How to Become a Morning Person

Are you always waking up late in the morning? Or, are you one of those who are certified and classified as not a morning person? If you are included in either of the two groups you may be wondering how to turn this around and enjoy your entire day from rise until rest.

There are many reasons you may struggle with mornings. One of the most common reasons for this is pressure at the office and working more than eight hours a day in order to survive in a very competitive world and your body is still tired or you just didn’t have a good sleep.

How to become a morning person

Becoming a morning person may be somewhat difficult and there are many factors to consider. So, if you are interested in changing your habits for the better read on to learn how to become a morning person by resetting your body clock.

  • First thing to remember is to try to get enough sleep each night – most adults require 7-8 hours sleep.
  • Keep electronics out of the bed and avoid wakeful activities in your bed, such as talking on the phone, texting, watching TV, checking your email or playing games on your tablet.
  • Another thing is that there is a need to stay consistent by setting a daily bedtime and wake up time. When you introduce consistency into your sleep cycle you will eventually get better quality sleep and the tendency is that your body clock will get used to waking up earlier than you currently do.
  • Another reason some people wake up late in the morning is because their room is still dark which tricks their body into thinking it is still night time.  If you are like this, you should be keep a part of your blinds or curtains open during the night and once the sunshine strikes you will have an easier time waking up.  Light and dark are huge cues to your body clock so artificial darkness and light can really mess with sleep schedules.
  • Don’t forget to reward yourself with a fine treat for getting up early!  A delicious breakfast and a hot and refreshing bath or shower will go a long way to make you feel ready to start your day!

What is your best tip for rising with the sun?


  1. some people are not morning people and there are plenty of jobs out there for them…its like forcing a lefty to be a righty…not happening…my mom, who turned 77 two days ago is such a person…no way in hell did she ever manage to get up early during my lifetime and to this day she still is up all night and sleeps til noon or later. My parents had their own business their whole lives (mom retired at 67) so she always had the night shift, and dad always had the day shift (plus she was better at dealing with that type of clientele that came in during her hours,she was a no nonsense person)

  2. sarah alexis says

    I could totally be a morning person in the spring and summer – when it’s light out and pleasant! It’s really hard to be a morning person in the grey/dark/wet winter months 🙁

  3. I’m normally a morning person especially in the Spring, Summer & Fall. Now though; dialysis drains me & I could easily sleep all day & stay up all night.

    Love your tips. The light & dark ones are definitely true! I can’t sleep if there’s daylight. My body wants to be up, lol!

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