How to get a good sleep every night

As a child I dreaded bedtime, I think most do. I use to fight going to bed and was happy to wake bright and early to watch cartoons. In my teen years I started to love sleep. I would laze around and nap when I could, sleep in late and even sleep in class. Then I became a mom and now I miss sleep.

Eight hours of rest seems like a fantasy, a dream that is impossible. Maybe when I am a grandma I can learn to sleep again and if I nap, nobody will question it.

But why should I wait?

Without sleep I am grumpy and irritable. My nights are long and often my days are a fog. Not all nights and not all days, but most. Good sleep means better health and more energy so it is worth investing in. I know they say you can expect to spend a fortune on a mattress because it is an investment, but what do you do when it does not do the job?

Will the mattress keep the stress out of my life?

Will it stop my spouse from waking me when he comes to bed 4 hours after me?

What about the kids? Will the mattress keep the kids from jumping on me at 6 AM in the morning?

A good mattress and a door lock can only do so much.

how to get a good sleep

If you are looking to take back sleep before your days of being a granny are here, here are some tips on getting a good sleep every night!

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Do not take long naps during the day
  • Exercise daily
  • avoid exercise and stimulation before bed
  • Get sunlight during the day, open the windows and try not to have dim gloomy surroundings.
  • Try to keep on a 24 hour cycle, bed same time nightly. Wake same time even on weekends
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed
  • The bedroom should be for sleeping only, not reading, surfing the web or watching TV

Do develop a routine and do a calming activity before bed. Try to de-stress and not go to bed worried. Scents like candles and oils work for some people. Personally I like clean linens that are soft and silky on my skin to rest best.

You should fall asleep within 30 minutes and if you do not, change things up. Maybe you need darker curtains, a quieter spot, different sheets. If something is not working get up and have a drink of milk or take a bath. Do something to calm you. Hopefully in no time you will be on a good routine with a workable sleeping pattern. Lets take back our nights and love sleep again!

If sleep is an issue for you, be sure to reach out to your family Dr for help.

What do you find works for you to get a good sleep every night?


  1. Great tips! I tend to sleep poorly – a sleep mask to keep out light has helped me for mornings when it’s really bright early in the day

  2. If I keep the t.v. on I sleep through.

  3. I can actually take a 2 hr nap on a sunday and still get to bed at 10pm at night LOL. I also get up about 3-4 times a night to use the washroom (ever since I had kids its been this way) I now actually sleep with the ipad going (youtube sounds, such as winter storm or rainstorms and lightning…gentle crickets LOL, yeah, that bad) I’m the type of person whose mind wants to go full speed a head and HAVE gotten up at 4am because my mind won’t let me sleep (And I work at noon, so, yeah, long, long day)

  4. Good tips, but I work shifts that really messes up my clock. I wish I could sleep better, but sadly it is my way of life.

  5. Great tips!! My husband is the guy who loves watching TV in the bedroom.I make sure it’s off when I go to bed because I have to follow all your tips or I have trouble sleeping.

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