Spring Break Staycation Tips for a Fun Week with Giveaway (CAN)

With the dollar being not so great right now, many parents are telling me they are staying close to home this spring. There is so much greatness right here in our own backyards in Canada!

Staycation a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

Are you planning on a staycation this Spring Break? Some families may find a staycation somewhat daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are seven tips on how to fully enjoy a staycation (perhaps you can even try one a day), without the stress and exhaustion that international travel can cause.


When it comes to staying close to home, think of it as being a tourist in your very own city or province. You can stay indoors, cozy and warm, or get outside and enjoy an adventure. Check out the sights that all the other tourists travel far to see.

  1. Plan an indoor excursion. Take a trip to a museum, gallery, science centre or other indoor attraction. Whatever your interest may be – from antiques and art to science and nature – there is an exhibit for you. Even if you have visited a location before you should go back. Exhibits often are changing and you never know what is in-store.
  2. Visit a local ski resort. Take a day, or two, or more to hit the slopes with your family; you can ski, snowboard, snow tube or hike, the options are endless. Snowshoeing and sledding are other fun options for the entire family to enjoy. Tip: If you have family members who are motion sensitive, GravolTM Quick Dissolve Chewables (available for kids and adults) are an effective and convenient option to treat nausea, vomiting and dizziness, so you can get there more comfortably and with less worry. (Don’t take GravolTMchewables and drive, as GravolTM Quick Dissolve Chewables may cause cause drowsiness).
  1. Unwind with a good book. With our hectic lives and busy schedules, sometimes we don’t have time to enjoy the simple things in life, like curling up with a good book. If you have readers in your family, take advantage of some down time and let your mind be captivated by a new story. For younger kids, colouring or picture books might do the trick! Plan a visit to your local library and see what books they have for you to take home.
  2. At-home makeovers. Be your own glam squad and grab those nail polishes, make-up powders, sparkle eye shadows, styling tools and last but not least…BatisteTM Dry Shampoo! It’s perfect to use between washes and easy to use.  Applying quick burst revitalizes hair and removes any excess oil, adding body and texture.  With the new limited-edition BatisteTM Ella Henderson Sweet & Seductive Dry Shampoo, you’ll feel like a celebrity, with hair that looks, feels – and smells – great!
  3. Crafts, puzzles and games galore. Now you have time to get into a new project with your kids that could take a few hours or few days, you decide. You may discover a new love for these fun hobbies.
  4. Try new recipes. The Spring break can have us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, inspiring us to tackle that new recipe you or your kids have been wanting to try. Whether it’s a batch of cookies – or a yummy stew to warm you up– take advantage of your time. It might end up being something you love! Tip In addition to all the good food you’ll cook up, make sure all family members get the get their daily recommended nutrients by taking VitafusionTM Men’s or Women’s Complete Multivitamin and Lil’CrittersTM Gummy VitesTM for kids.
  1. Get outside. Go for a walk, a skate at a local rink or maybe pop into a your favourite coffee shop to escape from the cold and warm up with a delicious drink.

Spring break prize pack

No matter what your family enjoys this is the time to do it! Have fun and enjoy your time with your loved ones. They really grow up way too quick!

What plans do you have for Spring break? Do you stay close to home?

giveaway time

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  1. edmontonjb says

    We don’t have any plans yet. Our break isn’t until the first week in April so hopefully the weather is nice by then and we can take a road trip or something fun.


  2. Branka Stefanovic says

    Staycation for this family. There might be some day trips to Toronto or Niagara Falls.

  3. Debbie White Beattie says

    Unfortunately with the exchange rate being so high I won’t be going anywhere

  4. Juliee Fitze says

    Been looking on pinterest for craft ideas for the grandkids to make.

  5. I will be starting my spring cleaning.

  6. Victoria Ess says

    I’ll be working!

  7. Carol Denny says

    Taking the kids to the movies and skating.

  8. Elizabeth R says

    Just had a vacation, so spring break is a no go.

  9. Vanessa Ethridge says

    I will be working 🙁

  10. We are having a Staycation. Hoping to get a lot of outdoor play in and a bunch of fun!

  11. We are staying home for most of it but going to see my grandparents for Easter.

  12. Staycation with no real plans at this point.

  13. We will be having a staycation and exploring our own city.

  14. Monique L.S. says

    Well, since there is finally some snow here, we will be able to take our toddler to the local park for some sledding.

  15. We will be staying around town doing family activities

  16. I’ll be working over the spring break. My family is grown, no youngsters left at home.

  17. ivy pluchinsky says

    I will be looking after my niece mostly!

  18. Dianne G. says

    I am going to go visit my son and his wife and my grandson in a different city within my province.

  19. I will be in Calgary for the birth of my third grandbaby.

  20. no plans yet

  21. Florence C says

    Spending it a home and doing some outings.

  22. I will be spending spring break working.

  23. Spending spring break working and at home this year

  24. We’ll be looking for outings to do close to home.

  25. We are going to do some local touristy things!

  26. hollyogorman says

    We will be doing local activities <3

  27. Jennifer P. says

    We will be going to California. Too bad our dollar is so weak right now!! 🙁 But at least we get to stay with my parents for most of the trip.

  28. We are just doing activities around the city.

  29. tammy ta says

    We have a hockey tournament close by for my son two days. The rest we will be home-I have to work.

  30. unfortunatly We do not have any plans

  31. My inlaws will be visiting for a few days.

  32. Visiting family,

  33. I will be spending my spring break locally, and helping out with my elderly parents while doing some outings with the kids.

  34. We got no plans for spring break.

  35. I will be spending my break break with my little ones doing spring and Easter crafts and alot of baking

  36. travelbuds says

    I will be working as normal. I only get 3 weeks vacation and I keep that for the summer. My kids will be spending sometime at Gramma’s house out in the country though so they are excited.

  37. caroline m. says

    I will spend a lot of time outdoors with my children.

  38. No spring break here. Just working 🙁

  39. We are planning to stay home. We have a puzzle we are working on and probably do some baking.

  40. I have elderly parents to care for, so spring break will be more of the same.

  41. Catching up on social engagements, movies and reading!

  42. We’re going to spend a few days at local resort that has a waterslide pool.

  43. No plans, but I did hear it is going to be nice, so maybe I can get the windows opened and do some cleaning!!

  44. Wendy hutton says

    I have no kids so spring break is just like another day to me no plans

  45. Children programs at library – superhero theme

  46. Steve Bobula says

    No Plans – Unless you would consider work as a break…lol…

  47. Deanna Barkley says

    We have nothing planned as we are taking a vacation at the end of April.

  48. Rosanne Robinson says

    Our grandson is staying with us for March Break, so we’ll be taking him out daily – bike rides, playgrounds, parks, mini putt, laser tag, arcade and the movies.

  49. Darlene Demell says

    We don’t have any plans but I might begin my spring cleaning and getting rid of some clothes and things that we don’t need or want any longer.

  50. A staycation and some overdue rest and relaxing.

  51. Brittney House says

    I will be most likely working.

  52. I’ll be spending my spring break at home.

  53. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I’m not sure yet it might well be a Staycation but I might also go down to visit my daughter and family.

  54. No plans yet, but thinking of visiting Medieval Times & Ripleys Aquarium in TO.

  55. Our spring break is during Easter,and we are travelling to St Johns for my sons hockey to tournament for 4 days,so excited! 🙂

  56. No major plans.

  57. No plans for spring break but if we do it will most likely be visiting local attractions.

  58. No plans yet! Just staying close to home with our 7 kids!

  59. Doris Calvert says

    Nothing this year

  60. Working and trying to avoid the extra traffic on the road that spring break migration creates!

  61. i have to work.

  62. SPRING break for the kids will be Easter and to date we have no plans although I’d love it for my daughter to come visit. She might end up going to another city far from us to do some volunteer filming though. (sabina edwards)

  63. Staying at home 🙂 Most of the time. And then will go to some local adventures for a couple of ours some days.

  64. Caroline says

    making a snow fort!

  65. Jenness M says

    We’ll be going to the family cabin.

  66. Not much I will be watching the kids

  67. Anu Chopra says

    My kids will be in camp and I will be at work …. we will go to Orlando the week after March break!

  68. Erika Letson says

    We won’t be going anywhere, but we’ll be having lots of fun at home playing board games and watching movies!

  69. Nate Fuller says

    Hopefully opening up our family cottage if it’s not too cold!

  70. Just relaxing as it has been a long winter with lots of illness! (suzi)

  71. no specific plans yet. thanks

  72. Nothing too exciting. My 18 year old gets his spring break from March 17 until the 29th, and my youngest 3 get their Easter break from March 25 until April 4, and my husband will be working during that time so we’ll just hang out at home. Park dates, movie nights and just hanging out taking it easy 🙂

  73. My hubby and I are working so we will be just doing some local activities like visiting the library and the local pool.

  74. Valerie Mallette says

    We will be having a staycation. We’ll likely go to the movies and a couple of museums.

  75. anxiouscanadianmom says

    We will be spending our days playing outside, reading, doing crafts, and watching movies. 🙂

  76. I will be working the spring break so not much planned.

  77. Erinn Lishman says

    I will be spending spring break with my three girls, hopefully getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather!

  78. We don’t really do anything during spring break. I’d love to book a staycation at a hotel with waterslides but it’s too costly with 5 kids. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. We’ll be doing a staycation this year. 🙂

  80. Silvia D says

    No plans yet, husband working so maybe some day trips on his days off.

  81. No plans as of yet.

  82. I’ll be working for Spring Break, it’s my busy season!

  83. Spending some time at the cottage

  84. Kim Coleman says

    I will be doing my spring cleaning

  85. we are going to Japan!

  86. Sadly I will probably have to work some – but we will be doing a fun day out at a local play with friends, and hopefully some time with grandparents.

  87. prairiebelle says

    We will be spending at home hanging out

  88. beewbedard says

    unfortunately we all have to work

  89. Debbie F says

    No plans – going to work for me.

  90. I will spend time with my family!

  91. I will be spending it with the little one just relaxing

  92. I will be spending it at home relaxing.

  93. It looks like I’m working most of it. May take it a road trip on one of my days off.

  94. We will be starting our spring cleaning, and if the weather stays nice- our spring yard cleanup!

  95. Diana Powell says

    Taking some time to relax with a good book.

  96. Tiffany Rotulo says

    Playing outside with the kids.

  97. we are staying home but going on a trip in a couple of months

  98. Hopefully, we’ll have the chance to install our new bedroom flooring!

  99. Mostly staying at home, hoping for a nice weather so we can go outside for bike rides

  100. Patti Lebold says

    Working! but then taking a mini trip the next week with the kids when its less busy 😀

  101. Movies and mall

  102. Mostly at home playing outside. We had lovely company too.

  103. I unfortunatley have to work so I’ve put my kids in camp

  104. On my spring break I am going to visit my little grandson and other grandchildren.They are so cute and fun to be with.Children have a way of lifting spirits without even trying. 🙂

  105. Treen Goodwin says

    I will be spending as much time with my grandson as possible , making towers with legos watching movies , coloring and baking , that’s my idea of a staycation 🙂

  106. patricia furlong says

    no plans, just spending time with the kids

  107. jessica eapen says

    I’ll spend my spring break in Hawaii!

  108. I will take the kids to the local museums and hopefully play outside if the weather is good

  109. No break for me, I will be at work. If the weather stays nice, I won’t care, though!

  110. we don’t have any plans. we’ll be working so there wasn’t much time to plan anything exciting.

  111. Erica Seaman says

    We went away to stay a night in a hotel with a water slide, went shopping and went to see Zootopia….Family Fun 🙂

  112. Julia Herperger says

    Staying at home. A staycation!

  113. we currently do not have any plans but that could change

  114. Work as usual.

  115. Spending time with the kids at home- staycation lol

  116. Will be staying close to home. Watching some movies and going for hikes outside with my family.

  117. Jen C (@JusticeSadie) says

    We are doing a Stay-cation and rediscovering all that Calgary has to offer

  118. Luzviminda Gunter-Smith says

    I will be spending my March break outdoor with the family, walking, just simpy relaxing,

  119. I’m spending March Break recuperating from surgery, which means I get to sleep as much as I want and get doted on! I highly recommend it! <3

  120. Actually the weather has been great recently so I’m planning to go hiking soon.

  121. Staycation….checking out all of the sights and sounds in the city!! The museums, galleries, etc etc.

  122. I would be staying in

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