Lower utility bills with these water saving tips

With the warmer weather just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to share these water saving tips with you all. We can all use these great tips to lower our utility bills every month. Most of them are pretty easy to do and in no time they will be part of your routine!

Make use of rainwater – Collect rainwater and use it to water plants and wash your car. A rain barrel collecting water from your eaves trough downspout is both environmentally and financially smart. Nothing saves on a water bill like using what nature provides for free.

rain barrel

Don’t leave the water running – Use a touch-free faucet so you’re not caught running the tap longer than necessary. These high-tech kitchen faucets help stop the spread of germs while reducing your overall water usage by automatically shutting off with the wave of your hand. Every second of running water adds up and a touch-free faucet cuts off exactly when you need it to.

running tap

Keep drinking water in the fridge – Running the tap to get cold drinking water is both time consuming and wasteful. Consider storing drinking water in the fridge so when you go looking for a cool drink it is readily available.

glass of water

Install a new toilet – You old toilet is flushing money down the drain. Go with a new model that uses less water to flush or one that has two flushing modes. Your toilet can be one of the largest water consuming items in your house so update it and go with a smaller version.

Use an eco-friendly showerhead – Installing an eco-friendly showerhead is an inexpensive way to automatically reduce the amount of water you use in the shower. Modern eco-friendly showerheads don’t compromise performance so there’s no need to fear a weak water flow. It’s also worthwhile to consider avoiding baths, as they use much more water than a typical shower.

Reconsider how you do your dishes – Wash your dishes in a half full sink and only use the dishwasher for full loads. A partial load can use the same amount of water, but you will be washing more often and wasting both energy and water.

wash dishes

If we all do our part a little at a time we can easily conserve water this summer. I for one welcome my bills to be lower than previous years! Do you have anything to add?


  1. We recently got a new toilet that has two flushing modes…..pretty happy about that!

  2. well I don’t keep drinking water in the fridge (I just use tap water) I do all my dishes by hand and I fill up the spare coffee pot with the cold water, when I fill up the sink with the hot!!! and I too have a rain barrel (mines a plastic one from work and I scoop out the water to do my plants, don’t even have a hose for the yard and NEVER water the lawn because thats crazy expensive in my town)

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