents off on KALE. So sexy.

  95. Melissa F says

    Love Caddle, can’t wait for the Android app! Can save on Kale right now!

  96. Nicole Jubleew says

    $0.50 cash back on paper towel.

  97. There is a cashback offer for Lindt bunnies (YUM!)

  98. A current offer on their site is to upload a grocery receipt of $50 or more to get .25 cents back.

  99. $1 back for submitting a receipt!

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