Jeans for every body type from Mark’s #springintolife

Being a mom does not mean I want to live in ‘mom jeans” you know, the high waist jeans that are not at all flattering.

Over the years as my body has changed my love for jeans has come and gone then come back again. The last few years since jeans have really evolved have been the best. There are so many great styles and cuts now, there is something for every body type. Personally I like jeans that have some give to them and flare at the bottom slightly. When it comes to style, I love jeans with some character and stitching throughout as well as a bit of a faded look.

Mark's jeans

For me jeans can be both my daytime look and my on -the-go night time look. Great to wear my sneakers and my fave T or a dressier shirt with heels. Being a curvy full figured girl I find a pair of jeans I love and live in them. It is not always easy to find jeans in my size that are both flattering and stylish. When given the task to check out some jeans and find my perfect fit at my local Mark’s store recently, I could not pass it up. In case you did not know, Mark’s carries a verity of sizing for both men and women in many styles of clothing. Jeans are the cornerstone of every women’s wardrobe and Mark’s has an assortment of jeans for every body shape out there!

Mark’s is a Canadian casual and industrial apparel and footwear retailer. With 385 stores operating across the country, the company has solidified its place in the retail market as Canada’s number one men’s casual apparel and footwear destination.

When I arrived I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the jeans they had in stock. Capris, mid-rise CURVE-Tech, Skinny jeans, bootcut, straight leg, boyfriend, low-rise, high rise and more! Mark’s is making it easier than ever for Canadian women to find the perfect pair of jeans for every body shape. The increased collection will provide Canadian women with great fitting jeans, while offering the quality and comfort Mark’s is known for.

Jeans in store

Almost every style had a size 18 and 20 for the ladies like me who normally shop at plus-size stores. I had an issue finding the length I needed so the staff member int he section came over to help me. She went into the back and came back with some jeans in my length. She explained to me how to read their sizing and told me about the current promotions in store.

jean label

Mark’s has over 70  styles of jeans for women from the country’s most popular brands – including Silver, Levi’s and Buffalo in addition our in-house brands Denver Hayes, DH3 and WindRiver. The jeans I fell instantly in love with were the Suki Silver jeans. They are available in plus size and have really nice stitching. The cut I chose is bootcut.

Jeans on

These jeans fit my curves perfectly! The colour was exactly what I was looking for and the stitching added a lot of character to them. The jeans were $118 and great quality. Mark’s has always been a store I trust for quality clothing. Since jeans are something I know I personally would get a lot of use out of, the price was okay with me. The length was perfect and the way they hung around my ankles made them great for any shoe style.


These are another pair I tried on. I liked the style but the colour was too dark for my liking, I prefer the faded look.

Silver understand that it’s not one plus size fits all. They design their denim for your unique body type. Perfect for the girl with curves, Silver Suki mid-rise straight jeans in ultra-comfortable Super Stretch denim are made just for you, conforming to your natural curves without gapping in the back. The brand’s Super Stretch fabric is lightweight and soft, yet designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear. You’ll love vintage-inspired details like whiskering and handsanding. And behind it all, the Silver signature stitched back pockets make these denims unmistakable. The pockets highlight the Silver S-scroll with a mix of tonal and contrast stitching. It’s your way of letting everyone know you’ve got good taste in denim.

As the #1 jeans retailer in Canada, Mark’s has further extended its already wide-ranging in-store and online denim collection.

Shopping for jeans can be a very time consuming and stressful task. There are hundreds/ thousands of options in the market and shopping in this sea of indigo can be overwhelming… to say the least.  You can both reduce time and stress by following a few simple steps. When starting your search, don’t get hung up on the leg silhouettes or washes right away… these decisions will come later. 
KEY is to start from the waist and work your way down. Once you have determined your BODY TYPE, you can then easily determine the FIT that best flatters your waist, hips and thighs perfectly. 
Look at yourself in the mirror and determine what shape you are. This is KEY to finding the perfect FIT. Remember, Body Type is not a reflection of “size” or “weight”… all body types come in all sizes.  Body Type is the relation of your waist to your hips & thighs. I believe that women searching for pants/bottoms fall into one of 3 Body Types.

·  Where your waist is smaller than your hips/thighs
·  Also sometimes referred to as Pear or Hourglass
·  Where your waist, hips and thighs are aligned
·   Also sometimes referred to as Ruler or Boyish
Inverted Triangle:
·  Where your hips and thighs are smaller than your waist
·   Also sometimes referred to as Oval or Diamond
Inside of each of these 3 Body Types there are women who ALSO fall into the sub-categories: Tall, Plus, Petite… but these will not necessarily impact your FIT… only the length or size of the jean.
Head to your favourite store (Mark’s) and ask the associate to guide you to your best fit. Ask for the specifics based on my tips per Body Type. Once you’ve found your FIT, pull 2-3 sizes of your favourite styles and head to the change room. With the right FIT in hand, you will find the perfect jeans while trying on significantly less.
Now that you know what jeans FIT and LOOK perfect on you… have some fun. Choose different washes and play around with the different options in Leg Silhouettes. Try a Skinny… you may be shocked how much you love the Skinny now that the FIT is flattering your shape.
Although ANY Body Type can wear ANY Leg Silhouette… there are definitely benefits/tips in each silhouette that you should know about.
WIDE LEG jeans (Slim Boot, Baby Boot, Boot, Flare, etc.) will draw attention to your lower half (down to your ankles). These jeans will provide BALANCE to wider hips/thighs. When buying wide leg jeans…look for longer inseams that you can dress up with boots or heels. This will elongate your legs and give a slimming look to any Body Type. Not recommended to tailor since you lose the wide leg the more you cut off the bottom of the jean.
STRAIGHT LEG jeans are the most versatile for all Body Types. Since the Knee is in line with the Leg Opening…this jean can be worn with any shoe/boot. Feel free to play with this leg opening…cuff the legs for a fun and flirty look, roll them multiple times for a casual look or keep down to cover your foot completely… keeping your legs looking long and lean. This jean is also the easiest to tailor for any petite girls struggling with finding their inseams.
SKINNY jeans or JEGGINGS are great for all Body Types, but look for stretch. The more stretch the Skinny jean has…the better it will flatter your shape from waist to ankle. Key thing to remember when shopping for a stretch Skinny… try going down a size in order to have a snug fit. This will keep your jeans flattering to your shape AND fit tighter around your ankles.
Wash Tips:
·   Dark Wash: everyone’s best friend…most flattering on ALL body types…most versatile to wear
·   Medium Wash: most common for everyday wear…can be both casual and dressy depending on detailing.
·    Light Wash: most casual of all the washes and often hardest to wear.
What are your favourite style of  jeans?


  1. I have hated jeans for year. I hate the way I look in them. I will have to try these and see how I fit in them! They look promising!

  2. I agree it is hard to find jeans for the curvy girl. I live in my jeans and am almost ready for a new pair. I will remember to go to Marks the next time I’m looking for new jeans.

  3. Is there anything more frustrating than jean shopping? It sounds like Mark’s makes so many fits and sizes that it’s almost fun to shop for jeans. My favorite style is curvy, skinny jeans.

  4. I have been wearing straight leg jeans since I was 12 years old. I love them!

  5. Jean shopping is so hard to do! I love the skinny jean look but also love trying other styles as well.

  6. I love that! I need to definitely determine my body type before shopping for jeans. I always seem to end up disappointed! I’ll try Mark’s for sure!

  7. I have such a hard time shopping for jeans. This makes it look more pleasurable.

  8. I don’t know that I have a favorite! I guess it just depends. Skinny jeans are my preference when wearing boots.

  9. mistywright271471215 says

    I love jeans so much, my favorite style is any of them! I need to go get some new ones now that Spring is here!

  10. Florence C says

    I do find my Jeans, shorts and other pants at Marks. I do try on quite a few pairs to find the right fit.

  11. I absolutely LOVE Suki Silver jeans! Great to know they are sold at Mark’s!

  12. Finding comfortable jeans has always been a challenge for me. I can never find the right fit or the right length.

  13. I love Mark’s. They have such a great selection and the quality is fantastic. I still have one of my dad’s old t-shirts from there that I use as a nightshirt for over 20 years. I’m a curvy girl and I love bootcut.

  14. Personally I’m a skinny jeans kind of gal! I’m looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans though, especially for the hot summer!

  15. These are great tips for shopping for the right pair of jeans. I need to go buy a few new pairs of jeans for this summer.

  16. Ooh those look great! I’m still a fan of bootcut, I know the style isn’t popular now but it looks the best on this curvy gal. 🙂

  17. I use to love wearing jeans! Then I grew a muffin top and sort of did not look so appealing.

  18. I don’t know if I could pay $118 for a pair of jeans or not. I am so used to buying cheaper ones, but I bet after putting them on and trying how they feel, I could splurge!

    • Sarah Pitcher says

      I bought them to wear Christmas Day. “Absolutely fabulous” is all I can say! (Well worth the splurge.)

  19. I like the design and stitching of the jeans you picked out. THey’re really cute!

  20. kristen visser says

    WOW I love that they have so many different styles of jean! I had no idea. You hardly ever see the bootcut anymore. Its so great to know they carry that style

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