Family Friendly Activities In Bangkok

There are some destinations we all see in the movies and hear in the songs but never think too much about visiting. Until recently Bangkok was one of these destinations. Then I started looking more into it and realized it is a very unique and beautiful place that is sure to delight all of the senses. A place I hope to visit one day soon!

Bangkok is a wonderful place to visit and the best part is that there is a lot that can be done as a family.  Everyone in the family should be able to find an activity that interests them and the children will be very happy at the end of their vacation. There are many things to do in Bangkok for you and your loved ones. Read below before planning your next trip.


Siam Ocean World is located under the Siam Paragon shopping mall and is an aquatic wonderland that is two stories.  Inside the aquarium you will find over 30,000 different animals from all over the world.  Every guest will be able to walk through an underwater tunnel, ride in a glass bottom boat and the bravest visitors can dive right in and swim with the sharks.

Kidzania is a learning area for children.  Kidzania looks like a big town, but in reality it is a way for children to experience over 80 different jobs.  Imagine your child pretending to be a firefighter or flying an airplane.  All of the buildings look realistic, except for the fact that they are smaller in size.

If anyone in the family loves animals, then a trip to Safari World is necessary.  The safari section of the park offers visitors a chance to drive through the safari in a car or take a bus ride with a tour guide.  At the marine section of the park, everyone can see the hundreds of exhibits and there are seven shows every day.  There is even a jungle cruise river ride, where guests will feel like they are riding through the jungles of Africa and Asia.

Snow Town at Gateway Ekkamai is an indoor snow themed village that is complete with artificial snow.  Throughout the day there is always fresh artificial snow being made, but four times a day guests can experience snow falling from the roof.  Everyone in the family will enjoy walking around Main Street and can even attempt to ski or sleigh ride on a hilltop.

Art in Paradise is a 3D museum that is interactive.  Everyone who visits is encouraged to become part of the art scenes.  Imagine all of the fun your family will have as you ride a magic carpet or pose on a surfboard.  It is a lot of fun to watch as others try to find the perfect pose for each work of art as well.

With so many fun activities to do while visiting Bangkok, the days will be busy.  The area offers so much more than temples and monuments, so rotate your days between them and other activities.  This will allow every family member to feel like they are doing exactly what they want during the trip and everyone will leave happy.

Have you ever considered visiting Bangkok with your family? Is it on your bucket list of places to see?

things to do in Bangkok



  1. Susan T. says

    I’ve never thought of Bangkok as being a family destination but it sounds like it would be fun for the adventurous! I would love to go!

  2. I dream of someday being able to travel the world and see all these amazing places!!

  3. Thanks this sure sounds like a fun place to visit.Really love all the colors in the first photo and would love to visit the aquarium.

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