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We often plan a trip to cross the border, do a little shopping or grab lunch and spend a few hours away. Lately with the dollar being what it is we have not been traveling to the USA as often as I would like. Our last minute trips have been more planned out,  calculated and budgeted. After all when traveling with children every dollar counts and sticking to a budget is important. Before we would cross-over and pull off to the side before going through customs to exchange our money. Too many times we would pull up and the exchange office would be so busy and the self serve exchange ATMs would be out of money. Yes, you an exchange rate but how current is it, and good luck finding a parking spot and getting back into line smoothly to go over. Even when flying I am really bad at waiting until the last minute and exchanging money at the airport, causing me so many unneeded headaches.

Have you ever done this before? Exchange at the airport when you land at your destination? Good luck finding the place to do the exchange in the huge airport you only ever go in when you are rushed and better luck hoping they are open. I had the worst time exchanging money at the airport, last minute when we went to Mexico. Luckily I had a bit of currency in my purse and was told I could exchange at the hotel. It would have made me feel better to have had it all ahead of time. I was able to exchange but paid a premium to do so and the language difference caused some issues for me.

When traveling with your family you are never too prepared. This means making sure you have enough cash on hand in the correct currency for your destination. When driving and flying you are faced with many obstacles and no matter how well you plan things out, something will always cause you a delay. To avoid the stress and delay of exchanging money at the last minute CIBC has a wonderful service all can use. Even if you are not a client you can use their service to exchange money easily without headaches ahead of time safely and conveniently.


Introducing CIBC Foreign Cash Online™ a one-stop shop for foreign exchange

A secure and convenient way to exchange foreign cash for your next trip, CIBC Foreign Cash Online lets you order cash for up to 75 foreign currencies representing more than 90 countries around the world, online 24/7 and delivered to your home almost anywhere in Canada within 2-3 business days. Order your cash ahead of time and avoid last minute delays and obstacles during your trip(available to both CIBC & non-CIBC clients!).

For CIBC Clients:


Anyone Can Use this service

CIBC clients can use the Foreign Cash Online services through Online Banking, by clicking “Order Foreign Cash” from the left hand navigation pane. This experience is fully integrated and allows clients to order within a few simple clicks!

Non-CIBC clients can also order Foreign Cash Online via CIBC’s eCommerce portal which offers all delivery options.

Learn more at

Best of all they deliver straight to to your home within Canada! So you save even more time doing the tasks you need before you go away. Home delivery allows exchange up to $2500.

I obsess over every detail when I leave the country and find myself wasting time getting all the details in place. I love the idea of a safe and convenient way to save me time and gt me the cash I need for my trip. I will definitely be using this for all of my adventures moving forward!


Next time you are planning a family getaway outside of Canada let CIBC Foreign Cash Online work for you, so you can take care of the other details like having your passports in order and suitcases packed. I know this sure takes a big amount of stress off of me.

Visit now to order your money

Have you ever had any issues exchanging money when traveling? Would this service be something you could use?


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  1. I just ordered my US cash for Florida. SO easy and love that it will be ready when i go to my branch.

  2. Since we live so close to the border, we travel to the US often. But, not so much with the dollar. But, WOW. This is such a cool service, I would definitely use it on our next trip into Michigan.

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  6. mapleleafmommy says

    I hadn’t heard of this before, but I think it’s brilliant in a “how the heck do we NOT have this service?” type of way. Definitely going to look into for my next trip.

  7. kathy downey says

    Wii definitely be checking this out next trip!

  8. This is awesome!! What a great way to save time and plan ahead. I always try to plan ahead and will be checking this out for sure 🙂

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  9. Will definitely be checking this out. We live close to the US and cross the border fairly often.

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  13. this is the first time I’ve heard of this!!

  14. This is such a great way to save time when you are planning a trip!

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    This is such a great service! I love the home delivery option!

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    Great service, will definitely check it out!

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    Interesting article,i love being prepared

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    this sounds really interesting, sometimes I have to whip off to Australia to babysit my grandkids when the au pair suddenly leaves. My tweet:

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  29. I personally don’t walk around with cash so I’ve never had to worry about exchanging cash. I’ve a card junkie.

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  31. It is so important to be prepared when traveling. One can so easily be taken advantage of, especially when it comes to exchanging currency.

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    This sounds like a great service. I will be looking into this the next time that I travel.

  36. I’ve always exchanged at the airport before I get on my flight. I have been lucky thus far that nothing was closed.

  37. Erinn Lishman says
  38. I will have to tell my husband about this. He travels internationally for business.

  39. It’s been a while since we’ve traveled out of the country, but it was never this easy to exchange money! This is so convenient!

  40. What a great service! I will use it for sure next time I travel to the US!

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  54. How convenient! It’s always nice to save time and shorten your list of to-dos when traveling.

  55. What a great service!! Traveling out of the country can be so stressful, what a great way not to worry about the currency. Love the home delivery!

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  57. This is definitely a useful service. I tend to just use ATMS and contact my bank before my trip and just withdraw cash while there. I worry about having a lot of cash, so this service is a good alternative.

  58. I have never traveled out of the country, to be honest. What a great way to not have to worry about currency.

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    Omg what a great service!!!! I always make sure to get cash before a trip! It’s just easier that way!

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