How to Plan the Perfect Game Night

A game night is a great way to change up the routine and take a break from normal activities like watching television or heading out the movies. If you enjoy socializing, a game night is a great way to offer entertainment to family and friends while spending quality time together. The following tips will help you plan the perfect game night.

Guest List

Before hosting a game night, you’ll want to consider who you should invite. Naturally, you’ll want to consider inviting some of the game lovers you know, people who’d enjoy an evening playing board games, cards, or any other games you have in mind. You’ll want to limit the number to your space, but if the weather is fine, you might consider hosting part of your evening outdoors where guests can linger on your patio or deck.


The type of game or games you choose will provide the entertainment for your evening. You might want to peruse board games for sale or select games you happen to have on hand. From classic board games to team-based card games, your game of choice can even provide the theme for your evening’s entertainment. Keep in mind that some games require serious concentration, so if you want to have time to converse over play, be sure to choose a game that is conducive to conversation.


Food & Drink

When planning a game night, you’ll want to serve plenty of snacks and beverages to accompany the game play. You might even want to serve a meal or host a potluck meal. If the weather is fine, consider hosting a barbecue to kick off your evening. Be sure to offer a variety of snacks to ensure all your guests have plenty to keep them satisfied. If you have tray tables, you might want to offer these so that guests can keep their goodies off the game table but close at hand.



If you have a special theme in mind for your game night, you should consider decorating with this theme in mind. From banners to candles, you can create a welcoming ambience for your setting. Even simple accents like tablecloths and window clings will ramp up the eye-catching appeal of your space. Fresh flowers and throw pillows can also enhance your game night décor.


Music can greatly impact the ambience of your evening. Choose music that will enhance your evening and won’t interfere with your conversation or game play. If you have a diverse group of guests invited to your setting, be sure to choose music that will appeal to all of them and not just one demographic.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you plan to host a game night. By planning in advance, you can prepare for an evening of non-stop fun for all. Once you enjoy a successful game night, you might even want to host one each season for family and friends or encourage them to host one too.

Abbie Coles has twin girls aged 10. Her family hold a games night every Friday and, despite the girls growing older, they still enjoy the moment. Abbie writes about family life and parenting topics for various blogs.


  1. Jennifer Lo says

    This sounds like FUN!

  2. I love game night . Even when my daughter has her friends over and I make all kind of food and we all have a great time. They are 13 and a group of wonderful girls.

  3. We love Gamenight and have at least one a week,with snack and lots of laughter

  4. Jennifer Lo says

    We love game night at our house!

  5. I would love game night. But my planning falls through with the first thing on the list: guests. Not even my siblings want to play. I should do it alone!

  6. Hey Joni W I’m in the same situation. A lack people wanting to get together. I am going to try again this season as it might be better in the warmer months.

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